Published on May 14th, 2013

The colour yellow has always been associated with both positive and negative indications of matter. Yellow fever or better known as Jaundice among newborns are the first hurdle to surpass. I still remember the grief and pain of my sister as her baby was admitted for a week for jaundice. With wires, IV and being put under UV lights, it’s a norm that even a war-harden father would be found crying, seeing his newborn under that particular circumstance.

Another yellow colour significance is the yellow shirt movement in Thailand which was the historic uprising against Thaksin Shinawatra few years back. The uprising had the government being put under martial law before Thaksin was being ousted. It was an utter chaos as the Red shirts taking it straight to the Yellow shirts on the streets of Bangkok, only to be put to rest by the order of the Thai royalties with the help of the military.




On a lighter note, yellow is also associated with the royalties and the song Yellow Submarine has always managed to put a smile to the face of millions of fans of the Beatles, I know as I am one of ’em fans despite not being born in the flower-power era of the 60s.

During one of the many roadtrips we had with the Blue Jackets fraternities, another yellow matter had me smiling… the same smile I had every time I hear the Yellow Submarine song, but this time it’s a yellow 180sx clad in touches of carbon fibre and kevlar.

I first had my eyes on it while we’re waiting for the arrival of the cars owned by the Blue Jackets fraternitas. The owner was a friend of Huat, our dear friend who arranged the transportation of these cars from Bangkok to Phuket during the previous Chiangmai trip.





It was quite a beauty and despite the owner drooling away to the point of death by the supercars, I was awed by his 180sx and the sheer menacing looks of it. No surprise there as I have always been a lover of modified cars instead of stocks. Not that I’m a supercars hater but the prospect of getting a supercar all hyped-up is extremely endless and it’s a waste of leaving it standard. But then, that’s my two cents worth and others might beg to differ.

What attracted my attention to it was the fine detailing of the exterior. The front part was fully carbonized along with the rear bonnet and roof. What makes it feature-worthy was how the owner had it all in yellow except for a number of parts such as the vents being left bear showing off the carbon fibre nature of the material.

One might say once you go carbon, why not flaunt it for all to see… but I wouldn’t mind doing the latter if I actually have the cash to carbon-up my green snail as well. With this Yellow Fever 180sx, those who glances twice to appreciate the beauty and the detailing being put to it would realize the hidden material. I only knew that the roof was CF as I did a delicate knock to ensure whether it’s being changed as well or left stock.




The back panel of the rear lights was in Kevlar. The play of the bright Yellow paintjob, the kevlar panel and the CF rear bonnet was done in utter perfection. The complete Riverside bodykit complements the modification the chassis sits on a set of 18 inters of Rays CE28 wrapped in fat Yokohama Advan Neova. The only setback was that it was a bit too high up in the sky when it should have been lowered to hug the tarmacs with unconditional love.

Mind you that this Yellow Fever is no pretty maiden as underneath the vented CF DMax bonnet is a 600 race-bred stallions of modded SR20 ready to prance if it needs to. Being a perfectionist, the owner had the engine bay squeaky clean, wires all tucked nicely, steel braided hoses with the play of blue engine head, Samco hoses, pulleys and other bits complementing the chromey bits of it.




Revving up the engine, the sound that churned out was an ear-pleasing experience that can’t be explained in words. You just need to have a spin in it to know that you’d love to own one, provided it’s as perfect as this one. I surely know I’d dumped my cash and begged the owner to sell it off to me as I wouldn’t mind driving this Yellow Fever 24-7 till the day I lose my last breath.

words: hage’ pix: Hazwan Najims


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