Published on June 3rd, 2014



If you’re wondering why we’re organizing the trip to Tokyo Auto Salon, it is because we think we should share the fun with you guys as well. We are, indeed a big car modding family aren’t we? Every year when we are there, we wish you guys were there too. So this is it! Lets go Tokyo! And also it is because we are giving you a chance to get up close and personal with the biggest names in the modded scene yourself! It is the best deal in town!

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.


Where and how shall I made the payment?

A: Contact our travelmeister at: [email protected] or +6012.265.1809 for details. He will guide you on the payment. Basically it will go to our travel dedicated bank account for safe management on funds.
I’ve paid the fees to the greatest Japan trip of my life, so what do I do now?

Step 1: We will sent “e-tickets” to your email as proof and confirmation.

Step 2: Save it. Sit back and let the days pass by till January 2015.

Step 3: We will send a travel details and updates a month before the awesome date.


Will I need to bring along my e-tickets with me on the day of trip?

A: You don’t have to as we got copies. You just have to be at the airport at the time given (tbc).


Will I be able to purchase the tickets after 6th of July 2014?

A: Provided if it is still available by then, yes you can. However, we’re expecting tickets to be sold-out by July  2014. But why wait?! SO BUY NOW!


What is included in the travelling fees?

A: Travelling fees will be priced at RM4799. This includes accommodation for 7 nights, return flight tickets, TAS entry tickets for 3 days (believe us, one day is just not enough!) and airport coach shuttle from the airport to the hotel and back on the arrival and return dates and on some fun sites planned, we need to go by that coach as well.



Where is this Tokyo Auto Salon?

A: It will be held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture of Tokyo, Japan. And our hotel will be in Ikebukuro. That’s about one hour away by train, 42 minutes by car and 35.5km by foot. That should let you know how near or far it is.


What time does the Tokyo Auto Salon start and end?

A: Doors will open at 1:00PM on TAS Day 1 (Friday) and will close at 5:00PM. Doors on TAS Day 2 & 3 (Saturday & Sunday) opens at 9:00AM closing at 4:00PM.


I’m a Tokyo virgin? What should I bring with me to Japan?

A: It is winter in Japan at that time so be sure to pack in some winter clothing. Lip balm, gloves, headgear, scarves and anything to keep you warm. Snow might fall too so be prepared for that too like grippy and snow proof shoes.


I’m a TAS virgin? What should I bring with me to the event?

A: Some thick clothes and jackets because it is winter season in January. You don’t want to be frozen throughout the day (when you hang out at the car parks, they have cool cars out there too) and also backpacks if you are planning to carry some freebies or to buy lots of stuff during the event.


I want to buy a car. Will there be ATMs/ cash machines inside the event ground?

A: There is no cash machines inside the event ground. So bring enough cash for the event. Besides, they don’t really sell cars there anyway but if you manage to make them, there are a few ways to withdraw cash from the international ATM machines in the post offices.


I’m worried I’ll starve. Can I bring food and drinks in with me?

A: Yes you can but only dried or instant food. KLIA and the airlines has regulations. At TAS, food and drinks are also available in the main halls as well as throughout the exhibition space. Prices are essentially the same cost as they are outside, so no need to stockpile beforehand. But it’s non-halal for muslims. It is safer to eat seafood for Muslims. We will advice on the day itself.


I want to rumble with my camera and take loads of pictures. Can I bring my DSLR into the event grounds?

A: Yes you can but just don’t take photos of the queen from the back or under. It is just RUDE.



Which airlines are we flying off to Tokyo?

A: Right now, the dates from the airlines is not out yet. But we are trying to get the best deal and comfort for you.


How are we going to TAS?

A: We are travelling by train that will take approximately an hour train ride with a return ticket that cost RM40-60 per person where you will buy on your own. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how. It is part of the Tokyo experience to have.


Where are we staying for the next 7 nights in Tokyo?

A: We are going to be at The B Hotel in Ikebukuro for a week. It is only 600 meters away from the station. Its cold and you won’t feel the distance. It is actually pretty near, really!


Where are we going to after TAS15 has ended?

A: We are going to do a garage visit to Top Secret Japan after TAS. There is also will be places to sightseeing all over Tokyo, such as the Toyota Megaweb Museum, Asakusa Temple, the Tokyo Skytree and a few other places.












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