Toyota cars good for RON95 and Hybrid rules!

Published on September 4th, 2009

Here’s a little something to make you Toyota owners smile and sweat less, although it’ll not help that much in terms of repairing that hole in your wallet.

We received news from a reliable source (read: UMW Toyota) that RON95 Petrol is suitable to be used by all vehicles sold by UMW Toyota, which include the ever so popular Vios and Camry and Lexus cars as well.


UMW Toyota said that owners of any of the vehicles (sold by UMW Toyota) who are currently using RON97 can also use RON95 without any negative side effects such as engine damage or lost of performance (wear and tear not included).

If you don’t believe our reliable source (again, read: UMW Toyota), do check your vehicle’s owner’s manual which should be located in your glove compartment. If it’s not there, ask your wife/mistress/girlfriend/postman.


Okay, let’s change the topic.

TMC, which stands for Toyota Motor Corporation, announced recently that they have sold a little above, wait for it, 2,000,000 (2 million) hybrid vehicles as of 31st August 2009.

Now hybrids, as you all should know by now, is running on petrol with support, mild or heavy, from electric motor. These types of cars are using less petrol, spurting out less emission, and of course, shouldn’t be driven like your souped-up Supra or pimped-up Soarer.


Borrowing from the press release, in 1997 in Japan, TMC launched the “Coaster Hybrid EV” in August and launched the “Prius” – the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle in December. Sales of the Prius began in North America, Europe and elsewhere in 2000. Next came the second­ generation Prius in 2003 and the expanded use of TMC’s hybrid system to other vehicles such as minivans, SUVs and RWD (rear wheel drive) sedans. On May 31, 2007, the global cumulative sales of TMC’s hybrid vehicles topped 1 million.


This year, TMC continued to expand its hybrid vehicle lineup, launching the Lexus “RX450h” in April, the third ­generation Prius in May, and the Lexus “HS250h”—the first dedicated Lexus hybrid model—in July. All three vehicles have been well received and are expected to contribute to the popularization of hybrid vehicles. TMC currently sells 13 hybrid vehicle models in approximately 50 countries and regions around the world, including three commercial vehicle models in Japan.


As of August 31, 2009, TMC calculates that hybrid vehicles, since 1997, have led to approximately 11 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions – considered to be a cause of global warming, than would have been emitted by gasoline ­powered vehicles of similar size and driving performance.

TMC’s stance is to further promote the use of hybrid vehicles, through such measures as aiming to sell 1 million hybrid vehicles a year as early as possible in the 2010s, and introducing hybrid models in all vehicle series in its lineup as early as possible in the 2020s.

So ladies and gents, if you’re not planning to buy a hybrid, marry one.


text: Syawal Ahmad pix: Dinesh Appavu, Syawal Ahmad, Shell, UMW Toyota



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