Published on January 25th, 2012

We were there back in 2006, for the renowned Tokyo Auto Salon; the Mecca for all modders, JDM lovers, upskirt hunters all around the world. I can still remember all the details of our 8-day trip to Japan. But that’s not what this is all about. We’re talkin’ about Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 and not the ones we’ve been to back in 2006.

Vettel's very own Red Bull monsta were there too!

Nope… we didn’t get to go there this year also… and it has been six years since we’ve been there. But thanks to our long-time friend, Kazunori Miyamoto who went all the way and became a photographer despite being really bad at it. Arigatou Miyamoto-san. Tokyo Auto Salon is a three-day event and is held in Makuhari Messe annually. How big was the event? It was so huge that if your car needs repair within that three days, you better not waste your time to find a workshop anywhere in Japan as it would be closed during that three day event.

mirror mirror on the floor, who's the fairest undercarriage of 'em all?

chromed caddy's da daddy!

The parking lot itself is a galore of modified rides of all makes and discipline. It’s a picnic in the morning with modders even their family and relatives enjoying barbecue in the shiny yet chilly winter and a full-fledged party in the evening. As early as 6.30am, cars were already there at the parking lots. Somehow you’d feel that they didn’t leave at all for the entire three days of Tokyo Auto Salon.

now it's manly to drive a hybrid

tsukebe no hito takusan iruyo!

check out the huge-ass fenders!

WALD's ladies in red got Miyamoto a hard-on.

There were a number of entrance to Makuhari Messe, the venue of this madness. And yet, the queue would be as long as one to two kms long even though the ticket exceeds 100 bucks. This was back in 2006 when Traffic crews saved up a ‘lil and went there to actually experience it. Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 was said to have better participation, both from spectators and exhibitors and the quality of modifications was freaking awesome!

iconic RUF Porsche in da house!

Being the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Auto Salon, the numbers of visitors were doubled up to 7,090,025 in total as exhibitors taking part were close to 300. Out of 8 categories of the Tokyo International Custom Car Contest 2012 Grand Prix, the prize car tuning sector goes to “NA Super Amemiya-7”. A bit too fancy for my liking but then… the votes via internet dispute me and my conservative taste buds.

yummylicious LFA tuned by TWS

Gold Rush: US Version of Gumball 3000

i've no freakin' idea what's dat but... awesome!

As for the chickas… you’d be mesmerized by the numbers of hot-yet-innocent looking hotties in their skimpiest outfits, hence a whole lot of upskirt videographers running rampant for their shots during the event. For those who attended SuperGT last year, a number of familiar faces dominated the podiums of their own competition.

neko-onna kawaiiyone... looks familiar?

stacked-up milky Raging Bulls

Even though we were not there this year, Miyamoto-san managed to rub salt topped with acid, mayonnaise and chilis on our wounds when he emailed me some images of Tokyo Auto Salon 2012. Fark it! we’ll rob banks or even be a snatch thief to get our butts to Tokyo Auto Salon next year. So for those who are looking forward to experience the Tokyo Auto Salon, start saving up and you might be lucky enough to join the fun next year. For more information check out Tokyo Auto Salon.

words: Hage’ ¬†pix: Kazunori Miyamoto


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