The Snake Bites Again

Published on March 10th, 2018


giulia2I am not going to beat around the bush about the latest from Alfa Romeo. The Giulia Quadrifoglio is the car you want. Admit it. You want it. Even if you are a die hard JDM or German car lover or an American muscle car fan, your heart says you want to be near it, touch it, gaze at it and let alone be in the driver seat and turn on that ignition and hear that engine roar. Can’t imagine driving this beast on the way up north using the back roads and back again through the highways. Even on stand still underneath the tent at the All Car Nation event held recently, underneath the AROC Malaysia’s booth, the Alfa Romeo Giulia will at least made your head turn even though you don’t want to see it. It is that sexy, beautiful and at the same time, ravishing piece of at in a form of a car.




For many of years of owning a car such as Alfa Romeo, I’ve heard so many stories of desires coming from the none Alfa Romeo owners. They want one, but they are afraid of owning one. Mostly about reliability issues, which I think, it is pretty much the same as any other car brand. In fact, some of the Alfa Romeos models were even easier to maintain than most of it rivals nowadays. Now that you’ve heard stories of reliability issues of other cars, it is just bad luck if that a car is lemon. It happens. So Alfa Romeos is just as good or as bad as the other cars. So what the heck, just get what your heart desires.


Screw the hunky German chic, plug your ears to the screeching Japanese pornstar and get this sultry sexy but hot blooded Italian. And by all means get this Giulia. Get the one with the full carbon fibre bits everywhere. It is going the be worth it amongst the sea of BMW M cars, Audis RSs or the Mercedes AMGs. It will stand out like a huge cobra in its defensive mode, all hissing and all that makes a snake, scary.


The Alfa Romeo franchise here in Malaysia needs reviving with its new line up. The 8C is inevitable a rare gem now to even dream of owning but the 4C is reachable, that is if you like that hard suspension race-car like feel on these bumpy Malaysian roads. So the Giulietta, the Giulia as well as the Stelvio will suit the market just as well as any other of its class. At the moment we can just hope for ‘somebody’ will take up the challenge of bringing this brand back to our shores. For the time being, it is all grey import from here if you want this Italian breed.




We think there are three units on the road right now. And how lucky they are. And we are guessing the owners will get those Ferrari people to do their servicing as the Giulia are developed by the people at Ferrari themselves. Or at least, have a blast to Singapore as they do have an Alfa Romeo franchise there. Oh how envious are we of our neighbour now eh. Till more of it on the roads and the day that we can actually drive one these desirable car from Milan, let us dream of it with these pictures that we took on that day. Rumour has it that we heard most, if not some had wet dreams the day after dreaming about an Italian chic named Giulia…






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