Published on February 25th, 2013

I first had an experience in the R35 back in 2009 when a fellow friend was kind enough to let me have a spin in it. As stock, it’s already a machine of speed and a whole lotta fun at that. Somehow I think the DNA of the Godzilla is missing as the arrays of electronics took the fun out of handling a souped-up machine. Just my two cents worth, but I think even my late grandmama can drive it as anyone else without any hassles at all. I’m not dissin’ R35 owners here… I would never even consider doing that, given that fact that I’ll have no means to own one.




But since it handles great both on the streets and the track even even in its stock standard format, it wouldn’t hurt if you tinker a bit with the potential of releasing a few hundred more ponies lying dormant in the engine bay. That surely will bring out the missing link of being in a Skyline. Unleashing the beast that lies dormant would bring the greatness out of the car and the owner respectively and I know for sure my late grandmama wouldn’t even consider getting into one, even as a passenger.





As for the looks, the sheer size is menacing enough, especially with that ‘don’t mess with me’ stance even when it’s parked at Pavillion or any other posh locations around Klang Valley, but nowadays the extravagant numbers of it on the streets of Malaysia just took its elegance and charm away. It’s a norm to see one without hearing the regular oohhs and aahhs from the bystanders. Take your R35 to the tuners I’d say. It would be the most sensible thing to do and get it hyped up at par to its brethren. There are hundreds of tuners reliable enough to get more ponies up and prancing instead of relying on its standard horses.





At a glance M7’s very own R600 might looks stock to those normal dudes and dudettes out there but a closer look would reveal this is no ordinary R35. M7 decals and R600 stickered to the door is a give-away to those who loves to tinker with their toys. The carbon fibre bits and pieces enhances this albino R35 especially the huge-ass carbon GT wing… or should we say the R600 as M7 named it. R600 boasts a staggering number of ponies, 613hp with 672 Nm of torque. It’s that torquey, and having 600 plus of ponies running the engine, it’s not a grandmama’s ride at all.




Popping up the hoodie of the R600, it surely doesn’t look like 600 ponies being stuffed in the engine bay. It looks stock to me I’d say. But then, it’s not that easy to fork out numbers like that and at the same time hiding away all the modifications from the naked eyes. With all that ponies at any given tap of the accelerator, braking might be a an epic failure without upgrades. The possibility of having the R600 wrapping around a pole or hitting the cows, goats and a whole lotta other farm animals convinced ’em to get a nice set of M7 calipers coupled with M7 rotors and brakepads sitting nicely behind the 20inches of Enkei GTC01 beauties. As for traction, Potenza RE070R tyres were entrusted to do their job to perfection.




Since the cockpit of the R35 already resembles a fighter-jet with all the fluffiness of comfort, little effort is taken with a set of M7 Bride full buckets to store the prized bottoms of the driver with Takata harnesses holding the driver in place. In order to keep a tab and not to over boost, M7 boost meter and E-BC aids the driver. The complete set-up of R600 was given a test at the renowned track of Sepang International Circuit some time ago by none other than Nobuteru Taniguchi grazing the tarmac to unleash the potential of the R600 to glory. Now ye lots, who own a stockish R35, start your engine and head to the nearest garages of your trusted tuners or you can always entrust your ride to M7 and get the ponies prancing.

words: hage’  pix: DICE & Hazwan Najims

Technical Specification:


VR38DETT twin turbocharged engine, M7 camshafts, 3-layer M7 competition Type R intercooler, M7 oil catch tank, M7 F-Titan sports muffler, HFCP-3 M7 Hi flow centre pipe, M7 Hi flow front pipe, M7 Super Street airfilter, M7 Hyper Sound blow off valve Type GT-7, M7 Tune Up actuator, M7-ROM ECU, M7 Super Performance Throttle Controller,  M7 engine oil cap, M7 radiator cap, 613hp, 672 Nm of torque


Carbon fibre front lip, carbon fibre side mirror covers, carbon fibre diffuser, sideskirt & rear under spoiler, M7 USA carbon fibre GT-wing, carbon fibre trimmings at rear screen, White paintjob with M7 decals

Rolling Stock:

Enkei GTC01 20″ wheels, Potenza RE070R 255/40ZRF/20 (front), 285/35ZRF/20 (rear),  M7 high-performance damper kit, M7 7000C brakepads, M7 rotors, M7 6-pot calipers


M7 Bride F2310 full bucket seats, Takata 4-point harnesses, M7 E-BC, M7 boost meter


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