Published on June 16th, 2015

One of the most common mistakes in the car scene is thinking bigger is always better. To be honest, it is an easy mistake to make the word ‘Modify’ means to change things, so the more things you change the better your car is, right? Wrong.


Go back a few years and you might not be far off the mark, as a car rocking on a set of 24 inch chrome spinners, ten exhaust pipes, 15 TV screens and the bodywork covered in dyed pink hamster fur would’ve been the star off the screen back then.


But now we’ve all came to our senses and returned from the land that taste forgot, you can’t just make your car as far from standard as possible and expect it to be cool.


In today’s car scene, no matter what you’re in to, the key isn’t just to blindly modify every part of your car you can, it’s about improving the weak points, and leaving the strong points well alone; and Sharizmi Abdullah Sani’s (most of his friends call him Dugong for some unknown reasons) four door Daihatsu Charade G11 Turbo is a great example of this.


As you’ll see when you read the tech spec, this G11 isn’t the most modified car in the world, but it’s still well deserving of a feature.


Not because the owner is a huge ‘sado’ brother, but because all the changes have made it look, handle, and go far better than standard, without any negative points, and in such a way that nobody in their right mind, even people not remotely into modified cars, would ever say it looks and performs anything but fantastically.


First up, let’s look at the engine. On the face of it, an exhaust, induction kit, an intercooler isn’t a huge list of mods, but these things are relative.


All this done to the CB80 993cc double overhead cams inline three cylinder turbocharger from the GTti Turbo with the Turbo IHI RHFB 5 rebuilt, HKS air filter systems, Turbosmart boost controller, HKS SQV Blow-Off Valve, Custom Adjustable cam pully, HKS front mount intercooler, stainless steel pipping linkages, GReddy oil catch tank, Denso Iridium plugs and a 2.5 inch pipes connected to the HKS Super Dragger box at the rear pushes the car to a capable sprint to make the modern boys a run for their money.


All that power mated to the close ratio gearbox with the Daihatsu Cuore final drive makes the G11 a fast runner to his driving style. He even have an ARC spare tank, enough for that extra mile to keep ahead of anyone who wants to have some spirited straight races with him where high revving is concern.


It’s not just the fact it’s now a torque monster either. While going mad on the engine can all too easily make a car almost undriveable (really taking the fun out of it), the mods Dugong has carried out make his far more responsive than standard, mega fun to drive, and still totally reliable, too.


On the suspension side of things it gets a lot more serious with TEIN suspension setup from the Suzuki Swift Cultus on the front and TEIN SRs for the rear.


And on top of all that, the car is fitted with a custom made monkey bar and also a full range of UltraRacing chassis strengthening bars – this my friends, is called doing it properly.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look cool and have decent performance. Dugong’s car sits nicely on the tarmac and looks badass as you can see in pics, but the grip and handling is awesome too.


The TEINs mean body roll is prevented without the need to set the coil-overs so hard that your spine begins to crumble away.


With a lot more straight line and cornering speed available, you’re going to be flying towards painful looking solid objects a lot quicker than before too, so it’s a pretty wise move to sort the stopping power out. Dugong has done that in style with some sexy Evo3 2-pot brakes hiding behind the aggressive looking 9x15in Works Meister CR01 wheels.


The alloys are wrapped in Yokohama Parada spec-2 tyres, which also play a major part in transferring the car’s serious acceleration, braking, and handling performance to the tarmac.


As far as the styling goes, Dugong said he prefers to keep the car periodically correct with a few twist from original components where aerodynamics is concern.

For this, he had sourced out the Australian Daihatsu Charade G11 Turbo kits, which consists of widen fenders and the original spec G11 Turbo front and back bumpers.


In the pictures you’ll see that Dugong loves his stickers. This is because doing wraps and decals is his bread and butter. The business that is actually gave him the thousands to do the G11 he had over nine years and three engines later that you see here.


You can check out his MOB.Design and Decals page if you need to do some sticky business with him. The car’s paint job however, will eventually to go back to the subtle look sans all the stickers you see here for more of the restoration look. For the time being, the color of choice will remain a secret until the unveiling of the new look of his ride soon enough. He said it will the look that most will like it back in the eighties eventually.


When it’s all said and done though, this is genuinely his sensible daily driver, and while it performs well and looks fantastic, it doubles up as the vehicle of choice for his for shows, events, and generally having fun. It does everything he needs and never misses a beat, he and his wife will keep the car forever. It is all about having huge fun in a pocket size without going bigger in any other ways.
Daihatsu Charade G11 Turbo four doors

CB80 993cc Doch inline 3-cylinder turbocharger from GTti Turbo, fully rebuilt by MIG Autogarage Selayang.

Turbo IHI RHFB 5 rebuilt, HKS Air filter, Turbosmart boost controller, HKS SQV blow-off valve, Custom Adjustable cam pully, HKS front mount intercooler, stainless steel pipping intercooler, HKS Double layer radiator, Greddy oil catch tank, ARC spare tank, custom cable plugs, DENSO Iridium plugs, 2.5 inch exhaust system with HKS Super Dragger.

Carrozzeria Player Double DIN, Kenwood satellite speakers, Carrozzeria 4 way speakers. Daihatsu Autolight, GReddy E-Manage, Apexi RSM Black Edition, Apexi Turbo Timer Pen, Apexi Boost Meter Black Edition, NRG Oil pressure and water temperature meter.

Close ratio gearbox with a Daihatsu Coure final drive, custom clutch plate, custom gear lever.

Front : TEIN Swift Cultus
Rear : new TEIN SR absorber springs
Custom made monkey bars.
Full Ultra Racing Bars for Daihatsu Charade

Front Evo3 2-pot calipers

Works Meister CR-01 wheel 15×9, PCD 100 with Yokohama Parada spec-2 tyres

Digital meter clusters, Charade Aura carpets, L2 seat belts, G11 Detomaso semi bucket Recaro front seats.

Australian spec Daihatsu Charade G11 Turbo kit, Front and rear windscreen from Chromax. G11 Turbo front and rear bumpers, roof pillar, G11 Turbo lining, and wide body with MOB.Design Decals

MIG Autogarage, GT Auto Sunway, MOB.Design Decals, MOB.Performance Parts, Ijal Exhaust, Kiecar4life Performance And Shing Garage

Words: Jeo

Photos: Haznajms


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