SuperGT Round 4: SIC with Japanese twist and drama + VIDEO!

Published on June 21st, 2010

What a mind-boggling-slappy-kenunggi-tuik day in Sepang International Circuit. We do believe that some of the drivers are running high on at least two or three different substances, probably spiked by the crew members. Something or a lot of a few and many more things (huh?) must’ve caused their adrenaline to be pumping harder than usual. The race can simply be defined as intense, with a tad more action compared to previous SuperGT races held in SIC.

One of the most outstanding performances must’ve been from Team Tom’s Petronas with Andre Lotterer and Juichi Wakisaka battling it all out with Team MJ Kraft with Hiroaki Ishiura and Kazuya Oshima, both driving Lexus SC430. They were seen crisscrossing each others path and overtaking, re-overtaking each other at almost every corner! There was even at some point of the race that the two were side by side, intimately kissing each other while heading extremely fast towards one of the sharp corners. I think I saw Botak biting his nails when he was watching that particular moment.

There were quite a few other ‘oh crap’ moments during the race as well. Team Raybrig’s car jumped completely off the ground and hit Team Calsonic’s R35 while tailgating the latter quite closely at Turn 2. Since two of our photographers left that spot five minutes earlier, a sudden very unmanly wails could be heard from the Media Center (which sounded oddly like “I was just there!”). Some of the drivers even raced with a sinister smile on their faces, when the race was to be concluded in a few more lap, by blocking the cars behind and prevented them from overtaking. More than one car paid the price as they spun on the track as when they were ‘kissed’ by the car behind. Accidentally, we’re sure of it.

The weather was quite merciful too, probably because Botak has finally came out of his cocoon and forced his girlfriend to make breakfast for everyone (it was Gardenia white bread with butter, sardine, tomatoes and anchovies sambal, topped with ‘cucur udang’). Because of that breakfast, we felt that the day was more peaceful than ever before, with the sun smiling down on our faces and the evil dark clouds didn’t make it a point to drop by.

GT300 was not any less intense as well.

Right after the rolling start, a few cars spun when approaching Turn 2. They were Mach Gogogo Shaken408R driven by Tetsuji Tamanaka and WedsSport IS350 driven by Manabu Orido, which should be stated here that the latter finished ninth place after dropping all the way to last as a result from that spun.

GT300 were dominated by M7 Mutiara Motors Amemiya SGC 7, followed by Arta Garaiya on second place and Corolla Axio apr GT. Jimgainer Dixcel Dunlop F430, Hasemi Sport Tomica Z, Up Start Mola Z, Rire Lamborghini RG-3, Evangelion RT Test Tyoe-01 apr Corolli, WedsSport IS350 and Nac Eiseicom LMP Ferrari completed the top ten.

For the GT500, Calsonic Impul GT-R dropped down two places to third from total domination throughout the race when Raybrig HSV-010 flew from hitting the apex too hard and hit the GT-R, causing the car to spin. Well, it aint a GT-R if it didn’t return back to its designated place. Calsonic Impul took back the first position within a few laps and stayed there for the rest of the race. Motul Autech GT-R took second place, with Weider HSV-010 took third, which followed by Eneos SC430, Raybrig HSV-010, Zent Cerumo SC430, MJ Kraft SC430, Petronas Tom’s SC430 and H I S Advan Kondo GT-R.

It looks like the GT-R35 is the clear replacement for the Honda NSX. If only it look just as sexy.

More info on SuperGT official site and Sepang International Circuit website.

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words: Al-Mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad  pix: Al-Mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad, Syafril Ismail, Nick Menza & Snapshooter  video: Jeo



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