SuperGT Round 4: It’s a gloomy Saturday

Published on June 19th, 2010

It was an extremely early morning for us and we only get the chance to sleep at somewhere around 4 in the morning, I really couldn’t tell anymore whether it was 4 or something else, but it was still dark outside. Imagine waking up from less than two hours of sleep, with everyone’s faces looked like they needed a really tight slap. It was a living hell. All of us was ran over flat as we had a full day at Sepang International Circuit the day before  to welcome the Japanese who invaded Sepang. They brought their fancy cars. How nice.

It’s the SuperGT Round 4 here at Sepang! Duhh!

Sepang, the only hotspot for the drivers, crews, GT queens and the rest of the race personnel, thanks to the ridiculous humidity and scorching heat of what we dearly call ‘Malaysian weather’. Usually, it would be as if the sun is only 2 meters away from our head, but since yesterday the clouds have been generous enough to provide us all with a little bit of shed and shelter our frail human bodies from the ravaging heat. The sun was peeking for only a little bit, but it was perfect. The photographers were cursing up and down their asses though as it may be a little too gloomy for good pictures, but it was nothing their equipments couldn’t handle.

The supposedly press conference yesterday turned out to be a misunderstanding and it was turned into an impromptu interview which worked out well for us I’d say. All the best to the reputedly most multi-racial team (is there such term?), Thunder Asia Racing in the Round 4 of SuperGT tomorrow… and to all of the teams as well! May the best team wins!

As of now, the first support race, the Scirocco Cup China was on its final lap and it was exciting to say the least. A fellow Malaysian Hammond Lai led and secured the P1 after having an 8 laps neck-to-neck battle of 20 Sciroccos grazing the tarmac of SIC running on Bio-CNG. Stefano Montesi and Kenny completed the podium at second and third place respectively.

Race 1 of the GT4 Asia kept the heat rising to a higher level… as if the heat already available here in SIC is not enough.

It may sound weird but the most anticipated segment of SuperGT back here in Malaysia has always been the Pit Walkabout where you the chance to be up close and personal with ’em GT Queens. Yup… that’s what most photographers are waiting for. It’s their chance to get close and personal to those twin sets of, errr, headlights, and capture those, err, headlights in the most dramatic and daring way possible! Strangely enough, these photographers will disappear once the Pit Walkabout section has ended. They must’ve gone hiding around the track. Yeah… Right.

Now with the qualifying done, the only thing to wait for would be the main race, which will begin its warm up session at 10.45am to 11.15am. Race procedure will start at 3pm, and the cars will start scorching the tarmac at 4pm, for fifty-four laps.

Anyways, the results for the qualifying is in, and here goes:

GT300 Overall Qualifying Results

1. Jim Gainer Dixcell Dunlop

2. M7 Mutiara Motors Amemiya SGC7

3. Hankook Porsche

4. RIRE Lamborghini RG3

5. ARTA Garaiya

GT500 Overall Qualifying Results

1.Calsonic Impul GTR


3.Motul Autech GTR



It’s going to be another full day tomorrow in SIC. More info here.

words: Hage’ & Al-Mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad  pix: Syafril Ismail  video: Jeo


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