Stuck In Third launched at Laundry Bar

Published on May 15th, 2010

There is a new genre in motoring journalism where internet video is concern. Most of the time you’ll see in the tube regardless if is from me or you, the videos will blabber about the same thing over and over again, twisted with a cinch of awkwardness and funny combination to make it look and sound interesting. However, the goodfellas from The Slick Films and Urekalabs had teamed up and did the opposite to their motoring video and made it look and sound interesting. Well, at least, for the Malaysian audience for the time being as their production seems to be catching up on followers rather quickly.


These boys and girls called their weekly TV series Stuck in Third where you can view their first cool episode at their website and for the heck of it, just say it again for the third time, Say it again faster, and say it a number times more and the name will stuck in your brains too. Brilliant aint’ it?


The name portrays that, unlike the big boys in the motoring production, they review their rides at a minimal cost in getting the shots together or rather, not getting the shots but chuck it in the edit for the fun of it but mind you, they don’t like to be labeled as an indie production. They are not funded by anyone at all but by themselves. So in reality, they are really stuck in third gear, not yet all the way to the top gear of fifth gear. In short, it’s their humble way of saying and doing things their own way.


Stuck in Third consist of three main characters throughout the season and two of them are the director and producer themselves. They played as three siblings trying to overcome life’s challenges and the reviewed cars happens to be in the scenes of their daily drama. Judging from their first episode, it’s all good plain fun entertainment although the screenplay and acting were no Hollywood or Bollywood, the somehow inexperienced casting makes it fun throughout the whole episode. In fact, it makes you want to see more of ’em, see how they progress or even join in the filming.


It relates to all of the Malaysian audience with what we’ve experience before relating to the car reviewed. I have to say, their style in saying things about it is darn right the honest truth. In a way they did not fake it. Really. I really like the end part the most, when they cast an unknown to say facts about the car, his or her way. It’s believable and couldn’t not say it anyway better. Even Clarkson can’t pull it off in comparison. It is that good that you’ve got to watch it yourselves.


So like those fast drift cars that goes sideways and defies the traditional method of tackling corners while using not more than three gear changes most of the time, stuck in third gear is not bad at all. Smoke ’em guys. Looking forward to your next episode.

Nur Raessa Syahirah as Raessa
Syed Farouq as Farouq
Matin Fayzal Johannabas as Matin
Joe Uptown as Joe

Assistant Director: Muhammad Uwaisulqurni
Sound Engineer: Anwar Suhaimi
Editors: Matin Fayzal Johannabas
: Haizul Harudin
Production Manager: Zainal Alamshah
Producer: Syed Farouq
Executive Producers: Roni Shah
: Ahmad Razlan Shah

text: Johan Izham Jamalulil  pix: Syafril Ismail


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