Published on May 21st, 2012

Most car owners will start to modify their car even after the first turn of the ignition. The aim is to have their stock ride looks sexier, performs better, stops faster, handles like a dream and just about anything else to outweighs the next car he or she sees on the road.

Some would just improve on the aesthetic values by upgrading the paint job, its interior and also some aero kit to the ride. Some would go for power upgrades to the engines, its electricals, air and fuel setups as well as some gear ratios calculations. Also some would start off with the handling department like suspension setups, wheels and rubbers improvements, braking and chassis management, which is to me, is very important for those who are into daily hard driving.

Chassis management is vital for those drivers who tends to drive hard on corners. The rigidity of the chassis helps on getting the sharpest of turn with maximum traction. Therefore some degree of upgrades is needed to do this onto your daily ride for that, you know, spirited driving after a hard days work. It’s life’s little enjoyment for us drivers with our short sprint and tackle in our little make-shift race track on the way home. Mind you it’s the drivers that don’t know how to race are the ones that always gets into trouble although we don’t really advice you to race on the streets. Really.

And when you race, the abused given to any road car will have its toll over a period of time. The chassis will slightly loose its rigidity over those sharp bends, sweeping corners, uneven roads and many other contributing factors from not just the way we drive but also the kind of road surface we go through every day. Of course, an upgrade of aftermarket stiffer roll bars would help but before you go and install any of those, you might want to consider this simple upgrade called the stiff ring. It is a kind of a rigid collar you put in between the chassis and the subframe of a car around the nuts and bolts that binds them.

Every car manufacturer ensemble a mass amount of cars on the daily basis making this little vital area a much hassle to consider. The bolt and nut, washers as well is put together to bind the subframe in such a way, that there are gaps between the subframe. Minute as it is, it will shift the subframe over time and abuse. What the Stiff Ring does is filling the gaps and holds the bind between the chassis and the subframe tighter. Therefore rigidity is enhanced.

After the installation at Kaitenaz Racing in motorhaven Sunway (they are the official distributor as well as installers for Stiff Ring) you can feel your ride will have that stiff characteristics as you ride along the first few meters instantly. Somehow an awkward tight feeling. Another sign that this Stiff Ring works is when you go over the road bump. Usually your suspension will bounce it off comfortably over it but when you got the Stiff Ring to your car, you can feel the car rolling over the bump on all glory of the curvature and peak, texture and motion. Yes, my butt gives that really good of a feedback.

Simpler said, especially to those who had their car installed with top mount roll bars, you have that stiff feeling and after a few months of driving, you tend to forget that feeling after you’ve grown accustomed to it or maybe because you are too engrossed in taking that fast corner. As you install this StiffRing, that feeling came right back again where you feel you are one with the car. Stiffened. So if you are nuts on on the handling department or simply want to prolong the rigidity of your car’s chassis, this upgrade is the one you should go for before anything else. Head down to Kaitenaz Racing in Sunway and go get some rings for you car. Stiff Ring caters for almost every car as it is a quality product awesomely made in Malaysia therefore they can custom made to measure even if you have a one of kind ride. Check the full listing of cars that will have the Stiff Ring upgrade or simply want to know more about it at

words & pix: Jeo


  1. Posted by tottis on May 22nd, 2012, 08:52

    ni bagi ‘keras’ dan ‘tahan lama’ ke?

  2. Posted by hanafiah on May 22nd, 2012, 10:24

    ada effect ker kalau kenari pakai…..utk kenari kena pakai brapa biji….harga plak brapa?

  3. Posted by Traffic Mag on May 23rd, 2012, 14:49

    please head to Kaitenaz Racing for more information.

  4. Posted by Jeo on May 24th, 2012, 15:29

    Chassis kereta you akan jadi lebih keras kerana “diikat” dengan StiffRing ini. So handling akan lebih tepat dan rapi. Dan bila chassis dan subframe disatukan dengan StiffRing ini, kepaduan yang dibina akan mengurangkan deraan kepada dua bahagian kereta ini.

    Semua jenis kereta akan berfaedah dari pemasangan StiffRing ini kerana sebagai defect, ruangan antara nut dan bolt yang menyatukan subframe dan chassis terdapat kepada semua jenis kenderaan. StiffRing ini akan membetulkan ia. Kebanyakkan kereta hanya memerlukan empat pasang StiffRing ini. Untuk harga atau ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut, sila berhubungi dengan Kaitenaz Racing di laman webnya Jangan risau, StiffRing ada untuk semua kereta terutamanya Proton dan Perodua.

    Pardon my Bahasa fellas, it has been awhile since my last BM karangan 😉 hahahah

  5. Posted by jemi on January 8th, 2014, 10:13

    Macamana dengan warranty kereta? takut avoid warranty.

  6. Posted by Hage' on January 28th, 2014, 00:44

    please contact them direct.


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