Step aside for the stanced Cefiro

Published on October 22nd, 2010

Many things that we take for granted and wouldn’t even bother with an initial thought of these days come from unexpected backgrounds. Case in point, the reusable 3M Post-It notes that you stick all over your desk at the office or on the fridge at home to remind yourself or somebody in the household that the pet fish has drowned or the garbage won’t take itself out.

Well, the man behind the Post-It notes had initially set out to come up with an adhesive that was super strong and could probably hold the space and time continuum together but instead he mixed together a low-pressure reusable adhesive that has become the backbone of the Post-It empire.

How does this all relate to the Nissan Cefiro A31 featured here? For starters, the first generation Cefiro was never intended to be a performance oriented machine that would someday find itself swept up in the drift phenomenon. The boffins at Nissan had originally intended for the Cefiro to be a luxury cruiser to ferry VIP’s.

Hell, that’s even the explanation as to why the rear power windows only wind down halfway, so as to not fully expose the face of the rear passenger that could very well be some Yakuza kingpin.

Nonetheless, the reason we all love old Nissans applies here to. Nissans of the past are notorious for their interchangeability of parts and epically, the Cefiro quite a bit of DNA with its sports-oriented brethren, the Nissan Silvia S13, 180SX and Skyline R32.

With a line up of potential parts donors like that and a rear-wheel drive platform that allows it to share the same series of engines found under the hood of Skylines and the suspension bits from the Silvia S13s, little wonder the more affordable and available Cefiro became a hit with the drifting crowd.

The owner of this properly stanced Cefiro discovered the car by accident and as the owner of a Cefiro A31 myself, I have to admit that it was the same for me.

Brenco, as he prefers to be known, came across the Cefiro when he laid eyes upon one for the first time that was the gracious benefactor of an R32 Skyline facelift, something all too common amongst Cefiro owners.

Thinking it was an R32 sedan, he was told of its true lineage by the owner and that promptly set him off on the hunt to call one his own. It doesn’t stop there though as how he came to acquire this ride is an interesting story on its own that involved slightly stalker-ish behaviour on his part, which looking back, was totally understandable.

He came across one on the road and, in his own words, got the owner, a nice little middle-aged lady, to pull over so that he could do his best impromptu car salesman impersonation. Unfortunately, she didn’t budge but he managed to get her number to continue the convincing over the phone.

And so he did, calling her up constantly to convince her to part with the Cefiro. Perseverance and persistence as well as pressuring it seems so, is the key to procuring what you desire. The owner finally relented and Brenco was the proud owner of a Cefiro A31.

Since then, the car has been through a number of reincarnations that has lead up to the final one here that has even provided inspiration for my own ride that’s almost completed now.

The thing that makes this car stand out is the simplicity that blends seamlessly with subtle body enhancements to produce pure sex appeal that not many people get spot on. It’s not overly done but still manages to stand out from the classy paint job to the bodykit and killer stance with those crater-deep wheels that, while may not scream slammed, it certainly qualifies for ‘stanced.’

An Origin body kit covers the front, rear and sides together with a pair of East Bear wide front fenders to keep the front rollers under wraps. The rear quarter panel has also been slightly knocked out to attempt and cover those insanely wide rear wheels.

Up front, the headlights have been switched to the original Cefiro Tofu lights that sets it apart from the rest of the Cefiro crowd that has settled with the projector headlights. The stock bonnet was sprayed black to give it a sportier look but not before a custom vent was sliced into it to aid in releasing hot air from the engine bay.

The final piece of the puzzle was the Gun Metal Grey paintjob that blends subtle and sexy in a fine layer.

Under that vented hood used to reside an RB20DET that has now been called to motivate Brenco’s other ride, an ultra rare Nissan 910 Bluebird coupe. In its place is an RB25DET that has received some extensive additions to bump up its power figures.

The head got the full port and polished treatment before a pair of Tomei 264 degree cams were fitted in. The block has remained stock as it was deemed strong enough to cope with the power figures. Sitting in place of the stock turbo is a Garrett T04E that breathes through a throttle body with a larger diameter lifted from a Nissan VQ45 engine. of course the air filter has been switched to a less restrictive Blitz cone filter. Exhaust duties are handled by a full HKS SuperDragger system. Commanding all the engine parameters is a standalone Haltech E11V2 to extract the maximum potential.

Transferring all the power to the rear wheels is the stock five-speed manual gearbox. Wheel slip is limited by a Nismo GT Pro 2-way limited slip differential.

On the inside, Brenco has retained the original dashboard but added a tray for the passenger side. Brenco himself sits in a Bride full bucket seat while his passenger gets comfortable in the seat taken from an R32 GT-R. Since the full wiring was used from the RB25 halfcut, the aircond controls were swapped to the electronic type, as was the meter gauge.

There’s also a heads-up display for him to keep an eye on the engine parameters while driving without having to lose focus on the road for too long. The steering wheel is a limited edition Momo Porsche unit that is something very different from the usual array of Nardis and Sparcos. For those cloudy days, a sunroof has been installed with tilt and slide capability.

We all know that the wheel maketh the car, hence the crowning jewel in this crown would have to be the 18-inch Work VS wheels that are the main contributing factor to the sexy stance. Up front sits a pair measuring 18×9.5 with an offset of 27. The rear goes wide with a pair of 18×10.5 with some -25 offsets for some killer dish.

Sitting behind those massive wheels are the original brakes from an R33 GTS, four pots on the front and two for the aft. Lowering the car is a Kei Office coilover set that allows it to sit low, but not too low as the rear wheels jut out of the arch.

All in all, the car possesses just the right amount of stance and functionality. It’s not too low but still rides low enough for style that jumps out and slaps you in the face. Plus, you have to give credit to Brenco, for as you can see, he definitely doesn’t believe in babying his ride. The man didn’t even have to think when we asked him if he would do a couple of drifts for the camera, a true winner in my books.

words: Dinesh Appavu  pix: Syafril Ismail


  1. Posted by ian_kaza-kun on October 22nd, 2010, 21:11

    wahhh dah masuk online mag..congrats abam brenco..makin superstar la pasni ek..hehehe..

  2. Posted by brenco on October 27th, 2010, 03:05

    ye laa ko superstar ian.. mana ada supersetar…
    anyway.. thanks dinesh and traffic crew.. lepas ni kita shoot 910 coupe plak nanti dia siap.. pastu zetto

  3. Posted by Traffic Mag on October 27th, 2010, 03:23

    it’s a pleasure bro… so when’s the zetto and 910 coupe photo shoot la?

  4. Posted by brenco on November 5th, 2010, 12:47

    hahahah.. 910 debut maybe in 2011 and da zetto…. hmmm… can’t tell when.. huhhu..


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