Squeaky Clean R33 GTS

Published on December 28th, 2012

There were more than 10 models of the Nissan Skyline since it first slightly touched the souls of lovers and haters way before the iconic trio of the Skyline legacy, the R32, R33 and the R34. A heritage that span way back from the 1950s to the current R35 regardless the fact that Nissan dropped the Skyline tag from the latest version of it. The R35 is still a Skyline to everyone else even when Nissan didn’t say so.


an R it is not!

an R it is not!

The R33 might not be as popular as its older and younger brethren but it sure is a combination of sheer beauty and power mix of the Godzilla heritage. It continues the Godzilla domination well into 1997 in the N1 Super Taikyu Race before the regulation was changed and with it ended its domination of the race. Nevertheless, the R33 was never at par with the R32 in the motorsport scene as other manufacturers improved themselves in the game and caught up with Nissan. There are not that much difference between the GTS and the GTR apart from the overall exterior, power-to-weight ratio and a whole lot of other things the owner doesn’t give a rat’s ass about so he kept it close to standard.



The stance was a bit lower compared to stock and the 18″ TE37 made the stance as menacing as the Godzilla. Yup, I know that the Godzilla is taller than a 5-storey building but you get my drift, aye? One thing for sure, the owner sure knows who to keep the R33 squeaky clean, just as well as he keeps his nose clean from the authorities.



mr. clean lookin' GTS

mr. clean lookin’ GTS

He said he’s a purist and so the lack of modification done to his 33. Since the stock engine was a bit underpowered due to the sheer weight of the chassis, he upgraded the turbine for a better kick to the groin every single time he needs it. The legendary RB six-cylinder lumps make a simply stunning noise and if you go balls out and snap up a turbo’d version you can have as big a kick in the groin as your wallet can afford. The best part about an inline-six engine is that the huge power increase from a minimal upgrades. And so he kept the engine modification minimal as he just doesn’t need a huge hole burnt in his pockets. He said he’s more than contented with the performance of his R33 GTS as of now.



I was quite shock to see the unfamiliar brand of Roadstone tyres at the rear until the owner said that he changed tyres too often it’s a waste to get a good tyres at the rear. “As long as I get to drift it once in a while and have the top speed for a weekend wangan drive, it’s as good as it gets for me!” This jolly good fellow even went all out and drift his 33 in front of us and to our horrors, the final one had him clipping the curb, resulting scratches on ’em 18″ TE37 right wheel.


too much driftin' gets the wheel eating the curbs for breakfast.

too much driftin’ gets the wheel eating the curbs for breakfast.

We’re about to go for it and sprint out of the city when he came out of his 33, take a look at the damages and said, “No worries, I’d get it fixed later today or tomorrow. Let’s wrap up the photoshoot so I can get a shut eye back home.” I guessed the curb-kissing had him all drained out of energy and so we called it a day.

Technical Specification:

Engine: RB25DET, 2-way LSD, manual tranny, custom Orange rocker cover,Turbosmart 48mm wastegate, Tonnka custom manifold, custom AR70 turbine, M12 Garrett turbine, custom intake, Super90 throttle body, Tomei 1.5mm metal head gasket, custom intercooler & steel piping, custom stainless steel exhaust system, APEXi muffler, SAMCO hoses, ASR Racing vacuum hose, custom boost controller

Interior: OMP deep dish competition steering, Recaro SR3 bucket seats

Exterior: Stock

Rolling Stock: 18″ TE37 Volk Racing, Michelin Pilot Sport 245/40/18 (front), Roadstone N7000 245/45/18

ICE: Stock standard

words: Hage’  pix: Hazwan Najims, Jeo & DICE


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