Published on November 12th, 2012

Not many of those so-called street racers have the nerves to go to the extreme, nearly to the point of being obsessed with a certain race line like this guy… but hey! if anyone out there who don’t like this SPOON-fed monster, they can always jump in front of an oncoming traffic.

The owner of this monstrous Civic and I knew each other way back since high school, when both of us were ‘Mat Rempit’, but back then it was his mom’s, all standard except for a matching white-knitted cloth headrest and tissue box cover. He only gets to take it out for tuition class but only if I didn’t convinced him to skip it most of the time.

Who’d have thought that once an auto-tranny and domestically feminine ride can be turned into an utterly tarmac-crunching G-force devil, but being friends with Aween for years, I knew that it’s only a matter of time before he gets it his way.

The very first time I spotted the car was when it was parked near a sticker shop in my beloved toll-free city of Kota Bharu, but without a plate numberI totally didn’t recognized it. The second time I saw it, it was already too late to find out who the owner was but deep inside I knew that the car was destined to be featured.

Three days later, another high school friend called me up and said, ” Aween was asking whether his ride was good enough to be in the magazine?,” and gladly I replied, “BRING IT ON!”

Apart from Mugen, SPOON is a well known and most-sought after Honda’s performance products and Aween was lucky enough to acquire a B18C engine with a complete SPOON top half, all complete with cam pulleys, pistons, cam shafts and a whole lot of other SPOON stuffs along with it.

Running on SPOON 15″ SW388 wrapped in Yokohama ADVAN rubbers keeps this SPOON-fed machine planted to the ground while negotiating corners at crazy speed. Yokohama rubbers have become a must-haves for any JDM fanatics out there and this one went intricate with the letterings on the tyres in white, giving it that track-purpose race car looks which shout “Don’t mess with me!” signal, complemented by the usual grunting sound off the 5Zigen Bordermax boom box channeling all that ozone-ripping hot gasses out with the help of Mugen 4-1 extractor.

There’s nothing fancy about the exterior of the car, everything is race-purpose built with a touch of SPOON Sport graphics, I promise you that every modders’ head will make 45degree turn when this SPOON-fed monster passes by.

The only picture that we kept to ourselves was the rear luggage or boot, as there’s nothing to show, no fancy ICE or whatever, except for SPOON rear strut bar and a spare tyre. Everything has been strip bare to lighten the car in order to get the best power-to-weight ratio to match with the power of the engine. Adding to that, SPOON carbon fibre bonnet and sidemirrors, not only it looks good but also fits the purpose.

The interior is modest, fitted with original Type R RECARO seats, MOMO steering SPOON titanium gearknob. He’s still searching for original Type R floormats but forget that, as concealed underneath the passenger’s seat an ECU upgrade in the form of Dastek Unichip to handle all the additional input and power increase of every single thing he shoved into the engine working perfectly while producing a staggering amount of ferocious wild horses to the streets.

The only thing amiss is the SPOON calipers to make it a totally SPOON-fed machine but with more than 100K spent so far it won’t be long before the missing items to be sourced out and complement the ride.

Tech Specs:

Engine: SPOON B18C 1.8ltr engine, DASTEK Unichip ECU, SPOON pistons, cam pulleys and plug cables, Iriway 8 sparkplugs, HKS airfilter, MUGEN 4-1 extractor, 5Zigen Bordermax muffler, FWIIN radiator

Max power: 220hp

Top speed: 240km/h

Transmission: Type R gearbox, EXEDY clutch, Ogura flywheel

Brakes: Stock standard calipers, ENDLESS brakepads, APP racing hoses

Suspension: TEIN HA adjustable absorbers & springs, SPOON front top & lower struts, SPOON rear top and lower struts

Rolling Stock: SPOON 15″ wheels, 195/55R/15 Yokohama ADVAN Neova

Bodywork: SPOON Sports carbon fibre bonnet, SPOON sidemirrors, SPOON design decals and paintjob

Interior: Type R reclinable buckets, MOMO steering wheel, SPOON Titanium gearknob, SONY XPLOD headunit

words: Tika-kun pix: Yusman Saidi


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