Published on June 9th, 2013

After a long hiatus of more than two months without grazing the tarmac… yup, two months is wayyy too long for those who suffered from heavy right foot syndrome. Somehow I just can’t figure out why despite planning the time to be at Sepang International Circuit for SNF, I still had to rush there instead of enjoying an evening drive without fail. I managed to arrive mere 5 minutes before the registration closed and all thanks to the F430 that was loaned to me by ATP Motorsports. Only managing to leave the house at 4pm, I managed to arrive in 25 minutes only to be greeted by a long line of registration. Seems that I was not the only one late for registration.





Once Azham and I done with registration, we’re charged RM50 for parking. I thought drivers didn’t have to pay for parking. It’s either I’m wrong or it’s due to the fact I was driving the F430. It’s not mine OK. I can barely afford the parking fee let alone a Ferrari. During drivers’ briefing, we learned that the organizer was also late and since this was the first time SNF held at the South Circuit, it’s understandable despite the scorching sun had us all trickling sweat all over our clothes.





The response this time around was massive, with quite a number of participation from privateers and garages as well as sponsors. With only tents for pits, the ambience had me reminiscing the hey days of BTSC and Pasir Gudang back in the days. The hustles and bustles of drivers, crews, beauties, spectators and all truly defines Saturday Night Fever back when it was held at BTSC. It was as busy as a market but instead of fishes, beefs, veggies and all under the tents, it’s modified cars in all its glory under the hands of crews being prepped to undertake the competitors in their respective categories.




Since almost everyone was late, the practice session were late as well. Those who were a distance off the sound system area can’t hear anything at all being announced. By now, the shortcomings had some getting into arguments with the marshals and even at the entrance. I can only imagine the kind of pressure Adian and his teams we’re facing from the start. We Malaysians should chill and savor the moment of being a part of SNF instead of arguing with each other of who’s right and who’s wrong.





Throughout the practice session, there were a number of spins and of course accidents happen in motorsports whether we like it or not. Since it was the first time most of the drivers and riders racing against one another at the South Circuit, there were quite a number of mishaps this time around. I’d say in almost all categories there were incidents. It was livelier than I had expected. Despite all that, among drivers, riders and teams, helping one another as always a trait to be proud of. This is what motorsports is all about.




As for our very own team, Kekure Racing Team, Azham managed to swerve out of a foursome at turn 9 only to spun out off the tarmac into the gravel due to oil slicks at turn 12 ending our competition in the Race Class 1 earlier than expected during Heat 1. He cranked the engine and continued with the race only to have the engine died on him at turn 7. We suffered a blown engine this time around but we’re confident the crews of Kekure Racing would managed to salvage whatever they can and have us racing in Round 3. To Adian and the rest of the crews, there will always be flaws but providing a platform for us all speed demons who’d love to go legal instead of the opposite, kudos to you guys and gals. Hopefully as the organizer, you would managed to keep the flaws and shortcomings to a minimum and propel SNF forward in the future. Do check out snf-2013-round-2-results/ for the results.

words: hage’  pix: Faiz Zakariah & Hazwan Najims


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