Published on February 9th, 2012
Closing in towards the end of days, those who believe in the doomsday prophecy, the war between the good and evil has surfaces in many forms directly and indirectly. Some would be afraid and cower, some would bravely embrace and fight. Some came with the best of weapons, some with the courage of all the lions and eagles but to us motoring freaks, a supercar is the weapon of choice when it comes to outlook, outweigh, outrun, outstandingly beat all its opponent, until a hypercar comes along.
This brave move of a Slovenian company called Provoco is what the name describe itself. In Latin it means to dare, to defy, to challenge and with that glorious boldness, they name their concept car company Shayton. Now the name Shayton comes from the Sioux Indian word for a bird of prey the Falcon (Chayton, pronounced Shay-ton) but we rather like it if it were to be associated with Shaitan, another name for the devil for Muslims over the world. I know it is rather devilish but take a look at it and i am sure you will agree. Made of all the things nice for a supercar, The Equilibrium ranges it’s top speed of over 400km/h with figures of naught to hundred at 3.1 seconds, torque up 930Nm and brake horsepower up to 1084 for a car weighing 1200kg. Totally impressive.
The Equilibrium would come powered by a huge V12 motor paired with a sequential gearbox. Since it’s still just in its concept stages the power stats above are currently and only on paper. The intimidating black wheels would be made from a lightweight aluminum and magnesium forged wrapped in Pirelli P Zero 255′s up front and huge 365′s in the rear. Behind the wheels lies a high performance Brembo braking system, six hell-bound piston calipers on the front rotors and four in the rear.  Hopefully the Shayton Equilibrium will be brought to life from hell soon, but be prepared for a price tag of one million euros which is roughly $1.3 million US dollars. And knowing Malaysians that has quite a following in the supercar segments, this hypercar would definitely be an ultimate upgrade for ’em who can afford it.
words: Jeo  pix: Provoco


  1. Posted by TakaFuji on February 22nd, 2012, 15:58

    Wow.. The name of Shayton!

  2. Posted by shalie on March 24th, 2012, 11:03

    memang syaitan…


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