Sepang Drag Battle Round 2

Published on June 30th, 2009

It’s been quite awhile since the last time Traffic crews came for the Sepang Drag Battle. Three years to be exact. As we approached the entrance of the paddock area, we were greeted by a clogged of cars, to enter the paddock… and this was quite a surprise. As we drove towards the parking lot, it was filled with cars of different makes, from standard to fully modified.

To our impression, the reception from the public was superb to say the least. It was quite a walk before we reached the paddock… and as we reached the paddock area, it was laden with activities. Much-needed food and refreshments was not a problem anymore as there were quite a few stalls lined-up at the entrance. The price would be another matter though… a bit stiff for us layman as drinks costs about RM3.00 each.

As for the drag machines, I would say the drag scene in Malaysia has improved a lot compared to last three years. More cars are well-equipped with roll-cage and proper drag tyres namely MickeyThompson and Hoosier. Under the hoods, these drag machines are well-prepped and the modifications done are extensive.

Lots of the drag machines went through weight reduction and it varies from each other depending on the garages/workshops creativity. In the looks department… some of the drag machines, we would say are well-groomed not just to be in competition but also worth featuring in mags.

SIC has upgraded the timing system to be more accurate which takes the Sepang Drag Battle up a notch in making the event more professional. Congratulation to SIC on that.

Another point to be noted is the safety of those at the paddock. There were some of them spectators climbing the wall to have a better view of the race. Marshals should be increased to keep the crowd in order.

From my conversation with some of the regulars here at Sepang Drag Battle, everything seems good except for the paddock access that is quite a burden at RM50.00 per pax… and that does not include parking which is RM5.00 for cars and RM3.00 for bikes.

Somehow or rather I think that the public would be more appreciative if the organizer lower the entrance fee for the paddock access… (grandstand price at RM10.00) I would suggest as low as RM30.00 or SIC can always keep it at RM50.00 with more perks for all such as garage sales, free T-shirts or F&B, entertainments etc. This way the event will have more participation and bigger reception from the masses.

I would say Sepang Drag Battle is a good event to spend your weekend off especially for those petrolheads and speed junkies without risking being caught by the authorities but at that price… it would be better to stay at home.

words: Hage`  pix: Syawal Ahmad

Round 2 Sepang Drag Battle Results:

Class A

1. Ahmad Firdaus Asman

2. Hasan Muhamad

3. Md Mazln Dholy

Class B

1. Mohd Ainul Azri Mohd

2. Mohd Zamri Ahmad

3. Mohd Fadhill Othman

Class C

1. Mohd Iqbal Ismail Tajinder

2. Khairul Anwar Ahmad

3. Mohd Maziz Abdullah

Class D

1. Hamizi Kasbala

2. Yaacob Othman

3. Muhamad Ridwan Othman

Class E

1. Nor Azmil Nordin

2. Mohd Ridzuan Alias

3. Ahmad Faizal Mohd

Class F (Non-Vtec)

1. Kamarul

2. Sharum Nizam Md Sain

3. Amalan S.

Class F (Vtec)

1. Ahmad Firdaus Azman

2. Iqbal

3. Baharul Aslan Abu Bakar

Class G

1. Mark Darwin Partap Singh

2. Ashrahul Mohammad Rumai

3. Norazam Adnan

*results are provided by SIC


  1. Posted by GearTinggi on June 30th, 2009, 11:27

    Yup! On the tix price.

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  3. Posted by Zaid on July 1st, 2009, 08:59

    no more grass root drag race..

  4. Posted by derekpm on July 12th, 2009, 22:53

    Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback


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