Published on June 25th, 2012

Round 4 of the Saturday Night fever had the largest turnout of participants with 95 cars and 107 drivers battling their wits out against one another to gain essential points before a three months break, only to resume after the Hari Raya Holidays.

Despite the absence of prize money, the battle was extremely intense in all of the categories and as usual, dispute on the track often less than not, sparked an argument in the pits. An official protest was lodged against Logesvaran “SinghBoy” s/o Kaliaperumal and as a result, being disqualified and affected his lead in the Special Kei category.

As for our very own team, Kekure Racing competing in the Race Category, we didn’t get to finish Round 4 of the SNF as I was buttheaded by an FD2R bearing #12 while entering the first corner sending me to a spin before a deathly kiss from the same car damaged the oil cooler. Furious with the incident, I continued the race only to stop at the fifth corner as the fumes were entering the driver’s bay of ‘Tottis Junior’.

ShazrilAmri and Shairazi going neck-to-neck in the 120kmh Turn 5

Marshals were fast at towing me out of the track, and upon my arrival at the pits, I can see the looks of disappointment from my team. I thought it was my fault at first before a number of drivers in the same category said that they saw the incident and from their views, the can see that #12 displayed a number of dangerous attempt of overtaking and it was sheer stupidity of the driver that send me out of the competition.

My team tried their best to salvage the car and get Azham and I to finish the other two heats to no avail as eventhough the ‘Tottis Junior’ GC8 was cranked to live but the shriek of the engine told us it was over for our team and any attempt to race would mean further damage to the engine. My thanks and gratitude to the team for their endless effort to get the GC8 breathing again despite the fact that their attempt was a futile one.

Tottis Junior was buttheaded off the track by car #12

the damages of Tottis Junior

Tottis Sr. deep in thought

Azham tried his best to soothe the dismayed Tottis Sr.

As for car #12, it continued Heat 1 to a finish before being towed back to its garage. We do understand that being in an accident is part and parcel of being in a race, but sheer arrogance and stupidity are two of the things that we can’t tolerate at all! We would be fine if only the team and its driver came forward like a gentleman and at least offer an apology but this was not the case at all. The lack of sportsmanship was quite a disappointment and it costs us essential points, burying us deeper in the standings from third overall to a disappointing fifth. Round 4 being their debut in the Race Car category doesn’t justify dangerous driving and the lack of sportsmanship displayed at all.

queueing up for scutineering

practice session itself was intense!

After 4 rounds of SNF, I’d say that it was quite an event. Kudos to for organizing such an event, providing a humble platform for speed freaks to battle it out against one another, man and machine. Upon my observation, it was an effort that should be recognized by the governmental bodies such as the KBS since the organizer and its personnel displayed a professional level of conduct most often than not, admirable to say the least.

Nevertheless, in my personal point of view, the organizer should practice a merit program in order for a team to enter the 1.8 Superstreet and Race Car categories in order to curb unwanted incident such as the buttheading incident.

Kekure Racing team trying their best to salvage Tottis jr.

status: DNF

Despite most of the drivers in the Race Car categories being quite a gentleman and display a high level of sportmanship, and this goes along with all other drivers competing in SNF, newbies should start from a lower category before being allowed to compete in these two categories, namely the 1.8 Superstreet and the Race car categories.

Do look forward for the next round of Saturday Night Fever held in the Sepang International Circuit this coming September 2012as I know for sure, we will as well other teams competing in SNF. For more information, check out

Full race results and the latest updates are available on


Mini Classic

1st Syafiq Ali Mini Cooper 7:31.080

2nd Hairani B. Arifin Mini 1.3 7:47.162

3rd Mashlino Buang Mini 7:47.635


1st Hari Haran Swift Turbo 7:06.248

2nd Ahmad Shariffuddin B. Mat Ariffin Starlet EP82 7:06.672

3rd Aril Hamka / Mohd. Affiz Starlet EP82 7:07.198

Special Kei

1st Syazril Amri B. Abdul Rahman Kancil Turbo 7:08.175

2nd Mohd Shairazi Izhar Kancil 660 Turbo 7:13.013

3rd Muhd Tarmizi B. Abdul Aziz Kancil Turbo 7:36.235

Campro Chase

1st Raj @ Michael Ayyavu Satria Neo 7:18.542

2nd Halim Othman Waja 7:19.891

3rd Syafiq Ali Satria Neo 7:20.620

Race Cars Class 1

1st Akina Teo Civic EK9 6:26.049

2nd Kesavamoorthy Ayyavu Integra DC5 6:26.661

3rd Lim San For Honda Civic 6:39.974

Race Cars Class 2

1st Lee Kum Soon Civic EK9 6:45.665

2nd Tan Wai Loong / Khair Nur Ariff Civic EK9 6:56.902

3rd Hafidz Fahro Rozi Celica 1.8 7:05.672


1st Desmond Yee Civic Type-R FD2R 6:25.615

2nd Sebastian Lee Nissan 180SX 6:37.418

3rd Badrul Hisham Abd Rahim Lancer EVO 8MR 6:40.161

Street 1.8 NA

1st Mohd Noor Fairuz / Asdi Izwan Satria 1.8 7:04.917

2nd Mohd Fadzaliisam Ithnin Putra 1.8 7:04.983

3rd Razlan Ramli / Mohd Muzill Satria GTI 7:05.911

Street 1.8 VTEC / Turbo

1st Ahmad Fauzi Latib Civic EK9 6:39.490

2nd Philip Tang Peng Ngiap Civic EF9 6:40.785

3rd Francis Ng Goon Kwong Civic EK9 6:44.518

words: Hage’  pix: Al-Mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad, Enche Froggie & Syafril Ismail


  1. Posted by tottis on June 25th, 2012, 10:11

    we’ll be back….InsyaAllah….

  2. Posted by oreedo on June 25th, 2012, 11:47

    Hmmm… speedy recovery lads… take care…


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