S40 2.0’s New Powershift Transmission for a Smoother Drive

Published on December 27th, 2009

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The rising concern and attentiveness of the masses, or rather the general public towards fluctuating fuel prices has brought about a bold move by Volvo Cars Malaysia, who recently made available the new S40 2.0 Powershift in Malaysia as a move apparently in sync with the worldwide shift towards reduced fuel consumption.


The new Volvo S40 2.0’s innovative Powershift transmission provides a smoother and seamless drive which also translates to an even better fuel efficiency compared to the 2.4litre version which has been available in Malaysia for the last couple of years.

Volvo Cars Malaysia’s new President, Goran Larsson commented, “The six-speed, double-clutch automatic Powershift gearbox reduces fuel consumption by 11% in comparison with the 2.4-Litre engine.”

To increase the appeal and generate interest from the masses in the S40 2.0 Powershift, a couple of new goodies or rather features have been integrated into the S40 2.0 Powershift , with the focus being on wooing young buyers who are on the lookout for a compact premium car that is safe, sporty and elegant.


The five new features to be found and enjoyed in the S40 2.0 Powershift are as follows;

– Powershift: Smoother, more seamless drive, including better fuel efficiency of 11% in comparison with the Volvo S40 2.4i.

– Blind Spot Information System: BLIS uses cameras mounted in the door mirrors to register if another vehicle is in the blind spot at the side of the car. This intuitive safety feature helps the driver to prevent an accident altogether.

– Dynamic Stability Traction Control: Volvo’s advanced DSTC stability-enhancing system is fitted as standard. DSTC cuts in and helps stabilize the car if it registers any tendency to skid.

– Dual Xenon lights: Better vision for the driver during night or poor lighting conditions.

– Keyless entry & drive: Easier access and convenience.



Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the new Volvo S40 2.0 Powershift offers a spacious and flexible interior. Every passenger seat has a fold-flat backrest. With the seats folded down, the load compartment floor is entirely flat. This includes the front passenger seat which can be folded down completely, to allow a chauffeur-driven rear passenger a much wider external view. The interior is inspired by Scandinavian product design with an emphasis on uncluttered surfaces, honest materials and good function. The S40 2.0 Powershift also features Volvo’s now famous and enviously popular, trademark ultra-slim, free-floating centre console with illuminated storage compartment behind.


The Volvo S40 2.0 Powershift comes with Volvo’s IAQS (Interior Air Quality System) which effectively reduces the amount of particles, pollen, gasses and certain unpleasant odours in the air entering the cabin, which means it might not be flatulence and fart proof if such a potentially more-often-than-not, disgustingly smelly gas is unleashed from within the cabin. In addition, all textiles and leather are certified under OKO-TEX 100 instead of the usually thrown about ISO 9000 certification. The OKO-TEX 100 is an international standard which ensures that fabrics and hides have been thoroughly tested to check for certain allergy-inducing substances and emissions.


Volvo adopts a holistic view of safety that encompasses both preventive and protective safety. “Volvo’s vision is that by 2020 (a now very familiar year that is the Key Performance Indicator for Malaysia’s success and goal towards being a fully-developed, modern nation) no-one should be killed or injured in a Volvo,” said a hopefully confident and optimistic Larsson.

In terms of preventive safety, there are several features that are found in the new Volvo S40 2.0 Powershift that helps the driver from having an accident in the first place. These features are BLIS, Dual Xenon Lights and also the DSTC system.


As for protective safety, the exterior systems have the function of distributing and absorbing incoming collision forces so that the passenger compartment remains as intact and undamaged as possible. The body is therefore built in the form of a metal cage made using different grades of steel, where all the components harmoniously interact with one another to ensure controlled deformation.

In order to provide the most effective protection possible, Volvo has developed a number of in-house systems, such as WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System), SIPS (Side Impact Protection System) and IC (Inflatable Curtain). It is very comforting to know that all these protective safety systems are fitted as standard in the Volvo S40 2.0 Powershift. Nonetheless, for the highest possible safety, Volvo recommends that all the car’s occupants always use their seat belts, which is after all required by law in Malaysia.


“Safety is always a cornerstone of Volvo’s Philosophy. Volvo’s aim is to offer cars that are safe for all people in all imaginable traffic situations. The key to success in this respect is to design safety systems that are smart and that interact with one another”, added Larsson.

Malaysian Market

For Malaysia, the 145hp, 6-speed, 4-cyclinder S40 2.0 Powershift comes in a new exterior colour, Brilliant Blue. The S40 2.0 Powershift is priced at RM169,950 (On-The-Road without insurance).

Interested and prospective car buyers will be able to view and test drive the new Volvo S40 2.0 Powershift at all Volvo showrooms across Malaysia. For more information, details and enquiries, call 03-2274 9300/03-9236 2822, or log on to www.volvocars.com.my.

text & pix: Azdee Amir


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