Rotax Max: Little devil with horns

Published on October 12th, 2010

We like it if it has wheels, regardless whether they are two, three, four, or sixteen per vehicle. It is a simple fact that we enjoy the sound of V-engines, twins or a couple of straight-6 engines put together, or any type of engines for that matter. The mechanics are simply interesting, and we here at Trafficmagonline have a special place here in our hearts for the need for speed, need for a perfect handling cars, and even better, need for that thrill one simply can’t get from any other type of sport.

From all the super-monster of engines that powers our everyday cars, we went to take a look at a local go-kart track in Sepang International Circuit which utilises the Rotax 125cc engine during the Rotax Max Challenge (KRS-KKS Rotax Challenge Malaysia and Rotax Challenge Asia) last weekend.

It was like a city on its own, with mechanics and drivers bustling around with smiles being thrown across tents. It was a friendly scene, well, friendly enough when not on track, we thought.

We went to the official table and requested for two media tabalt and to register ourselves, but unfortunately we were denied entry by the officials. We were a little taken aback by the reception, considering we have always been more than welcomed at grassroot racing scenes in Malaysia and we have been more than supporting our local grassroot racing scene because that’s where the most exposure is needed.

If by any means that a support by a local motoring media publication, regardless whether it’s print or electronic based is not needed, then perhaps it would be better if we did not attend and support the Rotax Max Challenge for future seasons.

On other notes, since we were there and we did take some pictures, thanks to IRACE Motorsport and I.S. Racing Team for helping us out to get the media registration done, we decided to publish the story anyway after considering the young talents who needed the exposure.

The one held in Sepang last weekend was the final round for both championships (Asia and Malaysia) and the action was action-packed. As many of you would know, carting is always very tight in terms of speed and drivers will have to rely heavily on momentum, cornering skills and quick on opportunity. Being a quick little devil will also help… sometimes.

Rotax Max Challenge consists of five classes. It starts with MicroMax for drivers between 8 to 12 years of age and using 6.8hp engine with restrictions and aimed towards young talents seeking experience in the arts of racing. Then they have the Junior Max category for drivers between 13 to 16 years of age with 20.4hp on the engine, with a little bit of restriction.

Masters is next for drivers aged 32 and above only, and are using 28.5hp engines. The category is special for the old-timers who are seeking competition around the same age without having to worry their arses being kicked by a 15-year old.

Senior Max is next, and it is the premier category for Rotax Max Challenge, along with DD2. The karts are powered with 28.5hp engines and on most tracks the drivers can actually reach 110km/h.

The next and final category is the DD2 class. The class features 2-gear gearbox, direct engine-to-axle power (no chains) and for age 15 and above. The class will require special built karts to allow for this specific setup.

Watching the drivers keeping it real tight during the races was real entertainment and was almost pure pleasure. We had sweaty palms trying to keep the desire to cart deep inside to avoid stealing a cart and race.

You can get more info on Rotax Max Challenge here.

The championship winners were published at and here you are for your viewing pleasure:

Rotax Challenge Malaysia Zone


1)      Brendan Seibl (388pts)

2)      Muhammad Luqman Hakim (387pts)

3)      Gezha Sudirman (378pts)

4)      Adam Muqri Mohd Noor (373pts)

5)      Low Kent Jun (348pts)

Junior Max

1)      Gilbert Ang Ding Feng (398pts)

2)      Akash Neil Nandy (397pts)

3)      Rahul Raj Mayer (383pts)

4)      Calvin Seibl (380pts)

5)      Daniel Woodroof (367pts)


1)      Terence Chap (412pts)

2)      Gary Koh (392pts)

3)      Hilarion Anthony (391pts)

4)      Ray Kong Chun Keat (363pts)

5)      Kyle Blockey (347pts)

Senior Max

1)      Mohamad Afiq Ikhwan (402pts)

2)      Mikko Petteri Nassi (397pts)

3)      James Lee Keng Cheong (383pts)

4)      Andrew Tang (380pts)

5)      Mohamed Nasri Naufal (372pts)


1)      Siti Shahkirah Shaharul (423pts)

2)      Kelvin Choo Kang Woei (418pts)

3)      Freddy Numan Lawan (390pts)

4)      Ray Kong (373pts)

5)      Syazwan Mohd Noor (163pts)

Rotax Challenge Asia Zone

MicroMax Asia

1)      Perdana Putra Minang (336pts)

2)      Gezha Sudirman (330pts)

3)      Rafif Rabbani (323pts)

4)      Presley Martono (317pts)

5)      Brendan Seibl (314pts)

Junior Max Asia

1)      Gilbert Ang Ding Feng (346pts)

2)      Calvin Seibl (317pts)

3)      Gabriel Arcadine D. (308pts)

4)      Brendan Paul Anthony (269pts)

5)      Daniel Woodroof (235pts)

Masters Asia

1)      Steven Cheah (253pts)

2)      Freddy Numan Lawan (248pts)

3)      Jeffy Ibrahim (89pts)

Senior Max Asia

1)      Mohamad Afiq Ikhwan (335pts)

2)      Mikko Nassi (325pts)

3)      Silvano Christian (317pts)

4)      Sena Fujita (233pts)

5)      Imran Zaharias (144pts)

DD2 Asia

1)      Siti Shahkirah Shaharul (256pts)

2)      Kelvin Choo Kang Woei (254pts)

3)      Freddy Numan Lawan (245pts)

words: Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad  pix: Syafril Ismail & Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad


  1. Posted by James Leong on October 18th, 2010, 14:40

    If you have trouble in future, getting the necessary media passes to go for any of the races organised by me, I would recommend that you make your way to see me personally.

    I will ensure you have all the necessary passes as well as results for you to do a story. I always welcome people in the print. KKS is only the club organising the event for us. Kassim being an ex-govt servant, only to show you how our government is being run!!!

    James Leong

  2. Posted by Traffic Mag on October 18th, 2010, 16:15

    will do james. we really appreciate it.


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