Published on June 4th, 2013

Sunday drives can now be considered one of the favorite past times for fellow Malaysian motoring enthusiast. In fact during the General Election last weekend, a number of touge-lovers went for a drive right after casting their votes. Malaysians are surely a passionate bunch of touge lovers but a responsible one at that aye? When it comes to Sunday drives, the variety ranges from groups of drifters, hot hatches and even super cars.




A few weeks back I had the opportunity to join the Blue Jackets Fraternitas on a Sunday Drive to Sabak Bernam with 17 awesome super cars. It was an array of Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and man, it was quite a sight to behold. The Sunday drive was led by Erwin Azizi to Sabak Bernam for the famous prawn mee by the beach. I’m not that much of a food lover but it’s the journey that mattered anyway. What made it better still was that ATP Motorsports was kind enough to let me test their Scuderocco, a fiery red 1.4… yup, it’s 1.4 Scirocco of a minuscule cc that could keep up with ’em high-rollin’ super cars.




What I was afraid of that the route might consists of highways and it would be impossible to keep up let alone arrive at the restaurant as we had no communications set and no idea at all where it was located. I was hoping that it’s gonna be the B-roads, then we had a better chance of keeping up. We departed from Bestari Restaurant at Solaris after a light breakfast at 8.30am. At this point, I already had swarms of butterflies in my stomach as it’s been quite a while since I went for a spirited drive.




First RV was the Shell station after the Jalan Duta toll. Heading towards the petrol station, the Scuderocco, (as we’d love to call it due to its rear that resembles the Scuderia) not only managed to keep up but also zoomed passed the convoy with ease. Powerband is aplenty. It’s just a matter of being heavy-footed whenever needed. But then again, it was a short distance after all. Would it manage to keep up from there onwards? It surely looks fast and menacing with Reiger’s front end, not to mention the 19 inchers of Tomason TN5 beauty beneath the fenders. The custom made Scuderia rear end differs it from any of the Scirocco here in Malaysia.




As for stopping power, I did not worry about it despite it’s still in stock form as VW has always proved it’s worthy from one model to another. H&R springs kept the car well-planted and improved its stance. However, it was still a bit soft for my liking. A harder suspension set-up would be way better for a spirited drive along the B-roads. It turned out that my worry was baseless after all. Despite being a 1.4, the Scuderocco’s ECU has been tweaked by none other than EVOMSit, a renowned software developer and tuner in the States. A one-off Fabspeed exhaust system made-to order completes the transformation from an underpowered machine to a furious beast to be reckoned with.



Keeping up was as easy and I managed to push the Scuderocco to 250km/h without even switching to Sport mode… what made it better was it was running on Ron95 instead of Ron97. It might be small figures in terms of max power on the tech spec, but the huge increase in torque made the 1.4 Scuderocco very zippy indeed. Some of the guys from the Fraternitas thought it was a Scirocco R instead of a measly 1.4.



As for fuel consumption, it wasn’t a guzzler after all. In fact, the Scuderocco’s consumption was close to a stock standard model. I managed to cover 240km of a spirited drive with a few hundred kms more to spare despite the crazy gear shifting all the way. Now that’s what you’d have with proper tuning.  Mr. Anthony, May I keep the Scuderocco please?

Technical Specification:

Engine: 1.4 DOHC TSI, turbocharged, EVOMSit Stage 2 Software, EVOMSit Air Intake, Fabspeed made-to-order 2.50″ exhaust system

Transmission: 7-speed DSG

Rolling stocks: H&R springs, 19″ Tomason TN5 wrapped in Falken 235/35ZR19 tyres

Exterior: Rieger bodykit, custom made Scuderia rear bumper and diffuser, Red paintjob, Matte Black roof

RON97 Map: Max Power = 189.40 Max Torque = 277.61
RON95 Map: Max Power = 186.68 Max Torque = 217.53

words: hage’  pix: Hazwan Najims, Faiz Zakariah & Jeo



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