Published on July 19th, 2013

For a regular guys and gals, how often do you get the opportunity to drive your dream car… especially with the meagre salary we’re getting every end of the month, of which would be gone in less than two weeks due to all kinds of commitments to be paid earlier before the interests come biting hard? I’d say it’s close to none existence unless you have friends with privileges exceeding the capabilities of the rest of us regular guys and gals put together.



I’m not complaining here but sometimes, this particular question popped up in my mind, nowadays getting more often than before. Especially when age has become more than just numbers while the important numbers in my wallet didn’t flourish as much as I hope it would be. Nevertheless, having family and friends that truly understand my passion even when it means living life with limited resources while having the opportunity to drive the best engineering can offer on four wheels.




A few months back, I met up with a guy who shared the same passion except that he have a whole lot of doughs to fuel his passion as well as his rides. He managed to expand his passion to a profitable business while at the same time enjoying what he loves most. Tinkering with cars… others as well as his.





For a reason unknown to me, he entrusted his fiery red stallion to me for four days… insisting that I should have a feel in the stallion. Those who knows me well would know that despite the fact that I loved anything that goes fast… I preferred it to be modified rather than readily having the capability to pass 300km/h mark without any tinkering at all. It’s not that I don’t like super cars let alone a Ferrari, I just prefer it to be more than meets the eye. Not just a stock model especially when the amount of super cars that flooded the streets of Kuala Lumpur making it rather dull despite all the unwanted attention it commands.





When I collected the F430, I was told that it’s much better than a stock F430. It has been tweaked in and out. From the engine bay to the outlook of the stallion itself. Being a carburetor lover, I had my stupid moment while trying to get the stallion moving and it took me five whole minutes to figure it out. Technology just gets the best of me once in awhile and the fact that driving a modded Ferrari didn’t help either.




The sound that churns out from the exhaust has that definitive power increase from stock. One thing for sure, driving the stallion is surely not be done discreetly. The jerk from each gear shifts surely is annoying when driven slow… but once you put the pedal to metal, it was multiple orgasm to say the least! Up until now, I can still hear the heaven-like sound in my sleep.



One of my dream has always been to exceed 300km/h regardless on two-wheels or the fours and having the machine to actually achieve my dream had me itching to have a go at that. Nevertheless, with limited cash in my wallet… as well as the challenging and laden with potholes tarmacs in the Klang Valley area, it would be impossible to do it without damaging the exterior. I heard that one Scuderia owner had his rear bumper and diffuser flew off the bodywork after a meet with uneven surface on the way to KLIA at 200km/h. Needless to say I don’t need this kind of mishap even if I actually own the stallion.




Despite that, I managed to push the stallion to 280km/h against the time as I was late for registration during the previous SNF in Sepang International Circuit. It was a relieve that nothing came off the stallion and I managed to register with only 5 minutes left. It only took me less than 20 minutes to Sepang International Circuit from Ampang and it would be lesser if I have bigger balls to match with the relentless stallion.




Apart from the power-terrain that never fails to impress, I would surely miss the soothing air-cond as well as the sleepless nights of having a stallion parked underneath the porch of my house, fearing the worst as fearless robbers roam the nights for easy money. For those who’d love to tweak your rides, ATP Motorsport would cater to most of your needs without fail or money back guaranteed!

words: Hage’ pix: Faiz Zakariah & Hazwan Najims

Technical Specification:

Engine: BMC air filter, Fabspeed 430 Sport Header, Fabspeed 430 Cat bypass pipes, Fabspeed 430 Scuderia Maxflo Muffler System, Evomsit Tuning (basis 490HP/343TQ to 574HP/402TQ)

 Exterior: Scuderia rear bumper


  1. Posted by RoyFarrezhame Michael on July 22nd, 2013, 19:55

    It’s nice to see the opinion of one such as you mate,kinda felt the same on every words you’ve spoke..xD

  2. Posted by Hage' on August 20th, 2013, 01:01

    thanks for the compliment. really appreciate it mate.


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