Red Bull Rookies rearing to race for 2010

Published on January 24th, 2010

Building on the success and experience accumulated over the previous years, the Red Bull Rookies team is back for 2010 energized and ready to slug it out in the upcoming Sepang 1000km race.

This time around, the search for new drivers has been expanded to neighbouring Brunei, where the most promising female driver will be selected to join the grueling driver training program for the Sepang 1000km race.


The new team members were unveiled in Shah Alam by Kenvin Low, the team manager for the Red Bull Rookies and the Chief Trainer at Asia Advanced Driving Academy (AADA), Red Bull’s partner in this female-driver search and race program.

Playing the role of team leader this time around will be third-year driver and the veteran of the team, Puteri Ayu Jasmin. Puteri will also be wearing the mentor’s cap to the two new members of the team, Carmen Lim and Lee Hui Jing.


The 27-year old Puteri has plenty of finely stroked feathers in her cap, being the Red Bull Female Driver Search Winner in 2008 and having clocked miles in the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race in 2008 as well as the Sepang 1000km Race in 2009.

“This will be a season where I have to improve further and keep mistakes to a minimum. There will be pressure, but that will mostly come from me, because I always drive myself to improve in every area. Overall, I’m expecting a great year for me and he team,” said Puteri during the team launch.


“Puteri is fast and capable of winning races, as she was already able to prove that last year at the Sepang 1000km race and the Merdeka Millennium Endurance race 2008. her experience will be a tremendous contribution to the new team members,” added Kenvin.

The two rookies in the team, Carmen and Hui Jing, were top six finalists out of the 2,500 applicants for the search last year and have undergone grueling driving programs under Kenvin’s tutelage at AADA in preparation for the race.


“I am in the best possible place to start my career, and my focus is on preparing as thoroughly as possible for the upcoming race,” said 28-year old Carmen.

The youngest of the team, 22-year old Hui Jing, is excited about the training and can’t wait for it to kick off, “I’m extremely happy to be given this chance. I followed the rookie program during last year’s race and dreamt about being one of them. It’s a dream come true and I can’t wait for the training to start.”


“We were impressed by their talent and determination in becoming a professional racer. Although they were not selected last year, they did not give up and took lessons to improve their driving skills. They deserve a chance and we are convinced that they have what it takes to be a racer,” explained Kenvin about the new drivers.

As the Sepang 1000km Race takes place over the weekend of 3-5 June later this year, the Red Bull Rookies team will be undergoing intensive training sessions with the skilled trainers of AADA. This year has greater challenges for the team as well with new members as well as some new regulations locked in for the race itself.


“It’s still too early to see how the new race regulations will effect us. It could be a blessing or a bane for the team depending on a lot of conditions,” commented Kenvin on the new rules in place for the race this year.

Once again, the weapon of choice for the team will be the familiar gold Honda Integra DC2 that has been affectionately named ‘Diego’ by the drivers.

With the final member of the team from the driver search in Brunei expected to be finalised in the coming month, it’s all coming together for the Red Bull Rookie team to mount a strong challenge in the Sepang 1000km Race this year.

text & pix: Dinesh Appavu


  1. Posted by Randy Pena on January 24th, 2010, 18:00

    A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks


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