Prowling Monster Laser

Published on January 18th, 2010

Back in the mid 90’s, Ford was considered as one of the best platform for modification especially the Laser model… regardless whether it was the hatchback or the infamous Ford Laser coupe or Ford ‘Sampan’ as we used to know it back in the days. Damn I’m old.

The most preferred power transplant was Mazda’s B6 with sneezing turbo, the B8 180hp or the B8 210hp for those with a bit more cash in their quest for power. Since then, Ford lost its touch with ’em modders even when they came out with the later model of Laser FE. Most probably due to the lack of choice for a better powerplant offered by the half cut shops all around Malaysia or maybe as the Laser’s design caught ‘lil appeal to the masses and modders alike.

However, modders being modders, some of ’em would go all the way to be different… and they would go all the way to prove their point and all this can be traced back to their passion of modifying. As modifying have a whole lotta different style and discipline… there were those who would go all out and get an unpopular platform to be right down different compared to others.

It was impressive enough the first time I laid my eyes on the Lan’s FE few years back… and it’s been three years since I last saw him. We managed to get ourselves at Lan’s place somewhere in Masai via tele-direction which resulted me driving back and forth four to five times at the same road thanks to Syawal’s sense of direction… since I have no sense of direction at all.

As I was about to blow a fuse… he got the direction right and we managed to arrive at Lan’s house half drenched. After we were stuffed with food that would definitely increase our mass body weight, Syawal started shooting while salivating over the fully souped-up FE.

You see, he had (note the past tense) a Mazda Astina with a B6 engine and people have been asking him whether he’d be dumping in a B8 into the engine bay, of which the answer was always “B6 is enough for me.” Well, after looking at the fully souped-up B8 Lynx, he forgot about everything he ever mentioned and almost stole the Laser FE that night when the owner was not looking.

As for the bodyworks, it has been tastefully done in an aggressive manner and puts it as a fighter’s car despite the detailing put onto it. The play of black, white and touches of carbon fibre gave it all the glory it deserved, with it being eyeballed by almost everyone when the car was driven around town. That, and the huge-ass GT-wings attached on the back.

Get into the cockpit and you will feel your butt being caressed… oh-so-gently by Bride seats, and the seats are available for all occupants, regardless the size. Lights are everywhere and seriously speaking it’ll make you feel like just flipping them on in a random manner, start the engine and let the car scorch the tarmac.

Pedal-play was smooth, and that is saying something considering that ringing sound that can only come from a racing clutch. Momo steering for the road-play, an array of meters decorating the dashboard and that little piece of original gearknob is all that you can see… and apart from the sight of the steering, you’d have the feeling that you’re in a fighter jet’s cockpit instead of a car.

Start the engine, and you’ll hear it growl. But not as loud as his other car.

Monster Ford Laser FE Technical Specifications:


Mazda B8 1.8-liter DOHC 16-valve turbo injection, 300+hp @ 8,000rpm, top speed in excess of 250km/h

Engine Management:

LT105 Microtech

Engine Upgrades & Modifications:

B8 210 engine ported & polished, custom 210degree camshaft, adjustable cam pulley 114-degree, intake 110-degree, Evo 7 RS Turbine, Evo3 63mm throttle-body, SARD air filter, Evo3 ignition coil, straight cut 3″ exhaust system


Original Ford 1.8 5-speed manual transmission


Mazda RX-7 4-pot calipers (front), 2-pot for the rear


KONI high-low adjustables

Rolling Stocks:

Desmond Evo Regamaster 9″x17″ (front) 10″x17″ (rear) wrapped in Federal tyres 235/45R17(front) 255/45R17 (rear)


custom projector headlights, Voltex style bonnet, INGS N-spec EVO front bumper, EVO IX diffuser, custom made wide arches and skirting, GT Voltex EVO spoiler, black tint, Crystal White paintjob

Interior: Subaru bucket seats, SPARCO steering, OMP pedals, silver carbon fibre panel trimmings, full set Defi meters, Defi RPM meter, APEXi turbo timer, AVCR, APEXi boost controller

In Car Entertainment:

Pioneer MP3 headunit, STELLAR speakers, tweeters, subwoofer & amplifier

words: Hage’ ¬†pix: Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad


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