Only Wiper Blade to Be Awarded “Very Good” in Test Bosch Aerotwin Clear Winner in German ADAC Windshield Wiper Test

Published on February 5th, 2010

The Bosch Aerotwin emerged as the clear victor in all disciplines in a comparison test conducted by ADAC, the German Automobile Club Inc. The blades were the only one to be rated ‘very good’ in a test of 12 different car windshield wipers. There was added emphasis placed on the wiping quality in summer-type conditions (+20°C). The wipers had to prove their durability in a wear test, and following that artificial subjection to sunlight. The Bosch Aerotwin surpassed the tests, and showed their durability to work under harsh conditions; making it perfect for Malaysia’s tropical conditions.

“We are very proud of our products and these test results from ADAC show that not only do our wiper blades offer superior wiping performance, but it clearly shows that they are durable enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions that we face in Malaysia. When buying wipers, it is well worth paying a little more for a good quality product. The high-quality and slightly more expensive products performed better in the tests than the inexpensive ones. Drivers should also choose a modern planer wiper, which will retain a higher level of wiping performance for longer period,” said Mr. Woon Kim Hwa, General Manager of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, Robert Bosch Sdn Bhd.

Grade 1 for Bosch Aerotwin in all test disciplines

The verdict of the ADAC testers was unequivocal — the Bosch Aerotwin stood out from the competition in all tests, in both positive and negative temperatures. Overall, the more modern non-jointed windshield wipers achieved better results than the conventional bowed wipers. Nonetheless, the second Bosch windshield wiper in the test—the Twin Spoiler—was not only named the best bowed wiper; it also achieved third place overall.


Easy installation with multi-clip universal adapter

The Bosch Aerotwin received the “Very Good” rating not only just because of its excellent wiping results; its long service life was also taken into account. Furthermore, its installation on the car and the wiper arm fasten­ing also contributed to its top score. The ADAC testers criticised wiper blades for being frequently problematic to install on cars and called for “more user-friendly, standardised connection elements between the wiper arm and blade.”

With the multi-clip universal adapter, Bosch has done exactly that for the Aerotwin model. The novel adapter, which is prein­stalled on the wiper, is suitable for the different wiper arm types of the key passenger car series. This will prove especially useful for car owners that want to change from their existing wiper blades to Bosch Aerotwin, as they are compatible with our local car manufacturers’ specifications.

High-quality material combination for perfect wiping performance

The Bosch Aerotwin achieves its excellent wiping results through a customized Evodium spring strip that is a perfect fit for the curvature of the windshield. This guarantees an even surface pressure and therefore enables perfect wiping performance at every point on the windshield.

The aerodynamic profile also ensures that the wiper does not lift up even at higher speeds, and resulting in less wind noise. The wiper rubber is elaborately constructed with a flexible base, a wear-resistant edge and smooth-glide coating. Thanks to its hard-wearing rubber and even force distribution on the surface of the windshield, the Bosch Aerotwin offers a longer service life.

Buy an award-winning product and give to a good cause

Other than owning an award-winning product, customers who choose the Bosch Aerotwin wipers and other Bosch automotive products will also be helping out a good cause for a charity campaign that is running currently. Part of the sales proceeds will go towards expanding SJK (C) Khai Chee, a national-type Chinese primary school located in Segambut. The on-going campaign ends on 24 February 2010.

text & pix: Robert Bosch


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