Obermaier-kitted E30

Published on May 16th, 2013

After grazing our magazine cover in issue nine, Lim is back to entertain us with his new ride. And did I mention that his new ride is yet ANOTHER BEEMER. Hail the Beemer grazing our magazine in three consecutive issues! The Beemer is starting to feel like the air I breathe.



Lim or who prefer to be known as Mr. Pen in this issue made his first appearance in issue nine of Traffic Magazine with his clean-cut UK style ford focus. For those who missed out on that issue, well that are certainly a huge loss as the Ford Focus was one of the best modified cars to appear in the pages of our magazine. If you’re lucky enough, you might still find that issue at the Traffic booths during any events we take part in. Just ask the huge Sasquatch-like-creature in front of the booth.



Now enough trying to make a sale, Mr Pen is here to entertain us again with his newly modified E30 Beemer. The first thing which is so visible to human eye is most definitely the superfluous massive intercooler. My chief editor had touched and fondled it to find it was connected to the engine, so rest assured that it is not just there the looks alone! These are certainly not Pam fake ‘melons’.




For most owners of the E30 Beemer, the only modifications that will be done to the car would be the body kit and interior but the never the engine. Thus, the given original intercooler would do just fine with the engine. Let me put it in simple terms. The engine is like the car’s heart, if you go for an operation to “modify” your heart, it would just not be the same again.



Mr. Pen definitely has the need for speed as rather than modifying the original Beemer engine, he changed the whole darn thing. Yes, instead of a minor operation he went for a whole heart transplant! Rather than plonking the usual favourite choice, the SR20, Mr Pen opted for the 1JZ. A choice specifically for that euphoric power surge to get his E30 running mad on the tarmac. Just imagine being as old as my editor and having a heart of a young, vibrant and hyperactive youth like me. Well, obviously certain things need to be changed or else how could the other parts of the body operate to the new vibrant heart.


This applies to Mr. Pen as he changed the original E30 beemer engine to a Supra 1JZ engine. The 1JZ goes faster consequently it heats up quicker therefore the usage of the massive intercooler. The original intercooler that comes with the 1JZ engine just ain’t enough. This is what happens when you start modifying performance parts, hence other parts have to be replaced to accommodate the power surge and extra heat to the engine. With all the modification done to the engine, it was a surprise when we took a peek inside as this monster runs on an auto transmission.



Unlike most Beemers, Mr. Pen’s E30 was all clad and shining black for battle with a complete Obermaier wide body kit that certainly gives a menacing ‘dont mess with me’ stance to those who even has the guts to glance let alone challenge for a duel. The minimal touches of stickers plays well in completing the entire boisterous look of the E30.

Likewise the performance of the car complemented the hulking Obermaier bodywork of Mr. Pen’s E30 whilst it sits comfortably on a set of AC Type 2 wheels at front and a set of Zepter wheels at the rear. Yet again all said and done, it is still a Beemer and it deserves our utmost respect.

But to be honest, is it just me or are we all getting bored of reading about Beemers. Maybe it’s just me.

words: Doyle de Costa pix: Yusman Saidi

Technical Specifications:

Engine: 2.5 liter 1JZ, 1JZ ECU, HKS campulley, NGK spark plugs, GReddy air filter, custom stainless steel air ram, A’PEXi CTT intercooler, Robert mid exhaust & muffler, 1JZ twin turbo, Greddy blow-off valve, Aerospeed buble catch tank, SAMCO intercooler hoses, FSE fuel regulator, SAMCO fuel hoses, Greddy oil cap, Arospeed groundwire

Transmission: Auto Tranny

Rolling Stock: 17’x7.5JJ AC Type 2 wheels (front), 17″x9JJ Zepter Wheels (rear) Potenza G3 205/40/17 (front) Falken Azenis 255/40/17 (rear)

Brakes: BMW 323 calipers, Australia National disc rotors, RS Pro hoses

Suspension: Bilstein absorbers & Eibach springs, AC front top & rear top struts

Exterior: No.1 carbon sticker bonnet, M-Tech II front bumper & lips, Bosch HID Super Vision Headlight, Startec rearlights, Obermaier widebody & sideskirts, E36 AC rear bumper & lips, custom air intake, PIAA wiper, Diamond Black Paintjob

Interior: SR3 Recaro reclinable buckets seats, MOMO Commando steering wheel, AC pedal, AC handbrake lever, FET turbo timer, A’PEXi RSM, HKS boost meter

ICE: Alpine 9835 headunit, Audiostream amplifier, Stellar amplifier, Stellar front speakers component set, Stellar tweeter, Caliber subwoofer, Stellar tweeters & crossover.


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