Nissan Sylphy tuned by Impul

Published on September 14th, 2010

The Nissan Sylphy Tuned by Impul, which was introduced and unveiled to the Malaysian public last year during the fourth round of the Super GT Series Round 4 in Malaysia by Nissan’s distributor and franchise holder in Malaysia, Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (ETCM) was the third Nissan model in Malaysia after the Latio and Grand Livina, that was on the receiving end the Impul treatment and makeover.

Impressive is the word that comes to mind when thinking of the Impul Sylphy as ETCM together with Impul of course, have managed to transform the tame and mild-mannered Sylphy into a car that is anything but tame and mild-mannered. It is in fact as swift and nimble around bends and corners, as a Gazelle is when the Gazelle zig-zags through the Masai mara plains of Africa evading predators in hot pursuit. Ride and handling are not the only aspects of the Impul Sylphy that have been fine tuned by the Impul engineers, as the exterior, interior, sports rims and tyres, as well as exhaust system have also been subjected to scrutiny by Impul.

There are a total of five enhancements to the standard Sylphy packaged in by Impul, namely the aerokit, sports suspension, exhaust muffler, 17″ alloy rims and black leather seats with matching carpet mats. With the exception of the leather seats, these enhancement parts are also available for purchase by existing Sylphy owners.

Both the Comfort and Luxury variants of the Sylphy can be specified with the Impul kit at a premium of nearly RM10k over the standard Sylphy. Buying the entire set of components for the kit individually would cost prospective, interested buyers over RM13k, and the leather seats are not included. The cosmetic enhancements are a matter of personal taste, but the exhaust muffler and sports suspension will give most prospective, interested buyers second thoughts, and for quite a few, possibly regret even, except for maybe those who crave for a sporty four door executive sedan that not only looks the part, but is the part as well in terms of a sporty driving experience and performance.

The Impul Aerokit consists of a new front grille that serves to bring in more cold air into the engine bay, house the prominent Impul logo, while giving the Sylphy a much more imposing front facia, a rear spoiler with no obvious aerodynamic function or qualities sits on top of the rear boot/bonnet, and the Impul aerokit is rounded off with supposedly, aesthetically enhancing skirts all round.

Although the skirts might be slightly overdone on the Sylphy, when compared to the better overall visual impact brought by the simpler Impul Aerokit for the other two Nissan models to have received the Impul treatment, the Impul Grand Livina and the Impul Latio, the Impul Aerokit has benefited the Sylphy in a way by giving it more of a presence, and sporty personality when compared to the tame looking, stock standard Sylphy. Admittedly, the Impul aerokit has enhanced the Sylphy in terms of aesthetics, styling and of course overall visual impact.

For individual purchase (inclusive of installation & painting), the front grille will cost RM800, while the rest of the Impul Aerokit (rear spoiler and all-round skirtings) will cost RM3,600.

Impul’s suspension upgrades consists of new coils and absorbers all round. Nissan stated that the Impul suspension kit enhances traction, improves steering response and supposedly minimizes the compromise between sportiness and comfort. The good thing from a driver’s perspective about the Impul suspension kit, is that it almost eliminates bodyroll, while allowing the driver to enjoy and experience a whole lot more grip when handling the car, especially when going through bends and corners at higher speeds than usual.

In addition, the new performance enhancing suspension setup also lowers the Sylphy by 25mm from the standard version. Existing owners wishing to retrofit this sporty suspension system into their Sylphys will have to come up with RM2,800 (including installation) for the privilege of being able to drive in and out of corners and bends faster. Be warned though that where comfort is concerned, there exists a compromise, not for the driver though, but more for the passengers.

Passengers riding in the spacious cabin of an Impul Sylphy will be subjected to a rather hard, stiff and sometimes harsh ride experience, depending on the state and condition of the gravel traversed. The worse the condition of the road gets, the faster comfort dissipates. Long drives in the Impul Sylphy as a passenger, especially at the back, when over rough and uneven roads, can be quite nauseating for certain individuals.

The brakes on the Impul Sylphy do not seem up to mark, as braking hard at high speeds can be quite an effort, a worrying one in fact. This is not a direct complaint about the fact that the rear brakes are drums when it should instead be a set of discs. It has been accepted that most of the current range of new nissan cars come with drum brakes at the rear, which is somewhat fine, although a set of ventilated disc all round would be more assuring. The Impul Sylphy’s front brake bias and force can be a little too mellow for ones liking, so slightly better brake bite and progressiveness should improve this car’s braking and not scare the driver out of his or her wits when it comes to sudden, hard braking, or braking at high speeds.

Where horsepower is concerned, it is true that the Sylphy’s, or in this case, the Impul Sylphy’s power figures are nothing to shout about for a sporty looking 2.0L car. True, there are a few of the Sylphy’s competitors in the C-segment which have higher horsepower outputs. Although 131hp @ 5,200rpm is hardly an exciting figure, the Sylphy’s MR20DE inline four, Twin Cam powerplant does have a good side to it as it excels in terms of torque, as it effortlessly manages to churn out an impressive 191Nm @ 4,400rpm. On the road, the Impul Sylphy’s four-speed automatic transmission with CVT was quite smooth and efficient in transmitting all that torque to the front wheels, which more than made up for the rather average horsepower output.

Impul and of course Nissan, or rather ETCM, deserve credit though for offering more than just a chromed tailpipe that makes the rear look slightly better. The Impul Sylphy’s exhaust system has more grunt to its exhaust note thanks to a ‘hard-not-to-notice’, polished stainless steel muffler, which apart from audibly announcing the arrival of the Impul Sylphy, was also designed to offer a ’sharper engine response’. Individual purchase for the shiny Impul stainless steel muffler is RM1,800 inclusive of installation.

Now on to the bigger and better looking Impul rolling stocks for this car which completes the exterior Impul makeover, The set of 17-inch sports rims found on the Impul Sylphy are known as the Impul Auras SX-10, and thankfully, the Impul Aura SX-10 sports rims are bigger and better looking than the factory fitted stock rims on the standard Sylphy which look tiny, and in this case, size does matter and bigger is better. Made using Impul’s New Super Cast process, the Impul Auras SX-10 offer up to 30% weight savings compared to conventionally manufactured wheels of similar size.

In terms of tyres, compared to the standard Sylphy’s ‘threaded-for-comfort’ 195/65/ZR15 tyres, the Impul Sylphy’s set of Impul Auras come wrapped with 205/45/ZR17 Dunlop Formula D-01 rubbers, which were design for more aggressive, performance based driving rather than comfort.

For individual purchase, a set of 17-inch Impul Aura SX-10 alloy sports rims (set of four rims, complete with centre caps, air valves & installation) will cost RM4,600, while the gripping 205/45 R17 Dunlop Formula D01 tyres that wrap the Impul Aura SX-10 sports rims are priced at RM350 per piece (excluding alignment & balancing).

Thankfully, the Impul Sylphy does not suffer the same, depressing and disappointing fate as the Impul Latio and Impul Grand Livina, whereby the cabin’s interior is left untouched and does not at all match the sportier and more aggressive exterior look and feel brought about by the Impul Aerokit. In the case of the Impul Sylphy, The boring, bland and mundane, though comfortable, standard beige seats, have been jettisoned in favour of sportier looking black leather seats. Complementing the transformation are a set of five matching black Impul carpet mats, available for individual purchase at RM250.

ETCM however, does not offer retrofitting of the leather seats for current Sylphy owners, but that shouldn’t be necessary. With the rest of the interior, such as the seat belts and centre console, still coloured in the original bland, boring and mundane shade of beige, the black coloured leather seats and matching black Impul carpet mats are not enough to make the Impul Sylphy’s cabin and interior look, and feel, sporty. Although the Impul Sylphy’s cabin is hardly an exciting or inspiring place to be in, it is functional, and from a driver’s point of view, the controls are user-friendly and well laid out, as knobs, buttons and levers are within easy reach of ones’ pair of hands.

The foot-operated parking brake will give some of the drivers of the Impul Sylphy a continental feel to it and it won’t take long to get used to it. The foot-operated parking brake eliminates the need for a handbrake, thus creating quite a spacious centre console that can be used to store all sorts of things, from a handphone or two, a smart tag, some packets of tissues or wet wipes, to some canned drinks and an Ipod for example.

The Impul Sylphy’s cabin exudes a feeling of spaciousness and passengers in the Impul Sylphy will also appreciate the good build quality of the cabin’s interior. Cabin space has always been a strong selling point for the Sylphy and it is of no surprise that it’s the same for the Impul Sylphy as well. Passengers seated at the back will still be able to enjoy a good amount of legroom and headroom even though the front two seats are reclined quite backward.

Where equipment is concerned, the Impul Sylphy is a well-equipped car, as it comes with sensor-activated head-lamps with leveling adjustment, electric boot release, auto climate control for the air-conditioning and a pair of power folding side mirrors, but when the meter console comes into the driver’s view, discerning drivers of the Impul Sylphy will notice the lack of a temperature gauge and steering-mounted audio controls, which is available in most of the Sylphy’s direct rivals and competitors.

The Impul Sylphy’s ability to tackle bends and corners at frightening speed is its strong point and it will impress quite a few prospective buyers a great deal, especially those on the lookout for a car that handles itself fantastically well for some fun and hair raising excitement around bends and corners. For those with a family who value and prioritize on comfort and refinement, then go for the stock standard Sylphy that’s equipped with an aerokit or bodykit, and maybe a set of 17-inch rims, possibly the Impul Aura SX-10s. For those on the lookout for a four-door sedan with a sporty personality and equally sporty driving characteristics and experience to match, then take a good, serious look at the Impul Sylphy and check it out for yourself, you might end up being in one instead of just picturing yourself in one.

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words: Azdee Amir  pix: Dinesh Appavu

Nissan Sylphy Tuned by Impul Specifications

Manufacturer:  Nissan

Model: Sylphy Tuned by Impul 2.0 (X-CVT)

Bodystyle: 4-door Sedan


Engine type: Inline-4, DOHC, 16V, CVTC

Engine Position: Front

Displacement (cc): 1997

Max. Power (kW/rpm): 98/5200

Max. Torque (Nm/rpm): 191/4400

Bore/Stroke (mm): 84.0 x 90.1

Compression Ratio: 10.0

Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic with CVT

Fuel: Petrol

Fuel Tank (litre): 52

Fuel Delivery System: ECCS


WheelBase (mm):   2700

Overall Length (mm):   4610

Overall Width (mm):   1695

Overall Height (mm):   1510

Front Track (mm):   1480

Rear Track (mm):   1485

Min. Turning Radius (m):  5.3

Kerb Weight (kg):   1240

Ground Clearance (mm):  165


Steering: Electric Power Steering

Front Suspension: MacPherson Struts

Rear Suspension: Torsion Beam

Front Brakes: Vented Discs

Rear Brakes: Drums

Std. Tyre Size: 205/45 R17

Std. Wheel Size: 17″ alloys

Driving Wheels: Front

Standard/Optional Accessories

Air Conditioning:  Yes         Electronic Mirror:  Yes

Central Locking:  Yes         Cruise Control: No

Power Windows: Yes         Leather Seats:  Yes

Cassette Player: No             ABS:  Yes

CD Player:   Yes                   Air Bag(s): Yes

CD Changer:   No                Traction Control: No

Radio AM/FM:   Yes         Elec. Brake Force Distribution: Yes

Alarm System:   Yes           Stability Control: No

Reverse Sensor: Yes


  1. Posted by midship on September 15th, 2010, 10:31


  2. Posted by Thiagaraj on October 5th, 2010, 13:58

    Got my Sylphy 2.0 on 9th Sept. Great driving experience.
    Need more sound proofing though.
    Like the handling and comfort.
    Rims should have been 16 like S’pore.
    Accessories vary with S’pore.
    They have 1.5 in Spore
    Sylphy is for comfort and FC
    Got FC RM 83-570 km

  3. Posted by Traffic Mag on October 15th, 2010, 18:22

    we’re glad you enjoy your Sylphy mr Thiagaraj.

  4. Posted by Mohd Saifuddin Bakar on January 18th, 2011, 20:41

    The petrol is verrrrrrryyyyyy save, just imagine just fill up full tank and can use more than 600 over km. But unlucky my sylphy am/fm (radio)cannot work well in certain place although there are printed arial. what should I do…..

  5. Posted by Traffic Mag on January 21st, 2011, 01:34

    i guess it’s time to change to an aftermarket player/headunit would be your best bet. i vouched for pioneer. ;P


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