Nissan Jurassix Park V – Shift to Off-Road!

Published on June 26th, 2010

Most 4WD vehicle owners do not know how to engage their off-road gears for going outdoors, nor do they take their machines off-road; therefore, they are really in the dark on the true capabilities of their marvellous machines.

With this in mind, Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) came up with its unique Nissan Jurassix Park 4×4 Adventure (NJP) back in 2004. Catering to their customers and their families, the NJP is designed to give the best of both worlds – comfortable hotel stay combined with thrills and spills in off-road lessons set in a well controlled environment.

35 vehicles and 125 participants took part this fifth edition of NJP, comprising of X-Trails, Frontiers and Navaras. Day one was registration, briefing and welcome dinner. The briefing time was filled with anticipation by everyone on the following day’s action. The majority was first-timers but ETCM has its seasoned and well experienced operations team from Future Oracle to handle this session. It also brought in its workshop technical team for the event. The NJP is the perfect time to touch base with customers and how they feel about their vehicles in a real environment.


Day two was the start of the “Shift to Off-Road” day for the participants. As many of them were novice, they gasped in wonder at the off-road ground consisting of undulating terrain, uphill, downhill, ruts, muddy stretches and crossing log bridges. Most were thinking if their vehicles could make it through the 5 Special Stages (SS) specially designed for them. But, from the moment they locked their gears for off-road, it was non-stop fun all the way learning and discovering about their machines capabilities off the road.

“It’s great to know that my Navara can climb that hill,” commented both Sarena Jean-Michel and Rinaldi Marie-Claude both first-timers to NJP.

“We have never been off-road in Malaysia yet even though we have done so in Europe. But these first lessons are really an eye-opener for us,” both smiled. This Team 29 won the Best Overall Navara and also clinched Number 1 spot in the overall results.

Mohd Rafi and Anuar Harith (Team 39) in an X-Trail came in second in overall results and won the Best Overall X-Trail. “We are delighted to know what our X-Trail can do in a rough terrain,” both exclaimed with joy.

“We are more confident of driving it for our outdoor trips now.”


As for the Best Overall Frontier winner (Team 30), Vineswaran A/L Allagu, it was sheer “magic’ to know that his Frontier can overcome obstacles which he has never thought of. “I am really thrilled to learn how to engage my off-road gear; it’s a different kind of feeling to drive off-road, certainly I am hooked on taking it for outdoor trips from now on,” he added enthusiastically.

They would never have tried taking their vehicles off-road by themselves if not for NJP. At the end of the day, they have also learned a little bit more about themselves when faced with obstacles in the Special Stages, all of which helped to improve themselves personally. For everyone of the participant of this NJP, it was a great time to know some knowledge on off-road in the company of their family members and having a weekend fun and excitement as well as touching base with ETCM personnel.

This feeling of camaraderie was clearly demonstrated at the closing ceremony and awards night which saw the participants mingling and exchanging views and experiences with one another and with ETCM staff. Some even came dressed up for the night’s adventure theme – that’s how sporting the customers can be.

However, learning how to drive off-road is more than fun, it’s a valuable lesson and skill to acquire in times of natural calamity like floods or when normal tarmac road gets buckled or broken or strewn with debris in a landslide. In such times, its probable there will be mud and other obstacles to get through in order to move around the countryside or even in urban areas to reach people and to re-establish basic services. Knowing what your vehicle is capable and how you can get around the obstacles can save lives.

This “Shift to Off-Road” is thus, another customer event by ETCM. At the end of the day, the smiling faces say it all, more NJP please, and keep up with such getting-to-know practical sessions like this.

text & pix: ETCM


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