Nakai’s way of Roughing up the world

Published on February 14th, 2014

A day before the Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 was held, while the exhibitors were busy setting up their booth as well as getting their feature rides into the halls of Makuhari Messe, we opted to miss all the hustles and bustles of Makuhari Messe and head out to Roppongi Hills instead.




With temperatures as low as negative two degree celcius, we left the hotel and took the train to Roppongi. We arrived two hours earlier than the scheduled ETA for the second RWB Gathering held at Tokyo’s Hard Rock Cafe.





Since it was only walking distance away from the train station, we finally reached Hard Rock Cafe for a hearty meal. The walking distance I mentioned earlier can actually be quite a distance if you consider the amount of walking you have to do. In Japan, most of the train stations are big enough to house a shopping complex, so to speak. To our delight, the parking lot beside Hard Cafe was almost full with other cars instead of RWB Porsches.




It turns out that there were two orange-coloured RWB Porsches parked slightly out of hindsight. Since the owners were there, I approached them and they said to me, “Yup, the gathering is confirmed and you’re early by two freaking hours.” Nope, they’re not conversing in English, let alone use the term ‘freaking’ but that’s the simplest way I can translate it though. Some of them drove more than 400km, all the way from Nagoya to join the gathering.






As the clock ticked, more and more RWB owners arrived at the parking lot and upon our observation, there were more of them compared to last year. Despite a whole lot of criticisms by boring journalists, RWB has grown tremendously. What’s not to like? A fully-kitted wide arse Porsche sitting extremely low and fully-tuned to race on the track as well as being able to be driven on a daily basis.





Last year, we managed to be a part of the gathering, not as owners (I’d love to be one though) but as media. Since we managed to strike a conversation with Nakai-san, it was pretty easy this time around as he still remembers us as the Malaysians who came all the way to Japan for the gathering. During our chat, Nakai-san did mention that there will be a 964 Porsche to be RWB’ed in Malaysia and he will personally be starting the works on the Porsche this coming March.




The best part is that the owner is a female. Better late than never right? It would be great if we get to feature the Malaysian RWB 964 later on when Nakai-san’s prepping it up, but then with heaps of work piling up for us, we might have to miss this opportunity I guess.





To the naked eyes, one might think that a RWB is similar to the other, which is the complete opposite. Before conjuring his magic onto a Porsche, Nakai-san will take into consideration the owners’ requests and needs, as well as road conditions and the rules and regulations of our Road Transport Department. This will determine everything from engine modification to ride height and handling of an RWB Porsche. Each RWB Porsche is unique on its own albeit naming each one of his creation.




This time around, Nakai-san invited a number of old classics and American muscles to join in the fun. There was a matte black V8 1969 Dodge Charger with more than 1000 horses joining the fray, as well as other models and a hotrod. Owners of this American muscles had me feeling like being part of a ‘Grease the movie’ cast, despite their squinted eyes, light skin tone and height. It’s the same feeling I had when we attended the Autolegend held in Nagoya in September last year.





It was quite a night for us all, but since it’s gonna be an early morning for us to attend Tokyo Auto Salon, we had to decline Nakai’s invitation to RWB’s private party at Hard Rock Cafe later that evening. After all, most of us don’t drink anyway, and how much Coke can you drink in one night without burping and farting the night away? By the way, is there anybody kind enough to donate me a 964? I’ll be happy to bear the obligation as long as I get it RWB-ed.

words: hage’ ¬†pix: Haznajims, Jeo





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