My GreenOil Runway Drag at Ulu Bernam

Published on March 29th, 2010

It was the debut of the Runway Drag Racing Championship 2010 (Runway DRC) at Ulu Bernam, Slim River. The event was held two days smack in the middle of palm oil plantation… on an airstrip to say the least! It was the first ever drag event to be held on an airstrip here in Malaysia.

The journey took us around a number of palm oil estates as we took the wrong exit from the PLUS highway. Turned out we had to take the Slim River exit instead of Behrang. Right after exiting the highway, we’re guided by yellow direction signs towards the venue.


The journey itself was an adventure as the four of us, Geck, Johan, Eriehan and me squeezed into a Satria Neo and had to survive a number of gravel stretches before we arrived at the strip. To my surprise… the Neo handles well on gravel and going fast is not a problem at all except the owner’s groaning (Geck) every when the Neo bounced over bumps and holes.

After about an hour on the highway and 30 minutes on gravel and tarmac… we arrived at the airstrip. By the time we arrived, they were unloading drag bikes out of the car’s boot, that was how small and light the bikes were. Some can be seen assembling the bikes while others were tuning it up before the event started.


It was scorching hot and most of us were in the same shade of dark regardless of gender. Thank god there were a number of tents there and the favorite was the one serving food and beverages. We know this for sure as we were there more than once to get food and replenish the loss of body fluid.

Saturday was quite a havoc with all the two-wheel dragsters getting restless as the event started a ‘lil bit late due to technical difficulties. For the first time, the organizer used the christmas tree to run the drag. The heavy rain the day before made it worst as the set up had to be dismantled. The fact that the technical boys woke up late and only arrived at the venue to set up everything only at 1.00pm made it worst. By 3.00pm they were still struggling with the equipment. In my honest opinion, the technical department should have done the dry run and familiarize themselves with the equipment at least two days before to ensure the smoothness of the event.


Another biggest disappointment was relocation of the side event venue from the much anticipated greenery of the Green Village to all-muddy terrain of terror. It was difficult enough to get the car parked nearer to the strip as it was walking through the mud. All this happened two days before the event and the organizer had to comply to this as it was impossible to relocate the side event to other place apart from the muddy terrain.

Still, the bike session’s drag race had us all in awe… as the riders showcased their feat even while test runs. It was quite dangerous as they tested it without helmet and full suit, but then that’s what the organizer’s trying to achieve. Educate the drag race enthusiasts the proper way to drag… taking in consideration the safety issue of both the participants and the public.


As night approached, the finale for bike segment was concluded and it’s on with the K-cars and N/A disciplines. Despite all the problems arised, the event managed to be concluded by 2.45am and we headed back to our accommodation at the Slim River Resthouse for the much-needed shut eyes.

Come Sunday, we were already at the strip as early as 10.00am only to find the equipment was not ready as the technical partners most probably still in bed. As we headed out and grabbed some breakfast, a number of cars headed in towards the strip. Again the technical partners screwed up as they were ready only by 2.00pm whilst the event should have started at 10.00am. Vtecs ruled the day as they made the most of the car makes on Sunday and the owners do know how to properly set up drag machines with an appeal as the cars do attract our attention.


Most of the cars were fully modded to battle it all out at the strip. Apart from the scorching sun, it is an event that can achieve a greater height and appeal as it provides another proper venue for drag event. Hopefully the next event in Ulu Bernam will go smoothly without any arising issues. We would surely be there to check it out despite all the hiccups!

For more information, you can surf the official website,

text: Hage’  pix: Syafril Ismail  video: Jeo


  1. Posted by shalie on March 30th, 2010, 21:23

    huuu… nice blue mirage cyborg-R 😀


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