Published on May 24th, 2011

With his mission for a double win comfortably accomplished at Round 2 of the Malaysian Super Series (MSS), Sri Lankan Dilantha Malagamuwa now faces a tougher battle in the remaining rounds as he prepares life without his mean Lamborghini LP560.

“It will be different now that I will not have the Lambo. It’s going to be very difficult as the other drivers are clearly much faster this season. It’s going to be very tough,” the two-time MSS champion said after picking up his second winners’ trophy for the day.

“I had managed to open up a gap; but it could have been better if I had the Lambo for the third round. Unfortunately, I will be using for the GT Asia Championship, so I will have to make do with my Porsche to fight against these fast drivers,” said Dilantha, who now has a perfect score of 100 points after winning the opening two rounds.

His closest challenge would again come from his close friend and three-time MSS champion, Mok Weng Sun of Clear Water Racing Singapore, who scored a third and second placing for Round 2 and tipped to be the strongest driver for the next three rounds in the absence of Dilantha’s Lamborghini.

Apart from the GT class, the MSS cars also feature the GT Open class, the Sport Production Class, the Touring and the Malaysian Touring Car Challenge. The drivers had their qualifying session today before entering two races tomorrow in deciding winners for the round.

The Sports Production Class was won by Fahrizal Hassan, who scored a double victory in his Aston Martin GT4 while the GT Open class saw Freddy Setiawan winning the opening race and Angus Kirkwood taking Race 2.

Similarly in the Touring Production Class, there was different winners with Gerard Tan winning Race 1 and Soh Kee Koon turning the tables against Gerard in Race 2.

It was a battle of friends in the Malaysian Touring Car Challenge as Proton R3 Racing team-mates Faidzil Alang and Syafiq Ali each taking a win from the round.

Round 3 for the MSS car will be held on July 2 and 3.

words & pix: SIC

MSS CARS – Round 2

Top 3 Finishers

Sepang Circuit – 5.543 km


(Race 1 – 9 laps)

1.Dilantha Malagamuwa (Lamborghini LP560)           22:05.022s

2.David Lai (Fiat)                                                                22:23.508s

3. Mok Weng Sun (Porsche 911 GT3R)          22:38.516s

(Race 2 – 9 laps)

1.Dilantha Malagamuwa (Lamborghini LP560)           22:22.823s

2. Mok Weng Sun (Porsche 911 GT3R)          22:31.244s

2.David Lai (Fiat)                                                                23:07.664s


(Race 1 – 9 laps)

1. Freddy Setiawan (Porsche)                          23:47.987s

2. Stewart Seatter (Mazda RX7)                        22:05.660s (8 laps)

3. Rocky Siow (Lotus Exige)                                             23:01.416s (8 laps)

(Race 2 – 9 laps)

1.Angus Kirkwood (Corvette)                         23:49.724s

2. Rocky Siow (Lotus Exige)                             22:36.820s (8 laps)

3. Stewart Seatter (Mazda RX7)                        23:31.134s (8 laps)


Race 1 – 9 laps

1. Fahrizal Hassan (Aston Martin GT4)         24:11.759s

2. Gerard Yap (Aston Martin)                           22:06.423s (8 laps)

Race 2 – 9 laps

1. Fahrizal Hassan (Aston Martin GT4)         25:31.742s

2. Gerard Yap (Aston Martin)                           23:36.226s (8 laps)


Race 1

1.Gerard Tan (Honda)       22:31.371s (8 laps)

2. Soh Kee Koon (Honda Integra DC5)            22:39.812s (8 laps)

Race 2

1. Soh Kee Koon (Honda Integra DC5)            22:29.394s (8 laps)

2.Gerard Tan (Honda)       24:05.875s (8 laps)


Race 1

1.Faidzil Alang (Proton Satria Neo)                                23:50.401s (8 laps)

2. Syafiq Ali (Proton Satria Neo)                                      23:51.875s (8 laps)

2. Siah W. Pyng (Proton Satria Neo)                                24:15.230s (8 laps)

Race 2

1. Syafiq Ali (Proton Satria Neo)                      24:02.202s (8 laps)

2.Faidzil Alang (Proton Satria Neo)                24:35.992s (8 laps)

3. Siah W. Pyng (Proton Satria Neo)                25:02.685s (8 laps)


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