MSS2010 Final Round: Twisting throttles

Published on November 28th, 2010

Defending champion Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman successfully defended his Supersport’s title at the Malaysian Super Series with a double victory at Sepang Circuit today and immediately shifted his attention to the Asian Road Racing Championship (ARRC).

“I am happy to win it again this year… it was a very challenging day today; having to fight off my close friend Zamri (Baba). Now, we need to focus on the ARRC,” said Azlan, who finished the season with a massive 191 points despite missing the opening round of the MSS in May.

“Hopefully next year, I will compete in all the rounds … I am very lucky to win it this year because the other riders competed in all five rounds. My target will be to win a hattrick at next year’s MSS,” said Azlan, who is currently third in the ARRC 600cc Supersports Championship behind Thailand’s Decha Kraisart and Chalempol Polamai.

Suhadi, who started the day on second placing, had to be contended with third overall with 145 points after only managing two fifth placing today. Suhathai Chaemsap of AP Honda Thailand beat Suhadi for second overall in the Supersports Championship with 150 points.

In the Asian series, Azlan has 123 points after five rounds with Decha leading the championship with 158 points. Chalempol is second with 126 points while Zamri, who rides with Azlan for the PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Racing Team, is fourth with 100 points.

“My realistic target would be to fight for second with Chalempol. Decha is already too far ahead; but we will have to wait and see what happened in Qatar,” Azlan said in reference to the final round which is scheduled at Losail Circuit in two weeks’ time.

In the Superstock Championship, Ahmad Zamani Baharuddin and Remon Azrem Abdul Karim were declared as joint champions after both finished the season with 225 points; creating a first in the history of the MSS which traced back to 2002.

Zamani, who was looking for his first MSS crown, has a disastrous start after he crashed out in the opening race on Lap 4; giving his challenger an easy route to the checkered flag. The veteran rider, however, bounced back to win Race 2 and take 50 precious points  tie with Remon, who came in second for the race.

Japan’s Yasuhiro Kuhara, who was already installed as the Superbike champion, could not accomplish his mission of a double victory after he was unable to start the opening race due to problems with the starter. Nevertheless, he managed to have the problem fixed before Race 2 and romped to victory to take his total tally for the season to 220 points.

Former PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha team-mates Abdul Rahim Sidek and Mohd Syahnas Shahidan took second and third place in the overall standings with 169 points and 145 points respectively.

The Bikerz Cup series has Muhamad Faizal Yahya as the overall champion for 2010; though it was already sealed in the preceding Round 4. The former cub prix champion clearly did not push in today’s final round, which had his Global Globe Racing team-mates Rosnizam Mojd Noor winning Race 1 and Ahmad Azhar Abdul Hamid taking first place in the second race.


Round 5 – Top Five Finishers

Sepang Circuit – 5.543km


Race 1 (10 laps)

1. Remon Azrem Abd. Karim (Honda CBR1000)          22:59.313s

2. Faisal Yahya (Honda CBR1000)                              23:09.847s

3. Mark Lim (MV Augusta)                                           23:31.768s

4. Nasarudin Mat Yusop (Honda CBR1000)                 23:35.498s

5. Noor Azam Mohd Noor (Honda CBR1000)               24:04.297s

Race 2 (8 laps/race redflagged on Lap 9)

1  Ahmad Zamani Baharuddin (Honda CBR1000)       18:23.655s

2. Remon Azrem Abd. Karim (Honda CBR1000)          18:35.603s

3. Eric Chia (Kawasaki ZX10R)                                   18:35.819s

4. Faisal Yahya (Honda CBR1000)                              18:55.001s

5. Mark Lim (MV Augusta)                                           18:55.497s


Race 1 (10 laps)

1. Abdul Rahim Sidek (Honda CBR1000)                     22.54.119s

2. Syahnas Shahidan (MV Augusta)                            22:54.120s

3. Omar Ali Abdullah (Honda CBR1000)                     23:34.960s

4. Che Zamri Hamid (Kawasaki ZX10)                         23:47.952s

5. Milton Poh (Suzuki SXR1000)                                  23:48.243s

Race 2 (8 laps/race red-flagged on Lap 9)

1.Yasuhiro Kuhara (Honda CBR1000)                         18:09.038s

2. Syahnas Shahidan (MV Augusta)                            18:20.712s

3. Abdul Rahim Sidek (Honda CBR1000)                     18:29.146s

4. Omar Ali Abdullah (Honda CBR1000)                     18:59.829s

5. Che Zamri Hamid (Kawasaki ZX10)                         19:01.297s


Race 1 (10 laps)

1. Azlan Shah Kamaruddin (Yamaha R6)                    22:34.132s

2. Mohd Zamri Baba (Yamaha R6)                               22:34.142s

3. Suhathai Chaemsap (Honda CBR600)                     22:41.005s

4. Ahmad Fuad Baharuddin (Yamaha R6)                   22:45.974s

5. Suhadi Ali Rahmat (Honda CBR600)                       22:48.291s

Race 2 (10 laps)

1. Azlan Shah Kamaruddin (Yamaha R6)                    22:49.786s

2. Mohd Zamri Baba (Yamaha R6)                               22:50.355s

3. Ahmad Fuad Baharuddin (Yamaha R6)                   22:51.782s

4. Suhathai Chaemsap (Honda CBR600)                     22:54.341s

5. Suhadi Ali Rahmat (Honda CBR600)                       23:01.283s


Race 1 (6 laps)

1.Rosnizam Mohd Noor (Kawasaki 150)                      15:35.606s

2. Ahmad Azhar Hamid (Kawasaki 150)                      15:35.666s

3. Amirul Hafiq Mohd Azmi (Kawasaki 150)                15:35.700s

4. Muhammad Faisal Yahya (Kawasaki 150)               16:06.388s

5. Ahmad Nashrul Baharuddin (Kawasaki 150)          16:14.113s

Race 2 (6 laps)

1. Ahmad Azhar Hamid (Kawasaki 150)                      16:39.726s

2. Amirul Hafiq Mohd Azmi (Kawasaki 150)                16:39.742s

3.Rosnizam Mohd Noor (Kawasaki 150)                      16:39.998s

4. Mior Aripin Mior Abdul Salim                                  17:03.251s

5. Kamaruh Abdul Karim                                             17:11.183s

words: SIC  pix: Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad, Syafril Ismail & SIC


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