MR2, and it ain’t Causeway Bay baby!

Published on March 24th, 2010

It’s just one of those days when you reminisced about your past lives and memories. I’d say almost everyone of us experienced puppy love. It’s just one of those experiences in life that you just have to go through to know what it’s all about… and during these happy and most often-than-not sad days, we thought that he or she’s the one and we would end up getting married to ’em.

But as lives go by, we got to meet other person and it’s the same process all over again… and the cycle continues; being in love, break up and again… some might not survive this vicious cycle and die a horrible death or end up being a loony walking around town with a smelly dreadlock and half naked most of the time.  For those who do survive this, we get to meet the one true love who we might get to spend our lives with. Still there are those minority of the population who until now have yet to experience this even once.

So what’s the deal with true love? Not everyone get to experience true love and getting into a wedlock would be a living hell unless you have balls to get a divorce. Is there really your true love out there? I’d say it’s all about compromising and appreciating what you have rather than salivating over some hot and sexy creature fresh out of the magazine pages.

Now, now… let’s get back on track. The owner of this done-up fiery red ride of MR2 had first fallen for the ultimate Conti marque, the BMW in particular and he had a number of beemers under his belt during his student years in the UK. A change of scenario was in check and he bought his first MR2 and fallen head over heels with it. Ever since then, he vowed not to drive anything else but an MR2.

Whatever that was written above was done by Botak. I have no idea why Botak was talking about true love, romance, and all the what-nots, and truth be told, it tickled my armpits to read what he wrote up there. Botak? Talking about romance? He must’ve been listening to some rock-kapak oldies way, way too much. Well, being cooped up in the office with only the mouse and the mousepad as your companion can be a little, err, psychologically challenging I suppose.

Enough of Botak. Let’s talk about what was meant to be talked about in the first place. Romance? Blearghhh. So, what do we know about MR2? Apart from it is a mid-engine machine built by one of the biggest car manufacturer in the world, Toyota, it is a mid-engine lady that can almost be called a classic, and still able to turn heads with its low and wide, err… chassis.

Maybe one of the biggest exposure that car has ever gotten, well, not this particular car but its very deranged sibling, was the MR2 driven by the notorious Chan Ho Nam of Causeway Bay. Ring any bells? If you’ve not watched Young and Dangerous, you might want to check with your psychiatrist why you’ve not watched one of the best HK movie series of all time.

This MR2 is owned by a speed-freak who is simply unable to drive slow. It’ll definitely damages his medulla oblongata (huh?!) if the speedometer is showing anything below 80km/h. The owner is also someone who prefers to go sideways rather than to follow the normal way of driving, which is straight, if you know what I mean.

Let’s start from down below and work ourselves up. The MR2 is rolling on Goodyear Eagle RS2 with Hotbits suspension holding the car up, wrapping around Blitz 16″ for the front and 17″ for the rear. ENDLESS pads are used for that extra stopping power with original TRD anti-roll for the front and rear, Cusco strut brace for the front and rear, UltraRacing fender bars with four points lower arm bar. How’s that for handling?

RATBRIG headlights and Revision 4 lights for the rear lights up the car at night, with Phoenix Power front bumper, Border Rear skirt slapped on the stock rear bumper, Japan-made side skirting and Veilside spoiler completing the exterior looks.

Seats are stock standard, with Momo steering, TRD quick shifter gearknob, MOMO pedals, Pivot digital speedometer, APEX’i turbo timer and Defi gauges decorating the interior.

All that is propelled forward, or sideways if you prefer it that way, by the Toyota 3S-GTE mid-located engine, supported by APEX’i PowerFC, TODA pulley, CT26 turbine, intake cams for both cams, K&N air filter, Denso Iridium with TRD plug cable, FGK Fujitsubo exhaust system, manual 5-speed LSD 1.5 way gearbox with OS Giken twin plate clutch and flywheel.

The owner claimed that the car is able to achieve the century sprint in under six seconds. Now, you know the setup, you know the performance. Dare to try it out?

words: Hage’ & Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad  pix: Al-Mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad


  1. Posted by JLean on March 24th, 2010, 08:07

    Nice Toyota MR2. =)

  2. Posted by Danial on March 24th, 2010, 18:20


  3. Posted by Abuyatron on April 2nd, 2010, 23:41


    After long read article, why not include a video. Its will be quiet interesting woah.Need to hear the roaring of the engine and with mouse sound of tyre skidding. damn pretty cool. Yay! You can do it TRAFFIC

  4. Posted by im4age on April 7th, 2010, 19:19

    nice nice and nice,…Thehehe
    Salammm to Botak n Awal,… = )

  5. Posted by Traffic Mag on April 11th, 2010, 14:41

    Syawal: Salam!

  6. Posted by TakashiMaya on March 29th, 2011, 16:31

    The beautiful MR2. Love It! When you sit inside, it was so cool.Syiok nye.. Dok sebelah Danial pon dah stim :)


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