MotoGP San Marino: Victory wheelies

Published on September 6th, 2009

Alright, we know that it was going to be some race for the world’s best riders who battled today in San Marino. Valentino Rossi is sitting on the first position comfortably for the start, with Dani Pedrosa, Andrea Dovizioso, Colin Edwards, Nicky Hayden and Jorge Lorenzo accompanying the leader.

The grid was cleared of unwanted personnel, with the BMW M6 holding up the rear. The riders went for a quick warm up before coming back to the grid, ready for the battle.

Adrenaline built itself up, nerves were all raw, all eyes on the lights to go off. 3, 2, 1, and they were off! Round 13 of MotoGP was underway.

Pedrosa was quick to lead the race. A crash on the very first lap sent three riders to the gravel.


Pedrosa was followed closely by San Carlo Honda Grasini rider, Toni Elias, but was overtook seconds later. Pedrosa took the position back, and following closely was Valentino Rossi, no, Lorenzo overtook Rossi for the third position. Officially, de Angelis, Colin Edwards and Nicky Hayden crashed and were out of the race.


Toni Elias was serious in catching up with Pedrosa, followed by Lorenzo and Rossi. The frontrunners were now consisted of Pedrosa, Elias, Lorenzo, Rossi, Dovizioso and Capirossi.

The four riders were battling it out, overtaking each other while taking corners side by side between Pedrosa, Elias, Lorenzo and Rossi. Pedrosa was in top form for the race, leading the first three laps out of twenty-eight, but it was still too early in the race to predict anything. Dovizioso was closing the gap rapidly, putting more pressure on Rossi, defending world champion.


Rossi overtook Lorenzo on lap 4 by a smooth braking control, and Elias overtook Lorenzo on the same lap. Elias down two ladders to 4th, Dovizioso kept the pressure at the maximum, as if he was proving to Elias that he was not welcomed at the front of the train.


Pedrosa was still leading the pack, followed closely by Rossi and Lorenzo, with newly acquired 4th position Dovizioso who overtook Elias on lap 5, and proved he meant business to Elias at the same time. The battle became two on two, between Fiat Yamaha and Repsol Honda. If only Ducati Marlboro was around as well.

Rossi began putting some pressure on Pedrosa, with Lorenzo keeping the pressure checked. The top three riders began pulling away from the rest of the speed train, Fiat Yamaha putting pressure on Repsol Honda. And Rossi took the first position with 21 laps to go!


Pedrosa now second, with Lorenzo at the back. This position began to look extremely familiar, when Rossi and Lorenzo crashed during the British GP, but the weather seemed very forgiving today.

Rossi began pulling away from the train, leaving Pedrosa and Lorenzo away but Lorenzo was contented to keep the pressure to the maximum, staying within milliseconds behind Pedrosa.

At the back, Dovizioso kept Elias at bay, followed by Capirossi, Kalio, Melandri, Toseland, Vermeulen, Espargaro, Canepa, De Puniet and Talmacsi.


With 19 laps to go, Rossi was leading the race with still the same positions for all riders, with Rossi riding further and further in front, away from the train.

If Rossi could maintained his pace, we would see another win for Rossi, a perfect victory. Dani Pedrosa seemed to be too resilient for Lorenzo to overtake, but the latter kept the pressure nevertheless.


Lorenzo tried to overtake but pulled up rather hastily. Pedrosa was following Rossi’s line and might be too hard for Lorenzo to defeat.

Lorenzo overtook Pedrosa with 15 laps to go. Pedrosa’s mistake of going wide cost him his precious second place. At the back, Capirossi overtook Elias for the fifth position, a shame since Elias was second to Pedrosa at the start.


Rossi’s hometown has proven to be a major motivator for him to push every ticks and traction of his bike, with Lorenzo not wanting to fall short of anything behind Rossi. Pedrosa was seen trying to keep up, but soon it will be a lonely ride again for Pedrosa.

The result now has pretty much concluded the race, if everything goes well. Rossi, followed by teammate Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa, Dovizioso, Capirossi and Elias. With only twelve laps to go, Rossi has pretty much secured the podium with a one-two win for Fiat Yamaha and a third place for Dani Pedrosa of Repsol Honda.

Rossi was still leading with 6 laps to go, with Pedrosa riding a lonely race, yet again. With everyone’s traction began to wear out, a rider might just crash with only 5 laps to go.

Capirossi began putting some pressure on Dovizioso for the 4th position, with Elias following close by. Capirossi was serious about snatching the fourth position, following inches behind Dovizioso.

Capirossi took fourth position, taking advantage of Dovizioso’s wide mistake.


Rossi was on cruise control, with only three laps to go. If the traction hold, it’ll be another one-two win for Fiat Yamaha, with again, lonely Pedrosa bringing up the rear.

Two laps to go, still no changes to the standings, and we moved on to the last lap. Still no changes, no other crashes, a one-two win for Fiat Yamaha yet again and a lonely win for Repsol Honda.

Dovizioso is now fourth and tried to shake off persistent Capirossi.


Rossi won! And that was expected. A one-two win for Fiat Yamaha, Dani Pedrosa taking the last podium for Repsol Honda with teammate Dovizioso winning by a milliseconds the fourth position ahead of Capirossi.

The victory wheelie was performed, mistresses and girlfriends were kissed, and Rossi’s fans cheered for Rossi’s 103rd Grand Prix victory, his sixth of the season.

Next round: Portugal on October 4th. See you there.

text: Syawal Ahmad  pix: MotoGP


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