Molesting the Neo R3

Published on June 15th, 2011

These days molesting and rape has become a norm in the everyday lives of modern people. The situation has become worst as the medias be it printed or electronic have been hyping it up for the masses. Not one day is saved from these stories as the crime being highlighted in newspapers, movies and even dramas.

Somehow or rather, as the crime becomes a norm, the rate of it rises to a level that one day, none of our female counterparts will be safe from it. Molesting in the public transports has been practiced by those perverted scum of the earth ever since I can remember.

But then, molesting vehicles has never been a crime as long as you return the test drive unit in one piece instead of being totaled. Even so, if the latter occurs the worst that can happen would be the person will be banned for at least three years of test-drives… and I’d say, this is the closest to molesting legally that it can get.

It’s been awhile since we had any test cars to molest and thanks to PROTON we had the opportunity to squirt and squirm while trying out this beauty few days back. For a company that has only been in the market for 25 years and still going strong, I’d say the Neo R3 has quite an amount of improvement especially in the handling and performance sector. Not that it lacks in the beauty sector as well… errr… by the way I’m not being paid by PROTON nor the advertise at trafficmagonline to say this but it’s more of a personal opinion.

I had abundance of fun molesting the R3 Neo but not up to the extend of destroying it though. I managed to redline the R3 Neo most of the time without losing power which is good enough for a spirited drive every now and then. The handling complements the performance of this 145hp machine and I’d say it’s the best platform for modification and spirited drive every now and then.

While the exterior is commendable, as far as the interior is concern, I simply hate the looks of cheap plasticky material. Apart from that, the lack of quality finishing of stitching on the seats is simply a turn off. Nevertheless, it’s a good effort from PROTON to give more for lesser profit to the masses especially with the ‘working’ touch screen head unit cum GPS system. Summing it up, the Neo R3 would be a good platform for those who simply love a spirited drive be it the mountain passes or even on the road in style.

words: Hage’ ¬†pix: Hazwan Najims


  1. Posted by Tekno on June 15th, 2011, 16:53

    Err..correct me if i’m wrong.
    Is this neo has been molested or its standard neo R3. AFAIK, Neo R3 only produce 145hp, not 170hp as u mention above.

    The supercharge version is 180hp.

  2. Posted by Traffic Mag on June 15th, 2011, 17:19

    molested in which i meant driven to the max… not modifed. thank you for noticing the mistake… all thanks to lack of sleep and cashless pockets. – botak

  3. Posted by dzulafiqzakaria on July 14th, 2011, 01:23

    one fine build machine by R3, damned I should wait a lil bit longer last time. Nice post and great pictures


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