Mazda RX-7: The legend lives on

Published on December 31st, 2010

It has always been a privilege being in the presence of exotic machines that’ll dribble your heart out each and every single time the owner starts its engine, with slight rubble of sound that comes from then oversized exhaust ports that’s always ready to shatter the ground as it passes, leaving a wake that cannot be captured by imaginations, illuminated by freedom and the sheer madness of mechanical engineering at its best. One of these exotic machines came to the world as a small capacity, rear wheel driven rotary-run RX-7, coming from the long line of rotary enhanced royal bloodline, built by Mazda.

Sleek line, ridiculously low and frighteningly wide built made this particular sportscar an exotic on its own. Powered by the petite rotary 1.3-liter 13B engine, this car can outrun almost any car effortlessly. You see, rotary engines are designed to give the most power by utilising a very small space. On the downside of this awesome advantage, owners will have to either rebuild or overhaul the engine as the construction will cause the metal housing to be corroded. The wear and tear of rotary engines are one of the things that made some reconsider about owning one.

To hell with literature. Give me one of these and I’ll rip apart the tarmac with its madness. Almost everyone present during this photoshoot drooled uncontrollably when this blue RX-7 came into view. Well, everyone except Mood, that is. He’s into Beemer, that silly guy.

As for me, I had a Mazda Astina B6 before. I had a dream of scorching tarmacs with a B8 210, or even a V6 2.0 engine in the engine bay. Man, I started getting attached to the car as if it was a part of my very important anatomy. When I first stepped into an RX-7, specifically this car a year and a half ago, I was ecstatic seeing the similarity between my Astina and the RX-7. Well, both cars are made by Mazda anyway, go figure, right?

This RX-7 is a ’99 Efini FD3S series-8, running on 1.3L Rotary 13B-REW engine with 280 ponies. A few mods were done to the car, including a new HKS SSQV blow off valve, turbo stainless steel piping, NGK Iridium plugs and Walbro 255L high pressure fuel pump.

Nothing much is done on the exterior, except for the original ’99 spec bodykit, carbon fibre front lip and carbon fibre GT-Wing. Personally, the car looks good on its own, but it’ll look  just a little stock and maybe a little boring.

The owner is not so much into extreme mods, as he prefers to go a little stock and let his driving do the talking. Saying ‘a little stock’ may be a little undermining as the car does have Walbro 255L high-pressure fuel pump, a complete stainless steel turbo piping, NGK Iridium plus, ARC Racing Solution air induction kit, APEX’i air/fuel converter, and a few other simple mods that’s enough to boost the car’s performance and make it ready to enter some serious area of fun.

Graffiti artist Damis was kind enough enough to help us out with the photoshoot. While we were shooting, Damis painted a graffiti on the wall behind the car with a cartoon version of the RX-7 beside our logo. Special thanks to Monsteractive Studio and Damis for helping us out.

words: Syawal Ahmad  pix: Syafril Ismail, Syawal Ahmad  vid: Monsteractive

Technical Specifications:


Mazda RX-7 Efini FD3S Series-8 (99-Spec) 1.3L Rotary 13B-REW engine, 280hp, HKS SSQV blow-off valve, ARC Racing Solution air induction kit, stainless-steel turbo piping with Samco Silicone Hoses, NGK Iridium performance spark plugs, Walbro 255L high pressure performance fuel pump, APEX’i Super Air-Fuel Converter (S-AFC), APEX’i actuator valve controller Type-R (A-VCR), APEX’i ignition timing converter (ITC), Blitz Racing speed meter (eliminates 180km/h Speedcut), Blitz Racing 1.5Bar boost meter with housing, RE Amemiya exhaust system with downpipe


5-Speed manual transmission, Exedy Racing Super Single racing clutch with cover & lightened flywheel


TEIN fully adjustable (Soft-Hard & High-Low) suspension system with upper ball pillow mounts


Endless performance brake pads with steel braided brake hoses

Rolling Stocks:

17″ Enkei RP-01 wheels wrapped with Yokohama Advan Neova tires


Mazda RX-7 Efini FD3S Series-8 (99-Spec) bodykit, carbon fibre front lip, carbon fibre GT-Wing


Razo carbon fibre gear knob, MOMO Racing pedals


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