Malaysians shine in Malaysian Super Series season opener

Published on May 31st, 2010

It was a great day for Malaysians racing at Sepang International Circuit today for the season opener of the Malaysian Super Series. Rounds 1 & 2 were held on a drying track after an early morning downpour that stopped just slightly more than one hour before the first race.

Suhadi Ali Rahmat, won Race 2 and claimed a third place in Race 1 of the Supersports.

“I am happy and I enjoyed the race. I managed a better setup for my bike in the second race. I found the better racing line which I learned from the first race. I would like to thank my team, Honda Idemitsu, Honda Racing Team and the Japanese crew who did my bike setup for me. Thank you everyone, I am so happy today,” he said after the race.

Thai rider, Suhathai Chaemsap also took a win and a second place, while Mohd Erwan Tahir finished third in Race 1 and Ahmad Fazli Sham took the final podium for Race 2 in the Supersports category.

Rathapong Wilairot, the younger brother of Moto2 rider Rathapark, claimed both wins in the Supersports Junior category.

“Race 2 was really hot. In race 1 I faced a lot of rear tyre slide so I changed my rear suspension for this race but it was not a good decision. The track was too hot and I was sliding all over. It was a bit of a problem but I really pushed hard for the podium. I would like to thank my team, Honda Thailand for this great weekend.”


The Superbikes and Superstock started the day with Muhammad Zamri Baba claiming the first podium of the season when he crossed the line with a total time of 18:08.328, ahead of Yasuhiro Kuhara and Abdul Rahim Sidek all from Superbike Open series.

After the race, a very happy Baba expressed his gratitude to a handful of important people, “I would like to thank my brother, my mechanics and my crew for the great win. I am so happy that I managed the win today,” he said before running off with a smile.

However in Race 2, Baba just could not hold back the charge of Yasuhiro Kuhara who had a brilliant race clocking a best time 2:14.025, the fastest of the weekend from the category.

“It was a very tough race today, because in the first race it was partially wet and my riding skill on a wet track isn’t so good. In the second race, I hoped for a dry track and it was but on the second lap the race was red flagged and I was a little disappointed with that. At the restart I focused on the race and managed to push for the win.”


In the Superstock Class A, Race 1 was won by Remon Azrem Abd Karim with Ahmad Zamani in second and Mohd Ali Basri in third. In Race 2, Zamani claimed his first win of the season when he completed the race in 11:42.231, ahead of Azrem and Basri.

Meanwhile in the Superstock Class B, Nizam Fairuz Hassan claimed both wins for the weekend crossing the line ahead of Stefan Scheidler and Abdul Aziz Al-Ikram in both races.

After the first race Nizam said, “The race went quite well. I think I had a little technical problem with my bike and I couldn’t really fight with the riders in front of me, I really pushed hard and the tyres were really good today.”

Forty nine riders took part in the Bikerz Cup this weekend. Ahmad Azhar Hamid and Muhammad Faisal Yahya both claimed one win each in the series while Mior Aripin claimed second place in both races.

For Faisal Yahya it was a great weekend.

“Today was a good day and the weather was great and it was a perfect race day. My team and I are proud to be able to get the win for the second race as we had a hard Race 1, with technical issues on the bike. In this race, because of the great weather, I managed to clock really great times to claim the win. I actually did not have such a great start with a slight shunt at turn 2. I hope this win motivates the team and crew for the next race.”

Round 2 of the Malaysian Super Series will be held at Sepang International Circuit from 26-27 June 2010.

Race Results

Race 1

Supersports Junior
Pos                   no                Name                                      Total Tm           Best Tm                        Team
1                         9        Wilairot Rathapong                     18:22.166         2:16.076             AP Honda Thailand
2                       11        Muhammad Farid                         18:38.280       2:18.277             AFY Racing Malaysia
3                      55       Hafizh Syahrin                                18:51.302        2:18.584            Petronas Sprinta Yamaha

Supersports Open
Pos                   no                Name                                       Total Tm          Best Tm                        Team
1                      82        Suhathai Chaemsap                      18:22.400        2:16.076              AP Honda Thailand
2                        6        Suhadi Ali Rahman                       18:23.451         2:16.456
3                      25        Mohd Erwan Tahir                        19:06.206        2:16.306

Superstock A
Pos                   no                Name                                       Total Tm          Best Tm                        Team
1                       77       Remon Azrem Karim                     18:41.727        2:18.246
2                      50       Ahmad Zamani Baharudin          18:46.575        2:18.265
3                      98       Mohammad Ali Basri                    19:02.334        2:20.324

Superstock B
Pos                   no                Name                                       Total Tm          Best Tm                        Team
1                       69        Nizam Fairuz Hassan                  19:25.242        2:23.030
2                         7        Stefan Sheidler                               19:31.600        2:22.097
3                      48        Abdul Aziz Al-Ikram                     19:32.949        2:23.672

Superbike Open
Pos                   no                Name                                       Total Tm          Best Tm                        Team
1                      66        Muhammad Zamri Baba              18:08.328       2:14.577
2                      13        Yasuhiro Kuhara                            18:18.771        2:13.461
3                        6        Abd Rahim Sidek                            18:21.546        2:15.162

Bikerz Cup A
Pos                   no                Name                                       Total Tm          Best Tm                        Team
1                     89         Ahmad Azhar Hamid                   16:20:192         2:40:087
2                     18         Mior Aripin Bin Mior Abd Sali  16:25:365         2:40:426
3                       5         R Suresh                                           16:33:832         2:43:486

Bikerz Cup B
Pos                   no                Name                                      Total Tm           Best Tm                        Team
1                        7         Mohd Shariffudin                         17:14:423          2:48:748
2                     10         Amir Zafry                                       17:46:123          2:53:938
3                     37         Mohamad Haziri                           17:46:543         2:54:578

Race 2

Supersports Junior
Pos                   no                Name                                       Total Tm          Best Tm                        Team
1                        9         Wilairot Rathapong                      18:33.237        2:17.178                AP Honda Thailand
2                     96         Apiwat Wongthananon               18:42.356        2:18.898              AP Honda Thailand
3                     11         Muhammad Farid                          18:43.557        2:18.516               AFY Racing Malaysia

Supersports Open
Pos                   no                Name                                       Total Tm         Best Tm                        Team
1                        6          Suhadi Ali Rahman                     18:22.367        2:16.593
2                     82          Suhathai Chaemsap                    18:27.905        2:17.017                AP Honda Thailand
3                     64          Ahmad Fazli Sham                      18:32.612         2:17.701

Superstock A
Pos                   no                Name                                      Total Tm           Best Tm                        Team
1                      50         Ahmad Zamani Baharuddin     11:42.231          2:18.346
2                      77         Remon Azrem Abd Karim          11:45.453          2:18.846               SMB Racing Team
3                      98         Mohammad Ali Basri                 11:51.283          2:19.676

Superstock B
Pos                   no                Name                                      Total Tm           Best Tm                        Team
1                     69           Nizam Fairuz Hassan                12:13.531          2:24.916
2                       7           Stefan Sheidler                             12:18.279          2:23.849
3                    48           Abdul Aziz Al-Ikram                   12:24.056         2:26.349

Superbike Open
Pos                   no                Name                                      Total Tm           Best Tm                        Team
1                      13         Yasuhiro Kuhara                          11:18.663          2:14.025
2                     66         Muhammad Zamri Baba            11:20.019          2:14.274
3                       6          Abd Rahim Sidek                         11:25.933          2:15.217

Bikerz Cup A
Pos                   no                Name                                     Total Tm          Best Tm                        Team
1                     98         Muhammad Faisal Yahya         16:13.146         2:39.897
2                     18         Mior Aripin Bin Mior Abd Sali 16:23.542        2:40.871
3                     28         M. Fizree Mutalib                        16:42.313        2:44.620

Bikerz Cup B
Pos                   no                Name                                     Total Tm         Best Tm                        Team
1                       2         Mohammad Yusof                        18:00.704      2:55.003
2                    37          Mohamad Haziri                         18:19.142        2:54.813
3                    27          Mohd Firdaus                               18:32.887       3.01.804

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