Malaysia’s First Shell FuelSave Champion Clocks in 21.344km using 1 Litre of Shell FuelSave and Wins RM50,000 in Prizes

Published on December 17th, 2009

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Recently at a five-star hotel in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, the nation’s first Shell FuelSave Champion, Lai Tsuen Yung, who hails from the southern state of Johor, was crowned the winner after proving to be the most frugal driver from a tough and competitive field of light-footed, fuel efficient drivers from all over the country following the Shell 1 Litre Challenge – National Finals.


Tsuen Yung managed to successfully drive over a distance of 21.344km on just 1 litre of Shell FuelSave, a distance which was more than enough for him to surpass the other challengers. The Shell 1 Litre Challenge, which attracted thousands of motorists nationwide to compete in order to see who could travel the furthest using just a mere one litre of Shell FuelSave Unleaded petrol, was the ideal complement following the recent introduction of Shell’s most advanced fuel economy to Malaysia – Shell FuelSave Unleaded petrol.


Tsuen Yung managed to defeat his closest fellow challenger by 0.288km. As a little difference goes a long way, Tsuen Yung successfully and happily walked away with the grand prize of a whopping RM 50,000. The average distance travelled by all six State Winners during the National Finals of the contest was an impressive 19.251km.


“This journey has been a great and rewarding experience. Shell FuelSave Unleaded petrol can definitely take us further when combined with the right driving style. I will definitely continue to apply these FuelSave tips to my everyday way of driving to get more savings out of every drop,” said Mr Lai.


Designed to encourage ordinary Malaysians motorists to travel further using only 1 litre of Shell FuelSave, the Challenge was hosted across six states – Selangor, Penang, Perak, Melaka, Johor and Pahang. All six State Winners converged at the National Finals where they were presented with the challenge of driving along a pre-determined route (which represented a normal day’s journey).


The Challenge began from the five star hotel located near the old Subang airport, to the Kota Damansara exit (via the NKVE highway) and then back to the starting point. Each participant took part by driving a Honda Civic 1.8L that was between one to two years old, and these Honda Civics were equipped with an intelligent FuelSave monitoring device which had been installed earlier.

text & pix: Azdee Amir


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