The Iconic Swedish ‘Egg Hatches at Naza Swedish Motors

Published on June 10th, 2014

In the realm of hypercars, where technology counts and price doesn’t matter, no brand stirs the little boys in us than the hypercar manufacturer from Sweden, Koenigsegg.


The brand, which is created by its namesake Christian von Koenigsegg, landed on our shores today courtesy of NAZA Swedish Motors. NAZA Swedish Motors, which is a subsidiary company under NAZA Group of Companies has been appointed the official distributor of Koenigsegg hypercars here in Malaysia as well as Indonesia.

NAZA Swedish Motors can boast to be the only franchisee in the world out of 15 worldwide to be allocated with the rights to distribute Koenigsegg hypercars in two countries, which are Malaysia and Indonesia. The event coincided with the launch of the Koenigsegg Agera S here in Malaysia as well as Indonesia.

Agera in Swedish is of the meaning “to take action” and the word itself can be traced back to the Greek word Ageratos which means “ageless”. The Koenigsegg Agera S can be described as the only limited-volume car manufacturer in the world to develop all its powertrain in-house.


This daring approach has the result of the Agera S’s engine being unrivalled in its class, a 5.0-litre bi-turbo V8 which produces a colossal 1,030 hp at 7,100 RPM and an earth-shattering 1,100 NM of torque at 4,100 RPM that sure can change the Earth’s orbit around the sun of which 1,000 NM is available as early as 2,700 RPM.


This massively powerful engine delivers its power to the rear wheels via a quick-reacting differential and seven-speed dual-clutch paddleshift transmission – the world’s first ever dual-clutch system designed for a single input shaft gearbox combo.

Weight management is at the core of the Agera S’s development with the engine package complete with the clutch, flywheel, dry sump system and Inconel manifold system weighing just 197kg while the transmission weighs a mere 81kg. These, coupled with the lightweight pre-impregnated carbon fibre/Kevlar body add up to a trim kerb weight of 1,415 kg.


The result of this meticulous powertrain development and weight-saving features make this hypercar run from 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds while the 0-200km/h dash is done in just 7.8 seconds, the same time a normal German family saloon takes to 100km/h from standstill. The top speed of the Koenigsegg has never been officially set but the Koenigsegg himself confirms that the car can go well over 400km/h. Optimum handling at high-speeds is achieved with a Triplex rear suspension system the first of its kind invented by none other than Christian von Koenigsegg.


The system, which comprises of a shock absorber and spring connecting the right and left rear wheels, allow the spring and damping rates of the car to be lowered. This results in increased comfort and better handling on rough and wet surfaces without compromising dry track handling.


Stopping power is handled by 6 ceramic pistons with 392x40mm ventilated and drilled ceramic discs at the front and 4-piston calipers with 380x34mm ventilated and drilled ceramic discs at the back operating via a performance-biased, lightweight ABS system.


This result in the Koenigsegg Agera S creating a world-record run from standstill to 300km/h and back to 0 in just 22.7 seconds. This coupled with the model-specific Michelin Super Sport rubbers, which are rated to handle speeds over 420km/h.


While all the development is focused with performance, the passenger cell hasn’t been neglected as engineers have paid special attention to the passenger cabin. The uniquely designed steering wheel and seat exemplify the perfect combination of comfort and support.

Everything in the passenger cabin is adorned in carbon fibre, precious metals, alcantara, billet aluminium or aniline leather. The Agera S also boasts a class-leading 120-plus litres of luggage space.


All this motoring perfection can be had for around RM 5 million without taxes. This is an estimation of the price as the mantra that Koenigsegg has is ‘if you ask for the price, you can’t afford it’.

Words: Azri | Photos: Haznajims & Zahid Kasim


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