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Published on December 16th, 2014

2014 sees Malaysian market being hit by the craze of wide bodykit from the land of the rising sun, Japan. Firstly on May 2014 we witnessed the birth of the first 2 RWB Malaysia Porsches, Yamato Nadeshiko and Furinkazan. Fast forward to October, we welcomed Liberty Walk to Malaysia and the inception of the first LB Performance Nissan GTR. Closing in the year 2014, a new kid in the block emerged in a form of bunny-fied Nissan 180SX.

CraZEE Bunny 2a

While RB is not exactly a new thing is Malaysia, this version of the kit is the first one to be installed in Malaysia. The car in the spotlight is none other than the Nissan 180SX owned by one of the pioneer in Malaysian drift scene, Lim Zee King!


It all started long time ago in Melbourne when he was still a student. His first love for Silvia started when he laid his eyes on an S15 and since then he aimed to get one. Due to being freshly introduced to the market it was a bit on the expensive side with the price tag of RM230,000 for a relatively new one.

CraZEE Bunny 4a

The itches won’t go away so after considerable amount of research, Zee discovered that there are older (but sexier!) sibling of the S15 which was the 180SX. Going deeper into the research, he found The One in Penang. Never looking back, a flight was taken and a deal was made.

CraZEE Bunny 8a

Soon after, another itch came from being bitten by the mod-bug. The stock looking body just doesn’t cut it for Zee’s taste and he kind of had a thing for wide-body kit so one of the options available at the time was BN-Sports design.

CraZEE Bunny 14a

But at the end of the day, he went with Bunny-route as he says – ‘The RB kits completely brought the SX to a whole new level’. Unsure of which kit to run, he installed the subtle and cleaner kit to his street-driven SX and the more aggressive one on his competition car.

 CraZEE Bunny 6a

Fast forward few years, refreshment was a very long due process as RB released a new, meaner and more aggressive looking kit. And today, we are glad that at long last, this kit has touched our beloved Bolehland.

 CraZEE Bunny 13a

With the aggressive looks, comes the obligation to have a badass engine too. As if one SR22DET isn’t enough, he put another SR22DET in the bay to pump up the displacement to 4.5L and for more power. Well, at least that’s what a non-petrolheads will believe what’s going on in the engine department. Joking aside, the engine now is indeed 4.5L and has 8 cylinders, only it isn’t 2xSR22DET as depicted 😛 The clean bay that used to reside SR22DET now is a home to a VH45DE migrated from a Nissan President. The power isn’t something on the mind-boggling side of the continuum with about 300hp at the cranks but all that will change once more mods make their way into its own places (read:Turbos!).

CraZEE Bunny 12a

Badass kit, good engine don’t mean anything if you didn’t put spectacular wheels under that wide overfenders. A staggered set of 19” SSR MS3 found its way home under the fenders of the Bunny and the need for flushness calls for 10.5J -32 wheels and 12mm spacer at front and 12.5J -12 and 1inch spacer at rear.

CraZEE Bunny 7a

With the oversized diffuser placed under the front bumper, it is almost impossible to ride around without scrapping it hence comes the custom suspension set up made by the King himself. He calls it Lifted Air Cup suspension which pretty much explains itself. The whole configuration is a hybrid of conventional and air suspension controlled by a set of switch located in the interior of the car. Within a flick of a switch, the air-compressor will fill in the cups and the ride height can be increased by 2 inches at the front and 1 inch at the back to the to pass foreseen circumstances. This set up is still in development phase and the production version is expected to be released in 2015. The lifted cup suspension allows Zee to have the desired stance while the performance and practicality isn’t jeopardized single bit.

CraZEE Bunny 9a

Stepping into the car, you won’t see rows of gauges as he prefers the minimalist look.

CraZEE Bunny 10

The biggest improvement to the interior came from a pair of Bride Zeta III Carbon Kevlar Bucket Seats and both the driver and passenger will be harnessed by 3-point Schroth Racing Rallye 3 belt. Being a drifter himself, footworks is one of the crucial things hence gone is the set of stock top mounted pedal and in goes the locally-made floor-mounted aluminium pedal box by non-other than Tonnka! While his footworks are well taken care of by Tonnka, his hands will be busy maneuvering the car through the simple yet classy Nardi Deep Corn steering wheels with the occasional gear-shifting action made smooth with the Nismo gearknob attached to the RB26DET 5-speed gearbox.

 CraZEE Bunny 1a

It’s hard to call this car Zee’s ultimate Bunny as we are pretty sure more performance will be added as time goes so we’ll just have to patiently wait for the progress. One thing for sure, this is one of the most bad-ass 180SX ever on our motherland.


Engine: (SR22DE-T) X 2 aka VH45, Drifthouse custom extractor piping, Drifthouse custom exhaust system

Electronics: Autogauge technometer

Transmission: RB26DET 5-speed gearbox, custom housing to fit VH45de, 2-way LSD

Chassis & Handling: Custom Air-cupped adjustable coil over with Swift springs, custom super-angle kit, adjustable lower arms

Rolling Stocks: Front: SSR MS3 10.5JX19 -32 (added another 12mm spacer), Rear: SSR MS3 12.5Jx19 -12 (added another 1 inch spacer) 245-35-19 (front) and 285-35-19 (rear) tires

Brakes: Front: Nissan skyline R33 4-Port calipers disc rotor, Rear: Nissan skyline R33 2-Port calipers disc rotor

Interior: Nardi deep corn steering wheel, Autogauge tachometer, Nismo styled gear-knob, Bride Zeta III Carbon Kevlar bucket seats, Schroth Racing Rallye3 3-point harnesses, Tonnka aluminium race pedal box (with name-carving), Drift House handbrake knob, Monark cut-off switch

Bodyworks: Rocket Bunny 180sx V2 styled bodykit., custom Porsche Cayenne Hamann Styled Bonnet, Custom switches and gauges for, Air-cupped coil over, Craft Square styled Side Mirror, Tonnka bonnet pin, Raybrig multi reflector headlamp, Dmax crystal clear tail lamps, Dmax crystal clear front turn signal

Words & Photos: Zahid Kasim


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