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Published on December 29th, 2009

As people were bounded by the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year, the tragedy of 10 were killed in the incident of double-decker express bus surged into our heart badly. My mood turns down as I noticed the headline of newspapers.

The behavior of driver is crucial in determining our next journey. High risk driver would probably make the passenger or even other road-users in the risk of lethal. However, I believe there must be something we can do to avoid this. It’s important for us to increase the awareness of all road-users, young or adult, in order to reduce the number of road accidents in Malaysia.

Safety start with ‘S’, but begin with ‘U’!

Communication Makes Changes (COMEC) consists of final year Persuasive Communication students, School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). In the year of 2010, COMEC proposed to organize a young driver research program, which is known as ‘Kempen Rakan [email protected]’ in collaboration with Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS).

Past road safety literatures has consistently stressed that not all young drivers are problematic drivers. There are increasing evidences in the current literatures on the existence of a subgroup of “deviant drivers” or “problem young drivers” or “high risk young drivers, who possess distinct characteristics, attributes and personalities from the normal, ordinary young drivers.

Efforts to identify the profiles of these high risk or deviant drivers and to suggest specific intervention programs that can be tailored to the needs of this subgroup are very crucial to reduce the numbers of road accidents among youth in Malaysia.


Kempen Rakan [email protected] will adopt the non-direct strategy that focus on the social and peer environment rather than the drivers themselves. Peer groups have shown to exerts tremendous influences on youth. Therefore, the campaign seeks to motivate and empower the university students to intervene in the driving behaviors of the high risk drivers, by telling the driver when they felt his/her driving is unsafe.

Social connections are very important to young people. Teens value their friendships and fear damaging them. That’s why teen drivers will listen to their friends when they tell about reckless driving. In conjunction with the campaign, several integrated programs will be organized.

Kempen Rakan [email protected] therefore highlight on various high-profile exhibition, workshopa, movie sharing, Catch U photo taking competition, Public Service Announcement Competition and many others. Do not hesitate to log on to now for further information!

text: School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia


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