Kamal Motor’s EK9 Type-R

Published on December 5th, 2009

Let’s get to know Kamal Motor and their latest addition to their arsenal…

Malaysian Super Series round 4, Super 16 class and the cars were prepared and ready to race. On the track, lights went on and blast off! And one of them, was this Honda EK9. Sadly, the car did not make it to the end. In Race 1, Sharul Hisham lose control of the car when it was smooched rather violently on its rear end and went off track. The car’s rear bumper was lost too when the car hit the barrier, hard. So much for rough foreplay, eh?

kamal was one of the lostboyz crew... an 'ol club back in the 90's and he still have 'em tees

The EK9 was disqualified in Race 2 for racing without a front bumper. Let’s head over to their workshop.

the workshop still retains its reputation as one of the best and oldest workshop

The first thing that caught my attention was a race-prepared Saga going through final preparation for the next Saga Cup in Pasir Gudang. The mere sight of it brought me back to the late 80s and early to mid 90’s. Those were the days. As I was preparing some questions in my mind  to interview the car, I mean the car’s owner, Jeman, the owner of Kamal Motor, it made me wonder for the amount of experiences he’s hiding under his belt in the racing scene in Malaysia, or maybe even internationally.

kemek's vain attempt to keep his identity a secret!

Let me take you back to the era of BTSC or better known as Batu Tiga Circuit. Since it was a few steps away from my parent’s house, the roar of engine at high revs every weekend of Sin City and other race-related activities really made me wanna start either my bike or car to get over there and catch a glance of the race. And every time I went there, there it was… Kamal Motor’s battle car… and the car really stood out from the rest… most of the time managed to achieve podium finishes regardless the discipline; Drag, CCT etc. and that was 10 years ago… Somehow I still remember those good old days… Damn those idiots who insisted to demolished the BTSC for high-end housing projects.

OK… Before I start mumbling about some political bullshit over my dissatisfaction of BTSC being demolished, lets get back to the issue in hand, Kamal’s Motor EK9 Type R. This particular race machine was one of the cars that used to be under the banner of Pachi Racing and since Pachi was downsizing and selling off its fleet of race machines… Kamal Motor took over the EK9.

Now.. how do I describe the car? It’s still in its stock paintjob; Champion White with racing numbers, FIA-spec rollcage, safety harness, a single seat, racing electronics of short cuts and switches… and definitely not legal to be on the road. It’s a full-fledged race machine.

SRF's works of art... a safety sculpture better known as rollcage

Bodyworks is still in its original form of JDM EK9. As for chassis strengthening, the trust was given straight to Saidi of SRF. The FIA spec’s rollcage was done to perfection by SRF. Front windscreen is the only glass on the car while others are replaced by Perspex to further reduce weight.

As the car sits on the stand without the stock Type R wheels wrapped in Michelin rubbers, the APEXi N1 full racing suspension system and stock Type R braking system with the renowned EBC green pads. The set up were done by Jeman himself… as for servicing it, he send it to another local experts whose expertise has his complete trust.

In the cockpit, Sparco steering provides the driver all the comfort and grip he needed to steer the car and a full Kevlar full bucket seat to sink in to every when the G sets in. Only the essentials such as RPM, water temperature and oil pressure meters provides the driver the all the information needed as for the condition of the car. Ignition control is simply a push-start button and cut off switch. Fire extinguisher and other small things (refer to pictures) complete the car to comply with the rules and regulations.

Power terrain is based on a B16A engine but the internals have been upgraded. Racing parts filled the internals except for the standard spec Type R intake manifold mated with 60mm throttle bodies. The upper half of the engine were uprated with Skunk2 Pro Series camshafts complete with titanium valve retainers. The cylinder head was fully ported and polished by Nasty Port Flow. Pistons and conrods are from Jun Racing of stock bore and stroke size complements the set up… fully balanced by Auto E Balancing.

Din Works is the one trusted to tune the Hondata S300 engine management which controls the whole thingamagic in the engine bay. After tuning, the engine recorded 183ish bhp on RON97. On racing fuel, an extra bhp will surely be a big help to overtake others.

As for the gearbox, lets make it simple… It’s Kamal Motor’s own recipe. An LSD gearbox with custom straight cut gear ratio. Running on half track, 4.5 final drive but for full track in Sepang… 4.4 final drive as there are a number of high speed corners which where more power needs to be churned out instead of torque. Kamal rely on Ogura Super single clutch to transfer the power from the engine to gearbox. It’s a bit heavy for first timer but after few laps and full concentration on the track, you’ll get used to it.

Since the driver will be punching out the engine full blast to redline most of the time… say around 38 minutes of 15 laps of circuit racing, engine cooling is provided by an aluminum radiator with racing thermostat to aid in the efficiency of this particular car’s cooling system. It prevents engine power loss by minimizing rapid water-temperature rise under this full 15 laps of extreme condition.

Getting the flow on the exit, full sets by Jun Auto Mechanics stainless steel piping with 4-2-1 extractor to the N1 type muffler. All done by Jun. To say the least, the sound is music to the ears for any motorheads… and with power to match!

words: Haidi Amir  pix: Azham Zainol


  1. Posted by ariel on December 7th, 2009, 11:45

    I love EK trek car!

  2. Posted by shalie on December 8th, 2009, 05:24

    i can see kete botak… hahahaha…. 😛 this EK mmg mantap… too bad it’s damn expensive for the street legal ones :(

  3. Posted by Traffic Mag on December 8th, 2009, 20:52

    kete botak… kete paling tak power kat situ… tskk! tskk!


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