K4GP 2011 concluded!

Published on February 13th, 2011

The kei-car endurance race went on and on but not without any casualties. Thanks to the miraculous hands of the pit crews, stalled cars were repaired and left their designated pits good as new. Drivers were changed, liters after liters of fuel were drained, but their determination stayed the same. Anyone who’ve watched any 24-hours races would know how tiring it was to watch them non-stop. Imagine being with one of the teams that participated. The drivers were mentally and physically exhausted. They’re quite lucky they didn’t have any ‘pontianak’ sitting beside them as they drive.

T1 Motorsport = Jawa Power!

The same goes to our homeboys. Seven local cars participated in the race, although with knowledge of eradicating evil ‘pontianaks’, the total number was affected as well. Endurance races are always difficult to predict, what’s with the long hours and continuous strain to both machine and men (and women also).

Sepang International Circuit also provides parking space in the track

Imagine the look on his face when the white smokes started appearing

Pressure began to grow exponentially as the time draws nearer to the end of the 24-hour endurance race. Pit crews became more than frantic, drivers began to push themselves harder, more and more screeching tires were heard. One car actually buried itself in the gravel at Turn 8 when the driver overshot the corner, and this was with ten minutes to go! At this point, strangely enough, smiles were seen everywhere. You see, K4GP is not about winning. It’s about participating in the race, and have fun doing it. Friendly competition is normal, of course, but the whole idea of having this race is to be entertained. Why do you think they have the costumes at the grid?

Team Biba took the win, and the whole pit lane clapped their hands. Another team crossed the finish line, and the whole pit lane clap their hands again. Ahh… what a friendly atmosphere. The whole thing made us wonder though, as to why a certain motoring organization posted certain rules against our local talents to participate in this international event. It’s certainly good for the exposure, the friendly experience, and the 24-hour endurance experience. I mean, seriously, where else can you participate in a 24-hour race in Asia, driving a kei-jidosha?

And it felt good to see familiar faces like Ras Adiba Radzi and the legendary Adi Haslam participating in the race. You see, being handicap does not mean any form of passion towards motorsport should be abandoned. K4GP provide these people who are physically challenged to be able to live up to their own passion in pursue of their dreams and ambitions of racing on the race track, with other equally passionate drivers. Why should that be a barrier to anyone?

Kei-car can do offroad too!

Hiroishi Motors with POPG led the GP-3 class

Anyway, after each K4GP, the participants will gather at the finish line with their cars for a group picture, just to celebrate the event. Again, the K4GP is not about who won or who lose. To them, anyone who participated are already winners, which is why if any of the cars did not finish the race, they’ll push the car across the finish line! It’s a family-oriented event with a lot of smiles and strong passion for motorsport.

Team Biba led the race by 12 laps to the nearest rival

Jeo wanted to drive his "kei-car" in too, but Botak hid his car key

Team Biba won!

Welcome to Malaysian weather :)

And off they go to parade around the track!

How can you not be entertained?



Sepang Circuit – 5.543km

1.Team Biba (458 laps)

2. SS u GinzaMantal Clinic (447 laps)

3. PTG Plam TownGarage (436 laps)

4. Hiroshi Motors with POPG (435 laps)

5. Team Nekomaru (425 laps)




1.PTG Plam TownGarage (436 laps)

2. Puramo Supahori BKM Racing (420 laps)

3. RSC HONDA Kumamotojidoshabu (416 laps)


1.Hiroshi Motors with POPG (435 laps)

2. Garage Black Dog (424 laps)

3. Elf TACS/JACC (419 laps)


1.Adi Haslam Motorsports (378 laps)

2. Motorsport Barrier-free (358 laps)

3. Madhouse RTL (320 laps)


1.Team Biba (458 laps)

2. SS u GinzaMantal Clinic (447 laps)

3. Team Nekomaru (425 laps)


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