JUN Rotors: Slit For Grip

Published on July 1st, 2012

We have seen many modded rides went straight into the ravine and gravel because of inadequate stopping power, and will undoubtedly see more if the mentality is not changed.

What mentality you say? The same ‘I have enough braking power and do not need to upgrade’ mentality, which is usually coupled with a pair of single-pot bone-stock 1.3 calipers with factory standard pads for the front and drums for the rear.

These drivers have probably experienced at the most maximum once or twice hard braking situation in their lives, and most probably because they did not notice the bump that’s coming nearer rapidly. Some of them had even gone for Touge and track sessions before, but failed to realise the importance of a good and complete braking system, and how it helps with turning minutes into seconds.

I have been begging the God of Brembo with the blessed companion God of Endless to show up in front of my doorstep and bless my super-slow Satria ‘Bergrennen’ SOHC with a pair of 4-pot calipers and pads to give my car the ability to stand on two wheels when hard braking, but my prayers have not been answered. Yet.

So when this bald guy called me on my super sexy mobile phone, I almost teleported right in front of him to give him a kiss, because he told me I get to play with a pair of JUN slotted rotors, plug and play for my calipers.

The rotors, as seen here already attached to my super-slow Satria, are ventilated discs with E Slit Rotors, which are merciful on the pads.

My beloved mechanic at DAWS Sdn Bhd felt it was necessary to replace the pads with something cooler, which he didn’t want to tell from where, and told me to run in both the rotors and the calipers first before starting with this review.

I was a little sceptical at first, to be honest, because my calipers are stock 1.8 calipers with no steel-braided hoses, and was expecting nothing more than a brand new rotors feel.

I kept my left foot on the pedal and applied gently from time to time for the next two hundred kilometres just to make sure I ran them in properly. Then, two days after installation, I decided to take my trusty Satria to the hills.

Together with another Super-Slow Corolla SEG fitted with R888 and a waiting-to-be-featured Super-Super-Slow EP91 Glanza Turbo, we took a slow cruise up Genting Sempah and Bukit Tinggi, before giving in to temptation and scared a few monkeys on the way down.

Verdict on the rotors: Utterly divine.

The grip was sublime and superbly balanced with superior grip and literally no fade at all, and I was hard braking all the way down! The stopping power is probably a tad down from a twin-pot with 18” wheels setup, but a tad down is not that far off at all.

I could apply the brakes at the very last minute and it would bite hard without locking the tyres or make the car jump. The momentum was not stopped, the car did not suffer from heavy weight distribution, and it simply felt great.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to really decide on the final verdict. Since Ignition.my was organising a Night Track Day last Friday, I decided to enter my car on the last minute, thanks to a certain someone who refused to be named.

Accommodating to the low temperature atmosphere, I made sure the brakes were properly warmed up before trying them out. After half a lap of warming up, I decided to drive a little faster and start testing it out on the first lap itself.

I normally applied the brakes right on the 100m point when using my old braking setup, but on Friday, I could literally braked at 50m point from 5th gear and still managed to get to 2nd at Turn 9. No fade, no locking, no heavy weight distribution.

The rotors did its job well, I wouldn’t mind keeping them.

You can get any information you want by going over to their website at www.jun.com.my, or contact the distributor at No 15A, Jalan Bayu Tinggi 2A/KS6, Batu Unjur, 41200 Klang, or give them a call at +603-3325 7752 / +6012-628 1798, or e-mail them at [email protected].

There are other distributors location in the website as well.

words & pix: Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad


  1. Posted by oreedo on July 2nd, 2012, 17:20

    damn those slow SEG and the bolt on NA EP91 Glanza V….

  2. Posted by Traffic Mag on July 2nd, 2012, 23:52

    yup, damn those drivers who went for touge and never asked the slowest green snail to come along!


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