J-Euro 855 Wagon

Published on February 8th, 2011

When we talk about a country’s defence, one of the subject would be about the colossal tanks. Mostly these talks are held by ’em ‘kedai kopi’ folks… I mean the senior citizens who more often than not… retired and came from the government sector. Apparently I’m that old in reality. But then, hanging out with ’em old timers, you’ll get to hear stories you’ve never heard of before… from conspiracy theories, politics, religion, history, economy and even ghost stories. It won’t be a surprise when one mug oh ‘teh tarik’ would simply multiply to 7 to 8 mugs, each.

It has always been intriguing to me when it comes to any of those mentioned topics, apart from the daily chit-chats of anything that would shrink your balls every when you reach a certain speed, and the know-how  in getting the desired performance and looks for our rides.

I guess most of us can still remember the days when Federal Highway and other tarmac-laden surfaces were governed and kept in check by the boxy-framed T5 Wagon, wayyy before they were replaced by the Wajas, and the Helang Lebuhraya Evo 10. The T5 Wagons as we know ’em here in Malaysia were feared by the modders, and most of us were rendered to slow pokes at the mere sight of it.  The Royal Malaysian Police’s T5 Wagon was the enforcer during its prime. But then, it’s all in the past.

A few weeks back we were invited to come for the VOCM (Volvo Owner Club Malaysia) gathering held at the SportAgenda beside the MRR2 (one of the favorite illegal speedways for ’em speedsters). Quite a number of ’em Volvos of various models had us all in awe (when I say all, I mean the four active lots of Traffic crews, yup we’re that small).  One of my favorites among ’em Swedish tanks was this flaming red T5 Wagon. I swear, even the devil himself would want to have a ride or even own this particular mildly modded Volvo.

Sitting pretty low on all four corners of stonking huge 19″ SSR wheels wrapped in Toyo Trampio T1R, this is one of the best examples of J-Euro style… a term churned out by ’em Europeans for modifying a Euro makes in Japanese styling. It’s one of those modifications that attracted fast followings in Europe. Not much was done here, but the little details are just enough to make the car truly unique. Lurking behind the facade of the SSRs are XC90 discs paired with R32 calipers for the much-needed stopping power… apart from that killer looks, of course.

As with the pulling power to move ’em huge chassis and dead weight, an engine swap is essential, and with that being said, a more reliable and powerful ’99 V7o B-5243T engine was slotted into the engine bay. A helping hand from a TD05 20G turbine and Unichip management gave the 855 Wagon 300 ponies to pull the car, making a top speed of 240km/h achievable.

As for exterior, the 855 Wagon is kept simple with an 850R front bumper swap to add up to the herculean boxy-shaped look. The flaming red paintjob completes the overall look of the J-Euro modded ride.

The interior of this tank is left untouched, except for an arsenal of Defi gauges, AVC-R, RSM, and Defi VSP Link to keep an eye on the performance and reliability of the engine.

If it’s up to me, bucket seats will be an additional upgrade to keep the driver and passenger from switching places during one of ‘em high-speed cornering activities. Seriously speaking, I’m no expert of Volvo, but if this modded ride is up for sale one of these days, do gimme a call (and maybe a discount as well?). If the owner is in a very gracious mood, can just give it away to me as a wedding present so that I can crank up the engine and reach speed haven while safely being cradled by this boxy Swedish tank.

words: Hage’  pix: Syawal Ahmad

Technical Specifications:


Volvo 2.3 DOHC turbocharged all-aluminum alloy 20-valve straight-five cylinder B-5243T engine, TDO5 20G turbine, Unichip, 240km/h top speed, 300hp


Four-speed auto transmission


KONI adjustable suspension system


XC90 discs brakes, R32 calipers (front)

Rolling Stocks:

19″x8″ (front) 19″x9″ (rear) SSR wheels wrapped with TOYO Trampio T1R 225/35/19 (front), 235/3519 (rear) tyres


850R front bumper, Red paintjob


Defi gauges, AVC-R, RSM, Unichip, Defi VSP Link


  1. Posted by obm on February 14th, 2011, 11:41

    cayokkk lah brader atan..

  2. Posted by Eddy on February 15th, 2011, 00:25

    Thumbs up to the owner…nice !!!

  3. Posted by snapshooter on February 24th, 2011, 19:49

    Nice shot Syawal…! Good Momento…!

  4. Posted by Syawal Ahmad on February 24th, 2011, 23:00

    Thanks Bro :)

  5. Posted by farid ezmir on March 21st, 2011, 18:13

    the nice shoot

  6. Posted by Essential Motoring 101 on September 15th, 2011, 17:44

    Extremely well setup on the Volvo. Only an experience in it will help me write more here. As a wagon lover, we need more of these talented souls on the roads to portray that these hotties are not hearses. 😉


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