It’s not a wangan machine!

Published on January 28th, 2013

Those who have watched the anime ‘Midnight’ would already know what wangan is all about.. It’s means bayshore literally, but ever since the manga ‘Midnight’ written by Michiharu Kusunoki made it to anime, wangan session caught on with those who crave a high speed drive on the highways. The craze has infected fellow Malaysians as well especially over the past few years. I’d love to see it but the prospect of being caught up in speed traps, road blocks or even the dreaded AES gets me back in bed in seconds.




The anime ‘Midnight’ revolves around a 280Z or better known as akuma no zetto, or in English the devil’s Z. The lead is a 911 and from time to time other makes join in the fun including an R34 in white driven by a female model. We’re not talking about the infamous akuma no zetto but an R34 that has also reached celebrity status due to its contribution in the Evolusi KL Drift TV series.



 What we have here is an R34 but the set-up according to Johan Norman, is not just for wangan but also for drift as well. In fact, his set-up is more for fun driving around the corners. Nevertheless, almost every fortnight, he’ll go for a wangan session at the not-to-be-mentioned highways before having a session of touge-drift towards Genting Highlands in the wee morning as there’s lesser traffic during that time od the day. It’s the touge-drifting session that’s more of a highlight for Johan Norman, the owner of this Godzilla.

 “In my opinion, it would be a waste to prep-up the R34 to be a wangan machine… as quite a number of owners did actually that, so I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be the same. I prefer to have an agile machine at the B-roads while at the same time having the prowess to attain top speed whenever I need to,” said Johan Norman when we asked him to explain his preferences on modification.



I had to agree with him as I do enjoy a fast stroll along the corners instead of  long straights. The windy nature of the B-roads in Malaysia can be said to be entertaining if you can put aside the potholes and things that go bump at night… if you’re unlucky enough to encounter ’em during these sessions. Not to mention being in an unwanted situation of being stuck in nowhere without a connection or even your friends around.



During each sessions, there will be a minimum of 6 cars of different makes going full throttle at the highways before entering B-roads for some sideways touge session. Genting Highlands has always been one out of many favourite spots for testing your mettle against the windy roads be it on two wheels or the safer fours.  It might get a bit crowded during the weekends with other road users, the slow-poke lorries, the bikers, cyclists and villagers who use it to go about their activities.



With a healthy 320 ponies underneath the bonnet, the R34 packs a punch that matches its liveries. Looks were enhanced with a custom carbon fibre bonnet and a Z-Tune front bumper. The liveries complement the menacing stance whilst the GTT spoiler gave it a wee bit of a tamer rear. Getting it lower on a bigger wheels would get those stance-lover salivating over this R34, I’d say. But looks is not everything. It’s all about how the machine performs when it needs to.



The Keskin wheels wrapped in GT Radial rubbers all round supporting the weight of the chassis. For now the stock brakes is more than enough for the much-needed stopping power while HKS Hyper suspension system provides both the desired dampening and comfort regardless on high speeds or going fast around the corners. The RB30 block from a Commodore might make the front end a ‘lil heavier but a bigger torque and an addition of happy ‘lil ponies are all that matters for him. But then, as long as the driver can handle it, it’s a no biggie to have fun in the R34.

words: Hage’  pix: DICE, Hazwan Najims & Jeo

Technical Specification:

Engine: RB25 DET head, RB30 block, custom 3.5inches exhaust system, 320hp

Rolling stock: Keskin, GT Radial tyres all round, HKS Hyper suspension system, Ultra Racing struts and anti roll bar

Exterior: Custom vented carbon fibre bonnet, Z-Tune front bumper, GTT spoiler, blue + grey liveries


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