Introducing the all-new MINI Cooper S Paceman

Published on May 22nd, 2013

MINI Malaysia today introduced the all-new MINI Cooper S Paceman, the seventh and newest model to join the MINI family. As the first Sports Activity Coupé in the MINI family, the MINI Cooper S Paceman carries itself with the INIMITABLE appeal that can only be experienced with a MINI – extroverted iconic design with the hallmark Go-Kart driving experience as well as exclusive interior equipment and ambience that offer style and superior substance.

Introducing the all-new MINI Cooper S Paceman, Dr. Gerhard Pils, Chief Executive Officer of BMW Group Malaysia said, “MINI is and has always been the epitome of excitement and fun in the automotive industry. MINI is iconic and has had a long and illustrious heritage. The new MINI Cooper S Paceman takes this iconic and historical appeal into the future, creating a new chapter in the story of MINI.”



Setting the all-new MINI Cooper S Paceman apart is its two door, large tailgate and lounge concept interior offering with two full-size individual rear seats. The most eye-catching new highlights are its rear end tailights which feature horizontal design cues, a first for MINI. Combined with the particularly powerful small displacement engine and standard lowered sports suspension to accentuate the trademark MINI go-kart feeling, the MINI Cooper S Paceman also delivers outstanding efficiency.

Dr. Pils added that with the MINI brand’s ongoing popularity in Malaysia, he was confident that the all-new addition to the MINI family will take MINI’s inimitable style to the next level.



“Until the month of April 2013, we at BMW Group Malaysia have already delivered a total of 2241 vehicles in the country comprising of MINI, BMW and BMW Motorrads, a 5% increase as compared to the same period in 2012 where we delivered 2136 vehicles. Of this performance figure this year 121 MINI’s were delivered, charting an increase of 14% compared to the total of 106 MINI’s delivered at the same time last year . BMW Group Malaysia has experienced a positive growth since the beginning of 2013 and I am confident that the all-new MINI Cooper S Paceman will strengthen the brand’s business growth in Malaysia by continuously delivering maximum driving excitement and a commitment to premium quality,” said Dr. Pils.

The innovative concept of a compact Sports Activity Coupé is expressed in an exterior design that faithfully embodies the MINI Cooper S Paceman’s multifaceted driving properties with the template of the established MINI design language.



“While displaying clear ties to the innovative and inimitable style of the MINI brand, the MINI Cooper S Paceman has a character of its own. The vehicle concept is expressed in a body design that combines dynamically stretched propotions with a muscular stance, dedicated to the cues from the needs of the modern interpretation of the MINI brand without compromising on its infectious driving fun on offer at the wheel,” said Natasha Karim, Head of MINI at BMW Group Malaysia.

The most eye-catching new feature of the rear end of the MINI Cooper S Paceman, nevertheless, is its taillights which in a first for MINI, features a horizontal design cues. As with the slim and sloping coupé-style rear window, the chrome strip below it and the horizontal creases on the tailgate and rear apron, the form of the lights further accentuates the car’s width. The concentric segmentation of the light sources in the rear lights is very much in line with the brand tradition. The MINI Cooper S Paceman is also the first member of the MINI line-up to be identified by a rear nameplate.



In its distinctive MINI Cooper S Paceman way, the traditional MINI design templates such as the front end’s muscularity and presence with dynamically sweeping lines and powerfully curved surfaces lace the flanks of the car with sporting elegance. The coupé-style roof, swooping downwards towards the rear, sits almost seamlessly atop the passenger compartment and its distinctive contours fit neatly into the coupé mould.

The impressively powerful and remarkably efficient MINI Cooper S Paceman is equipped with four cylinders and a zesty power delivery accompanied by remarkably low fuel consumption and emissions. Possesing MINI’s trademark go-kart driving dynamics, the MINI Cooper S Paceman is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine with fully variable valve management which joins forces with a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection to generate maximum output of 135 kW/184 hp at 5,500 rpm. Plus, peak torque of 240 Nm is on tap between 1,600 and 5,000 rpm; all of which enables the MINI Cooper S Paceman to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds with a top speed of 212 km/h. Despite the impressive acceleration, average fuel economy in the EU test cycle stands at a notable 7.5 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions are just 175 grams per kilometre.

Extra helpings of fun urban driving can be summoned with a touch of the Sport Button, which tweaks the engine’s responses and the power assistance provided by the steering. For example, the Sport Button can be used to activate a specially tuned sport program which makes various adjustments, including adding extra drive to the gear changes.



For its interior, the MINI Cooper S Paceman continues to exude expressive and dynamic proportions in the hallmark MINI design language created for superbly sporting characteristic and powerful stature. Bespoke interior design elements create typically MINI impression such as the powerfully formed and horizontally structured instrument panel with newly designed surrounds for the air vents; large circular Centre Speedo, with matt-finished, ring-shaped borders in Carbon Black; surrounds for the central control panel in a contrasting colour; window buttons arranged in the door panel trim; and three-dimensional door ellipses reaching into the rear compartment.

The MINI Cooper S Paceman’s sporting flair is further accentuated through its body length of 4,109 millimetres and a height of 1,786 millimetres, and a 1,518 millimetre wheelbase that provides the ideal basis for a spacious interior allowing a lounge ambience of four and storage space just the way you need it. Designed squarely as a four-seater, the high-quality lounge ambience of the interior offers sports seats for the driver and front passenger featuring height adjustment, giving the driver and front passenger an excellent view of the road. The pair of individual seats in the rear offer impressive shoulder room and headroom, as well as adjustable functions to provide personalised comfort where rear passengers enjoy generous levels of space, outstanding lateral support and comfort that reaches beyond the norm.

Also a first for MINI and exclusively for the MINI Cooper S Paceman is a full range of MINI Connected features which is now expanded with the addition of further innovations and fitted as a standard such as the Radio MINI Visual Boost with 6.5” LCD Display. The MINI Connected app for the Apple iPhone 3Gs, 4 or 5 provides access to innovative entertainment, social networking and driving-related functions, turning the MINI Cooper S Paceman into a multimedia hub on wheels.



While in the past MINI Connected functionalities offered have been permanent access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter with the limited ability to not only display and update Facebook posts but to also ‘Like’ them as well as the Web radio option which made it possible to listen to thousands of radio stations online both in and out of the MINI, now MINI Connected takes the technological offering a step further.

The new MINI Connected functionalities in the MINI Cooper S Paceman includes Mission Control which provides amusing and useful information from the vehicle’s sensors. The new MINI Cooper S Paceman is loaded with around 1,800 pre-recorded messages, telling the driver about the status of the vehicle for example if there is a door open or how full the tank is or if the engine is warmed up or if someone has their seatbelt undone and training the driver in sustainable driving techniques. The technology offers a great deal of EXCITEMENT but also serves a useful purpose.

Rewarding fuel-efficient driving by giving drivers stars and points shown on the vehicle display, Mission Control also showcases an animated picture of a goldfish in a bowl, urging drivers on to achieve the next level of MINIMALISM driving. Every journey can be analysed in detail afterwards using the MINI Connected app and the results shared online with other members of the MINI Connected community. In this way, economical driving is rewarded and encouraged.



Further to this, Dynamic Music is another new feature of the MINI Connected technology suite. Dynamic music provides the soundtrack to the driver’s driving style – chilled out for leisurely cruising, more aggressive beats when the car is pushed harder. The adjustments are made based on measurements of longitudinal and lateral acceleration. This uniquely personal soundtrack creates an even closer emotional bond between car and driver. Dynamic Music currently supports up to 10 music tracks.

The all-new MINI Cooper S Paceman will be available in five exterior paint shades, including new Brilliant Copper and Starlight Blue variants. The roof and exterior mirror caps can be painted in body colour, white or black. Glass roof is also available as an option.

The retail price (on the road for personal registration, without insurance, with the MINI Tender Loving Care service package) for the all-new MINI Cooper S Paceman is:

MINI Cooper S Paceman – RM 288,888.00

Optional Glass Roof Package – RM 7,888.00

words: MINI pix: Hazwan Najims & Faiz Zakariah


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