Holy moly, Liqui Moly’s here!

Published on August 11th, 2009

Lame headings aside, the local automotive lubricant sector is an intensively competitive market that even sees the bigwigs struggling to hold down a firm standing.

We’ve all heard the line before; engine oil is to a vehicle’s engine as blood is to our bodies. That’s where there big brake kits bring the similarities to a screeching halt. While we may not be able to choose our blood, the freedom to boost and liberate horsepower allows the liberty of choosing our own engine lubricants.


Now a majority of petrol heads only flow a certain brand of lubricants through the veins of their engine and when queried a plethora of renowned names would be spat out that rev-plenty of redlines.

Now we get a taste of sauerkraut in the form of Liqui Moly. The organization prides themselves in not just providing the lubes for your beloved, they have a 4000-strong catalogue of high quality and well-researched products that apart from lubricants, comprise of additives, car care and chemically-based technical solutions (think along the lines of WD-40 if you can’t fathom the marketing-jargon enriched last bit).


Each and every single product is developed and comprehensively tested at Liqui Moly’s own laboratory situated in its homeland of Germany. Furthermore, in a stand of unwavering confidence behind its own products, Liqui Moly markets all of its products by itself.

The golden rule of setting up a successful business is always ‘location location location,’ and Liqui Moly’s strategic geographical proximity among some of the most prominent German automakers allows it a productive working relationship with them.

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and even Porsche are just a spit away from Ulm, Germany, and allow Liqui Moly to test their lubricants on the vehicles. Undeniably, the high quality of Liqui Moly lubricants has allowed it approval from all German carmakers.

Apart from the lubes, Liqui Moly also manufacturers additives for a multitude of applications and with 50 years of experience to fall back on, it should come as no surprise that their additives meet the highest requirements of German engine designers, having been tested by TUV Thuringia.

Having amassed such a strong portfolio, the brand is finally sharpening its blades to penetrate the Malaysian market. Strongly based at our southern neighbour for its Asia pacific operations, Liqui Moly has finally got itself a place to call home here with its new office in Subang Jaya.

Considering the ultra-competitive motor oil scene locally, Liqui Moly definitely has their work cut out for them. Although the company has a strong name outside of Asia, not much about their products are known here.


That is precisely the reason that Liqui Moly is entering the Malaysian market, having already made some headway in Asia Pacific. It has been proven umpteenth times over the quality of Liqui Moly products overseas so there should be no reason to doubt the lubes offered here.

In fact, all the lubes offered here are manufactured and packaged in Germany with thousands of hours of research and development put into it. The lubes that will be on sale here have been specially-developed to cope with the hot and humid local weather.


Liqui Moly have been actively participating in motorsports and are traditional sponsors of a number of disciples. Their main partner in motorsports is the Team Engstler Motor Sports team that strut their stuff in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC).

As a major play in their strike on the local lubricant sector, Liqui Moly and Team Engstler entered the recently concluded Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race (MMER) as a showcase of their products that were used in the race car.


Engstler ply their trade in the WTCC behind the wheel of a BMW 3-Series but due to time constraints, the Bimmer had to stay home in Europe. So for the MMER, Engstler cooperated with the Slovakian team of Autoracing Club Bratislava and their Porsche GT3 to survive the grueling 12-hour race.

Unfortunately for the team, it was just one of those weekends when everything did not seem to gel together. After being demoted to the back of the grid due to an error by a member of the pit team, their Porsche GT3 made its permanent pitstop slightly over six and a half hours into the race. Nonetheless, the team were running strongly while it was out on the track.


Now seeing as the company is just making baby steps into the Malaysian market, a few strategic and precise marketing steps have been introduced to allow for a smoother transition into the engines of local motorists.

Primarily, Liqui Moly products will not be available at your local hypermarket. It will only be available at authorized dealers, participating automotive centres and such. The logic being applied to such a move is to stem out the price increase that will undoubtedly be a reality if it passes through the hands of middle men.

By dealing directly with the dealers and service centres, Liqui Moly will be able to offer their quality products at extremely reasonable prices.

Secondly, Liqui Moly will be introducing their range of products in stages to the local motorists. Lubricants and additives will be the primary beneficiaries as it will be the first products in their range to be introduced in the first year. Following that, the range of car care products will find their way to the shelves of your local workshop and finally to round things up the chemically-based technical solutions will fins themselves in the hands of foremen.

Nonetheless, this in no way implies that the entire range of products will not be available from the get go. Any product from their extensive catalog will be available by special request and the afore-mentioned timeframe was just the company’s strategy to push certain products strongly at first.

Currently, Liqui Moly is in the midst of preparing their selected dealers to offer the products here. Over the last weekend, they had a massive seminar and training session at the Palace of Golden Horses in Selangor to help the selected dealers as well as a few potential dealers to get acquainted with the range of Liqui Moly offerings.

As it coincided with the MMER, part of the seminar included a stopover at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) to view the beginning and ending of the race.

Stay tuned as we will be keeping tabs on Liqui Moly’s progress in the local lube sector. Over time, product testing and long term reports will be on the cards as well.

As Trafficmagonline.com was on hand to cover the seminar over the weekend, we even had the opportunity to have a sit-down with some of the Liqui Moly bigwigs to learn more about their onslaught on the Malaysian motor oil market. Stay tuned to see what they had to say about their foray into our market and motor sports among others.

text & pix: Dinesh Appavu & Syawal Ahmad




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