Happy Anniversary Blue Jackets!

Published on March 2nd, 2012

You may have heard of the Blue Jackets Society, a society of super car drivers lately gracing the news, forums and websites lately. They have been actively organizing drives very frequently every now and then, be it for charity, for holidays and even for the sake of pushing their super cars to the limit. The furthest they have been is to the royal city of Hua Hin in Northern Thailand. After all these thousands of miles of tyre gripping tarmacs, they have reach their first ever anniversary and celebrated with, yup, you’ve guessed it, a drive. This time the destination is to Penang Island. To be specific, to party at Hard Rock Hotel by the beach, with loads of foam and fireworks to end it all with.

The trip starts at Plaza Damas where all the participants meet for breakfast at Daun Cafe. While they were having a feast at the cafe and mingling with the usual suspects, the cars that have not been stickered to the event liveries were done so by the boys from the sticker supremo Motorsport Playground. The whole stretch of road is filled with all the V configured engines, massive in-lines and boxer engines you can dream of that comes in form of sleek automotive packaging design to date. After a short briefing and a group photo session, the engines roared and the tyres rolled.

A part of the attraction to this drive is the twisties at Balik Pulau in Penang island but along the way, the convoy had a quick dash to the Tapah R&R for fuel stop, followed by the scenic route along the B roads to Sungkai where the convoy had a warm welcome at the Sungkai’s Petronas Station with some light snacks and drinks. Then the long line of super car train head its way to Chemor to Samy’s Restaurant for some traditional banana leaf lunch. All 36 super cars at the carpark were pulling the crowds as all of us where digging away the rice and curry at the restaurant. In a way, it is quite a sight to entertain the local with poses at the cars, the photography session even some were brave enough for a quick questions and answers with the owners themselves.

The journey continues as the convoy push hard to Juru’s Petronas to meet up with the marshals that is going to paved the way to the said hotel smoothly. The funs starts here when the convoy took the route away from the city and to the twisties that ends at the hotel with a shot of driving along the bending roads of Balik Pulau. A sort of preview for the activities for the day after. It was around 4.30pm on a Friday then and the rest of the day was free and easy.

Saturday highlights  were the fun and games with the orphans by the beach and another run through the bends and tight corners of the roads from Balik Pulau before the main even that is the Blue Jackets Awards. All of the Blue Jackets had their way though the corners like nobody’s business that Saturday. Even the marshals on their super bikes had trouble keeping up with the drivers. One of them kept the timing and it was a close equalizer between a super bike and a super car. After that, its the preparation for the grand event itself, The Blue Jackets Awards.

The awards is to appreciate the participants that have been around to push this society to greater heights. There are numerous categories to awards most that came for the drive this time. The winners received a custom made trophy to make it a special one for a Blue Jacket member from a Blue Jacket member itself. After the awards were given away over dinner by the seaside, the night ends well with a burst of fireworks followed by a wet and wild foam party with the spins from the the house DJ.

Great company with superb location makes the food even better, the trip ends on the day after when the Blue Jackets bid farewell to the Hard Rock Hotel and head home to Kuala Lumpur by lunch time. Below is the list of awards and their winners.

Blue Jackets Fast and Furious Award

Dato’ Azizi, Garry Adams and Dato’ David Gurupatham

Blue Jackets King of Emergency Lane

Abang Jalil

Blue Jackets Mr. Personality Award

‘Botak’ Syed Haizer

Blue Jackets Alligator Buaya Crocodile Award


Blue Jackets Most Eligible Bachelor Award

Raja Zainal Badri

Blue Jackets Most Memorable Moment Caught on Video

Gerrard Pareira in Arrested & Interrogated

Blue Jackets James Bond Award

Abang Din

Blue Jackets Best Photography by a Member

Jessie Lim

Blue Jackets Dancing Queen

Johanny ‘The Raja Joget’

Blue Jackets Most Outstanding Female Driver Award

Nazlin and Sharon Lim

Blue Jackets Best Supporting Spouse or Partner Award

Satwant, Minister of Domestic Affairs for Dato David Gurupatham

Eda, Chief Warden for Garry Adams

Kak Nazlin, VISA Approval Director for Abang Jo

Vendii, Ultimate Judge and Jury for Kenneth Teh

Joey, Minister of Home Affairs for Vincent Wong

Nita, Chief Executioner for Abang Zack

Chelsia Ng, Supreme Overlord for Joshua Wong

Angela, Ultimate Queen of the World for Erwin Azizi

Amy Fadyla, Master of the House for Awe

Nadia Marlina, The Princess of Botak Syed Haizer

Aarti, Gate Keeper for Deven

Sayaa, The Sweet Princess for Dato Andy

Blue Jackets Catchphrase of the Year

Botak for “Don’t think I’m stupid because I’m not clever”, “Head Brain”, “Sweet Pee” and “Small the Pieces Bro!”

Blue Jacket’s 13th Award

Mok in “I’m in Chains” – 1960km Kl-Krabi-Phuket Inaugural Drive

Blue Jackets Al Capone Award

Nedim Nazri Aziz

Blue Jackets Most Creative Number Plate Award

Amir for SS11N

Blue Jackets Facebook Photo Contest

Jazreen and Nadhir

Blue Jackets Man of the Year Award 2011

Dato Azizi , Dato David, Garry Adams and Abang Din

words: Jeo  pix: Hazwan Najims & Jeo


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