Hail the mighty Triton!

Published on September 14th, 2010

4×4 has never been my choice of ride even though I had two years of experience with the Petronas Adventure Team traversing through numbers of countries in 4×4 for almost two months back in 2007 and 2008. There’s quite a number of perks riding a 4×4 especially when you get to park at the most impossible place no other vehicle can achieve. Once I had to park on the curb right smack in front of Masjid Jamek for Friday prayers as there were no parking at all. The prying eyes of onlookers made me felt like gloating… It felt like you’re on top of the world even when you’re actually just on top of the curb… and yet I never had the interest to own one, no extra cash in the bank was not the reason but one look at this particular Triton made me wet my pants in ecstasy. One glance was all it takes to make me wanna feature this almighty Triton.

When Triton first made its presence felt in malaysia, my first impression was, “damn ugly weii!!” Somehow or rather, the roundish feature of the exterior doesn’t really go with the kinda presence a 4×4 should have given. In fact, it’s not going over the hills to say that it looks a bit sissy compared to other makes of 4×4. Nevertheless the awkwardness of its design somehow made it quite a favorite among 4×4 owner. Reason being it’s extremely fast for a 2.5 diesel apart from the huge and surely heavy chassis. I had a test drive of the standard Triton and I managed to clock more than 200km/h! It was that fast.

One thing for sure, this almighty Triton has more horses at bay compared to the standard ones. With more than 250hp on tap, the torque is estimated to be more than 550Nm. How’s that for a 4×4? Engine works was entrusted to Turbinemasters and up to now it has been an ongoing project for ’em lots. Stock 2.5L Triton has a measly 136ps with 314Nm at 2000rpm and an increase to those horrendous figures would be more than justify this Almighty Triton to its claim.  Turbinemasters is truly up to its expertise at increasing the numbers where it matters most as they replaced the standard turbine to a custom Holset HX40 turbine combined with Tial 44mm wastegate and BOV. An all that power is driven by an auto drivetrain which would be beastly if it’s a manual instead of the latter.

ARC RB26 Delta Fin intercooler provides all the cooling needed by the turbocharger while the custom induction box provides the much-needed air to the engine. All this thingamajig under the hood managed by a Diesel piggybag ECU for optimum performance. Exhaust fumes exit the engine via a custom 4″ quad exhaust tail pipes lurking underneath the sidesteps on both sides. The sound of the engine sends a chill up to your spine. Surely it’s no ordinary Triton that we can see everyday  strutting the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

As for the outlook, the usage of 20″ RalliArt RT7 wheels gives the Triton a lowered stance compared to the norm. The huge wheels all wrapped up in Toyo Proxes 285/50R/20 seems more than wise when you think about all the potholes laden the streets of ours. Surely the owner wouldn’t want have dents around the 20″ aye? Bilstein suspension provides all the support and enhances the handling of the almighty Triton especially when the owner feels like whacking the Triton on the straights and corners. Somehow, I’d say another 3″ drop would do wonders to the stance of the Triton… but then who want to sacrifice the drive and comfort just to have the looks? A whole lotta of us I’d say!

With all that torque and ponies under the hood, braking is more than essential and with that thought, a huge ass glaring red 6-pot BREMBO calipers in the front ensure more than enough braking power needed to stop the almighty Triton. To stiffen the chassis, Ultra Racing undercarriage struts hold and strengthen the chassis altogether. With all this being done, the owner still manage to get the best handling for the Triton without compromising much of comfort in the process.

Not much was done to the bodywork except for a custom L200 Sport front bumper and grille to differentiate this particular Triton among the rest. A flat deck gives a rather smooth flair to the whole outlook of the ride. As when the night approaches, HID lights ensures a better vision for the owner while driving in the dark. This minimalist approach to the bodywork was completed with a shiny Black Glassurit 2K complementing the chromey red Mitsubishi emblem in the front. Still, I just can’t keep my eyes of the almighty Triton. Thanks to APD for the hospitality and patience with us Traffic crews. So any contenders of this ride anywhere else here in Malaysia? We’d surely love to feature it I’d say…

Technical Specifications:


Commonrail 2.5 DID (Diesel Direct Injection), Holset HX40 custom turbine, TIAL 44mm wastegate & BOV, ARC RB26 Delta fin intercooler, custom induction box, Diesel piggybag ECU, custom 4″ quad exhaust tail pipes on both sides, 250bhp, 550++ Nm of torque




6-pot BREMBO calipers (front)


Bilstein suspension, Ultra Racing under carriage struts

Rolling Stocks:

RalliArt RT7 20″ wheels wrapped in TOYO Proxes tyres 285/50R20


HID headlights, DEPO rearlights, custom grille and L200 Sport front bumper, Black Glassurit 2K paintjob


Evo 7 seats, GReddy boost controller, APEX’i turbo timer, DEFI Advance CR

In Car Entertainment:

Kenwood headunit, In-dash monitor

words: Hage’  pix: Syafril Ismail  vid: Jeo  location: APD


  1. Posted by oreedo on September 24th, 2010, 12:07

    good lord… have mercy…. it looks like it is ready for a Paris-Dakkar rally…. huhu

  2. Posted by Choo on November 20th, 2010, 01:54

    Does anyone do shortening the tail of the triton as well as changing the leaf spring suspension to multilink suspension in Malaysia? and cabin brace bars to prevent rood collapse in rollevers? and whats the damage?
    Thinking of passing my Trton to my missuss

  3. Posted by Choo on November 20th, 2010, 01:56

    prevent roof collapse in rollovers. And what is the estimated cost?

  4. Posted by Traffic Mag on November 25th, 2010, 12:17

    i have no idea of the estimated cost as it varies for one makes to another. one of the place you can approach for quotation would be SRF in shah alam.

  5. Posted by Observer on February 14th, 2011, 10:27

    wheels aren’t RalliArt, they are Lenso..

  6. Posted by Allen Leuellen on June 5th, 2012, 16:31

    Can I ask where you had the work done,, I’m interested in finding a Good Engine shop & custome work shop to do similar..

    Looking to spend allot on modifications..

    I’m a westerner with a Black 2010 Triton 2.5 Diesel Manual Box..

    I’m based in Kemaman but no problem to run the Truck to KL..

    Appreciate any help or contacts you can provide..

    HP # 012 900 6657

    Cheers, Allen

  7. Posted by Joy on March 28th, 2014, 13:58

    Nice car!

    A question to the owner:

    Adjust the EVO seats without rebuilding the console (Plug & Play)?

    Where did you buy the front bumper, do you have a link or address?



  8. Posted by Daniel. Robert on August 5th, 2014, 14:13

    Looking to upgrade my triton 2.5 manual engine around 250hp. How will cost me at least a quatation so i have some idea for my budget. Where & whom should i contact. I am staying in Penang.


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